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RUSH: Let’s move on to Democrat Party politics. It’s actually kind of fascinating. Last week or the week before, I don’t remember when, I was on Fox News, and every time I’m asked this question when I go on Fox News, “Who do you think the Democrat nominee is gonna be? Who do you think?” I always tell ’em “Biden,” and I do it on purpose. Also, you know, I’ll throw out, “Keep a sharp eye on Mayor Pete.” I’m trying to throw monkey wrenches into the works when I do this, ’cause I actually think Biden would be one of the biggest mistakes they could make.

But the conventional wisdom is that Biden is the only guy that can beat Trump because Biden is the only guy that can get the white working-class voters that Trump siphoned off from Hillary. But that’s crazy. (chuckles) Biden was the vice president of an administration which discarded white working-class voters in 2011, and they happily did so. They discarded white working-class voters in exchange for putting together a coalition of minorities. This minority group, that minority group.

They calculated that if they succeeded in building a gigantic coalition of minority groups, that it would outnumber whatever they could produce by courting and soliciting the white working class male population. So now they’re looking at Biden as the guy who can get ’em back. We’ll see. But there is polling data that is out there. This is, to me, quite illustrative and indicative. There’s two polls out there. One is actually from the Morning Consult, and they surveyed something like 15,000 people, and Biden got a six-point bump since that announcement video last week about Charlottesville.

He was already the frontrunner. The bottom line is now that in the Morning Consult poll, Biden is at 36%, Crazy Bernie is at 22%. Last week before Biden’s introductory video about Charlottesville, he was at 30%. So he’s at 36%, Crazy Bernie’s at 22%. Now, that is a high enough number, 36%, and a wide enough or big enough lead over Crazy Bernie that, depending on where you go in the Drive-By Media, they’re already giving the nomination to Biden.

Some of them are already saying that this is an insurmountable lead, that there is no way with the field this big that anybody could even get close to Biden. And, they are now speculating, “The closer that Biden gets to 50, why, it’s really gonna be over. Nobody will have a chance.” CNN produced a poll, released a poll at the same time Morning Consult did. In the CNN poll, they are orgasming over this, ’cause I’m telling you, on the left… They may love socialists and socialism, but in the media, they really think Biden is the only guy that can beat Trump.

(chuckles) Now, Biden hasn’t beaten anybody, ever, in a presidential race. He’s entered the Democrat primary I don’t know how many times — two, three times — and he’s bombed out. He’s never made the first cut. But the Drive-By Media thinks that Biden is the guy, and in CNN it’s Biden at 39%, Crazy Bernie at 15%. Thirty-nine to 15% in the CNN poll; 36% to 22% in the Morning Consult poll. Now, these are the same polls that had Hillary Clinton winning everything forever by a landslide over Donald Trump or any other Republican back in 2016.

So don’t misunderstand. I’m not telling you about these poll results within the context of I believe them. But they do. That’s the important thing. They do. And we also know, they use polling data to shape public opinion far more than they use it to reflect public opinion. You know, when polling data becomes a lead news story, it’s not to reflect public opinion. It is to shape it. So clearly within the power structures of the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party, they have made it clear they want Biden.

Here’s a guy who up until last week nobody knew he was gonna run. In fact, there was a lot of talk that he may not run. Meaning there wasn’t a lot of organic, natural support building for the guy because the people that wanted him had no idea he was gonna pull the trigger. I, for one, refuse to believe that there was any building organic support for Biden anyway. It’s all been going to Crazy Bernie — and, by extension, Mayor Pete.


RUSH: Biden’s announcement yesterday… If a Republican had engaged in a rollout announcement yesterday like Biden did, he’d be out of the race today! Biden was slurring his words. He was making no sense whatsoever. He couldn’t finish a sentence. Everything was a sentence fragment. He was trying to ad-lib it. It was very bad — and the media are calling it one of the best announcements they have ever seen!

We have two perspectives on this. We have a montage of what Biden said (if you can follow it), and we have a montage of the media people praising it as the greatest announcement rollout that there has ever been.


RUSH: Here’s our montage. This is the Drive-By Media. Biden had the greatest launch. Oh, man, this is the greatest launch there’s ever been. In fact, let’s play Biden first. Grab audio sound bite number 2. This would make more sense. Here’s Biden. This is our montage of his announcement yesterday in Pittsburgh at Allegheny County, which he forgot how to pronounce early on here, “Bagabony” County or something, he corrects himself. But he was not all there, folks. Here we go.

BIDEN: I want to thank, uh, Rich Fitzgerald, the county executive, the Allegheny County executive for being here. All of my time in public life from (unintelligible) since I got involved – The country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers, CEOs and hudge — and hedge fund managers. If the enterprise hits hard times, everybody took a hit. Union workers, the UAW, took extredable [sic] cuts in their future and their – and their pensions and the (unintelligible) to get GM working. They also got that last year. And try to cut wages or freeze wages for the people. Right today, the same is happening to this big hos — in big hospital systems. I’ve regret to rethink how we define what constitutes a succe — a successful economy. Folks in America don’t think their children are going to have the same standard of living they had. How can a person dignity be maintained — Be so — and – and why – why they do that? It means investing much more in medical research to confer — to conquer devastating diseases like cancer and addiction and Alzheimer’s. So God bless you all and may God protect our troops. (cheers/applause start) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

RUSH: Thank you. We didn’t make this worse than it was, folks. It was as disjointed and disconnected as it sounded there. (imitating Biden) “I want to thank Rich Fitzgerald, the county executive,” he called it Bagabony County, “for being here, all of my time in public life from since I got involved, the country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers, CEOs, and hudge — uh, hedge fund.” Those are his donors! These are the people — this is what’s always amazed me.

The Democrats run around and rip the very people donating to them. The Democrats have become the home of anti-Semitism in the country as led by their house organ, the New York Times. And there’s a story, “U.S. Jews Contribute Half of All Donations to the Democrat Party.” Many of them work on Wall Street so it’s kind of a double-dip. And here he is ripping into Wall Street, bankers, CEOs, and “hudge” fund managers. They are the bread and butter, they are the gravy of Democrat presidential donations.

Biden’s rubbing off on me. I’m starting to sound like him here. (imitating Biden) “If the enterprise hits hard times, everybody took a hit. Union workers and UAW took ‘extredable’ cuts in their future and their pensions and the less to get GM working and they also got that last year. You try to cut wages or freeze wages for the people. Right today, the same is happening to this big hoss — hoss — big hospital systems. I regret to rethink how we define what constitutes a successful –” It’s disjointed. It’s nonsensical.

Here is our Drive-By Media montage praising it as the greatest launch ever.

KAITLAN COLLINS: A president usually known for his confidence appears to be unnerved by his latest rival.

MARY BRUCE: Voters lined up for hours to see Joe Biden.

EUGENE ROBINSON: He’s had a spectacular launch to his campaign.

DONNA BRAZILE: The appearance yesterday in Pittsburgh, the interview this morning, the new video, I think Joe Biden got his stride.

ROBERT WOLF: He certainly passed the first test. It feels good.

EMILY JASHINSKY: Frankly, that was excellent. Seemed energetic.

DAVID CHALIAN: It’s a Biden bounce from that announcement.

JOHN AVLON: It’s more than just a Biden bounce.

MOLLY MITCHELL: I think he’s a little bit scared of going against Biden.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You can tell he’s really scared of Biden.

MARY BRUCE: Joe Biden seems to be getting under the president’s skin.

RUSH: Ha! Biden was in a gymnasium that wasn’t even half full. There weren’t people waiting all day to get in. This guy is not capable of doing one rally a day, much less four.

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