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RUSH: Folks, this is not sour grapes, and it’s not partisan, even though it would be extremely difficult for me to convince outsiders of that. But this entire Joe Biden campaign — and, in fact, much of the left’s campaign against Trump — is a series of lies. One of the big lies that they’re telling is that the tax cut, the Trump tax cut, didn’t help anybody. Biden’s out there making the point (impression), “A $2 trillion tax cut! Did you see it? You didn’t get any of it. That’s right.” (grumbling) There’s a big story on Drudge today.

I didn’t click on it. I just saw the link. The survey says most people have no idea they benefited from tax cut because they’re just lying through their teeth about it. Consumer spending is at a record high. All the indications that people are flush with disposable income in the real world are out there. Consumer spending is up, unemployment is way down, wages are up, and yet here come the Democrats — with their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media — literally lying to people. And the tax cut is just one thing that they’re lying about.

It’s a series of lies. They’re lying about how great the Trump economy is. They’re saying it’s no good. It’s only doing well for the rich and Wall Street bankers and so forth. It’s a crock. It’s the exact opposite. For once, the United States economy is lifting all boats, as the saying goes. For once, the United States economy is reaching everyone. The tax cuts and all of the benefits are reaching the people who make this country work. It was the Obama economy that didn’t. It was the Obama-Biden economy that damaged people.

It was the Obama-Biden years that gave us a “new normal” of economic growth of 1%, Biden and Obama were both telling us, “Get used to it. This is the new normal.” They went so far as to tell manufacturing employees out of work in the Midwest (Obama impression), “Those jobs, they’re never coming back. I don’t know how Trump thinks he’s gonna bring ’em back. What’s he gonna do, wave a magic wand? How’s he gonna do it?” They’re back. Jobs are roaring. These people literally told the American people that America’s best days were behind us!

And the reason that they were not gonna happen again is because the great days of the past were illegitimate, just like the country is illegitimate just because of our founding and the mistakes at the founding. The country’s illegitimate. All of the great economic periods in the past were not real. They were contrived, and they only benefited a few — the rich, the Wall Street bankers, the usual identifiers of the 1%. It’s they, Obama and Biden and the entire Democrat Party, which suppressed the United States economy for the purposes of injecting the United States into a global economy.

It was Biden and Obama who warned everybody that the days of record economic growth were over. They couldn’t happen again because they weren’t real when they were reported to have happened in the past. It was a doom-and-gloom administration, and it carries over to today (which we have more evidence of this coming up shortly). But if you pay attention to the Drive-By Media, if you pay attention to the news, everything’s negative. Everything’s a crisis. But, specifically, what is reported as a crisis?

The future. You see, this is the key to destroying the hopes and the dreams of young people and converting them to constant dependence on government. You tell them the future is worse than the past. You tell them there’s nothing for them in the future because of the mistakes in the past. You just preach a never-ending picture — you paint it — of doom and gloom, and you include things in it like climate change where there may not even be a planet capable of supporting your life by the time you’re 65.

Everything in the media-Democrat complex regarding the future is dismal, it’s dark, it’s dank, it’s bleak, and it’s never ending. As such, with that much repetition and that much simultaneous and consistency — no matter what media platform you access, be it books, movies, TV shows, the news — everything about the future is disaster awaiting, and especially if a Republican is elected president. So it’s into this mix, here comes Joe Biden, and this is what Joe Biden is saying exists now.

We’re living in, finally, an economic rebirth and recovery. We’re coming out of the dismal misery of the eight years of Obama, and the media and the Democrat Party are lying through their teeth to people — and Biden in his announcement yesterday — in order to create a sense of helplessness and futility. Biden is lying about his treatment of Anita Hill. He’s lying about his actions during the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas circumstance, during the Thomas confirmation hearings for the United States Supreme Court.

There are so many lies that are part of the Joe Biden political life span that they are impossible to calculate, and the media is ignoring all of them. You want to hear just a few? And what this is gonna illustrate, folks, there are two worlds out there. You might go back to the Breck Girl, John Edwards. His campaign for president (short-lived, though it was) said there are two Americas, and there really are. But in his world, the two Americas are the rich and the poor. The two Americas are left and right.

The two Americas are conservative America and socialist-liberal America. The one the Democrats get to live in, and the one Republicans are forced to live in. Now, I’m gonna tell you some things here that I will bet 95% of you have no idea of any of this, and I will wager further that if you tell anyone — if you repeat what I’m gonna tell you here — that 95% of anybody you tell will have no idea of any of this. As I go through these things, I want to you to realize you don’t know anything about this, and you don’t know because none of it was reported — and then I want you to realize if a Republican were involved in it, you’d know all of it.

In the year 2017, Joe Biden’s niece,” I’m not gonna mention her name; it’s not the point here, “stole $100,000 through a credit card scam, grand larceny. She was able to cut a deal with New York prosecutors and got off scot-free without jail time or probation. It was her second arrest. She was able to deal her way out of that one too. She has also been to rehab numerous times.”

Biden’s son of his dead wife, Hunter Biden, “was kicked out of the Navy for failing a cocaine drug test; then he divorced his wife, the mother of his three daughters, after a yearlong affair to marry his brother’s widow”!

Who does this? Did you know this, Mr. Snerdley?


Yeah, you knew it. You had forgotten it, because it’s never reported. No, hang on, before you go crazy out there, folks. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, “was kicked out of the Navy for failing a cocaine drug test; then he divorced his wife, the mother of their three daughters, after a yearlong affair to marry his brother’s widow. Over the course of the divorce, Biden’s son drained hundreds of thousands of dollars from the couple’s assets by spending extravagantly on his own interests, including drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he had sexual relations while leaving the family with no money to pay legitimate bills.”

Actually, worse than that. By the way, I have news links for every one of these stories. This one is Delaware Online. Now, all of this is on top of the billions of dollars Joe Biden dubiously arranged from the Ukraine. There is a huge financial scandal. Biden’s up to his neck in Ukrainian scandals, not Trump, and it puts Manafort to shame.

Biden has a daughter who has been arrested several times on drug charges. “While he was vice president, she was videotaped snorting cocaine, but the news media decided not to publish the video. “She hid out in her Delaware home for a week or so until things calmed down.” Now, look, I know, folks. “We’re supposed to leave the kids out of it,” right? I understand all of this. We’re not supposed to talk about Hillary Clinton, but we can talk about the Bush daughters (Chelsea Clinton, I’m sorry), and we can smear the Trump kids all day long. That’s the point that I want to make. All of God’s children have problems. I’m the first to admit it and understand. I’m not climbing on the children now. I’m talking about the media.

Just imagine if these things had happened to the Trump children. They have already smeared the Trump children. They have tried to link the Trump children to this mythical Russian collusion. They are now subpoenaing the financial records of the Trump Organization for the express purpose of trying to ruin the Trump family, including the children and Trump’s businesses. And whatever dirt they dig up from banks or wherever they can get it, they will report it worldwide. They will not be able to restrain themselves — and yet, that’s the different worlds.

The Democrats live in a world where all of the stuff they do and their families do is covered up and buried and never reported, never to be heard about. Where the world the Republicans live in, they are constant targets. There is a never-ending media anal exam looking for just this kind of information so that when and if it is uncovered it can be reported. In the real world, it appears the Trump kids have no dirt! There’s no scandal. They can’t find anything. They’ve tried to manufacture all kinds of things.

With Trump, a payoff to a porn star compared to some of the other things that have gone on with are Democrats that get buried and ignored. The difference is, the Republicans are not out subpoenaing and trying to dig up all this dirt on Biden’s kids. The Republicans are not trying to involve Biden’s family, his kids, or any of these crazy stories about the two sons and having an affair with a widow and then divorcing your own wife to marry the widow of your brother.

None of that.

Republicans are not digging into it. Republicans are not trying to discover to find it out. But the exact same can’t be said for the Democrats trying to destroy the Trumps. I don’t think the Republicans are interested in the Biden children’s bank and credit card accounts, are they? But boy, you look! The entire Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is throwing everything it can upside down to try to get any dirt (even if they have to make it up) on the Trumps. Now, the sources for all of this. Joe Biden’s niece story, New York Post.

The Hunter Biden Navy story, NBC News. The Hunter Biden divorce story, DelawareOnline.com. The Hunter Biden communist-related billions of dollars in scandal money, New York Post. Biden’s daughter’s arrest on drugs and rehab, the New York Post. Every one of these assertions, I did not make a single thing up. It’s out there. It has been reported one time and forgotten, and now it is being swept under the rug and totally ignored.

While the world that Trump and the Republicans live in features these same people hiding all of this baggage about their candidates on the Democrat side, using every trick in the book (including bullying) to find what may not even exist on the Trump family or the Trump children.


RUSH: Eric Trump was on the Fox Business Network today I think with Stuart Varney. And Eric Trump said that Democrats in the House have subpoenaed the debit card records of Tiffany Trump for when she was 22 years old. They’re trying to get credit card records for guests at the Trump D.C. hotel. ‘Cause you know why? They want to know who’s staying at Trump’s hotel and whether they’ve ordered a racy movie or ordered red meat from room service or whatever else.

You may say, “Rush, that stuff you did on Biden, that’s creepy. You shouldn’t have done that.” Folks, you have to know what is being ignored and what they’re doing and attempting to do, continuing to attempt to do not just to Trump, but his entire family. They’re literally using as much power of the United States federal government as they can marshal to literally destroy and ruin an American family while lying and ignoring so much that is negative and harmful that the Democrat Party has done and wants to continue doing to this country.

You know, Trump gets mocked all the time for being an attention seeking buffoon. You know what the irony is? He doesn’t need any fame or attention. Donald Trump arrived at the Republican primary process already world famous. He was already as famous as he could possibly be. He could not gain any more fame. He could not gain any more notoriety. He couldn’t get noticed any more than he already was or is.

Something else. Donald Trump doesn’t need any of this grief that he’s getting. Nobody does, but Donald Trump, my point is he doesn’t need this. He doesn’t need to put up with this. The conclusion is he’s actually attempting to do what he says: Make America Great Again.

Biden on the other hand, is doing what he only knows. Biden’s a career Washington swamp dweller doing the only thing he knows: politics. He’s in the race solely to have the light of attention and fame back on him, seeking notoriety, seeking to be the gigantic Trump dragon slayer.

Eric Swalwell is a Joe Biden-in-waiting. One of these guys that’s never done anything in his life except live and work in Washington. Take him outside of Washington, transplant him anywhere in the country and say, “You’re on your own, buddy, go make a living,” and they wouldn’t know what to do, unless some former donor came along and gave him a no-show job. Obama, ditto.

There’s not a single thing any of these people have ever done in the private sector. I don’t like that term. There isn’t a single thing they’ve done in the main U.S. economy. They are lifetime politicians, lifetime manipulators, lifetime phonies! That’s the culture that they’re a part of. And if they’re on the Democrat side, then everything that is potentially harmful about ’em gets ignored or covered up.


RUSH: So during the obscene profit time-out here at the top of the hour, the one that just ended, I went back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten News stories, and I found something nearly almost two years ago, almost exactly two years ago. You ready for this? May 19th in 2017, here is the headline in the Los Angeles Times: “If Trump Thinks That He Can Get More Than 3% Economic Growth, He Is Dreaming.” This was written by some opinion columnist named Michael Hiltzik. “With the political world deeply focused on the question of whether the Trump administration comprises a gang of Russian pawns…”

Can I read this to you again? “With the political world deeply focused on the question of whether the Trump administration comprises a gang of Russian pawns,” the LA Times, May 2017, the same month that Mueller was appointed, if I’m not mistaken, “less attention has been devoted to more mundane questions, such as what ever happened to Trump’s economic policy? As it happens, economists are keeping their eye on that ball, and their conclusion is that it’s in a bad way.

“More specifically, they recognize that Trump’s policy is aimed heavily at achieving annual economic growth of more than 3%. During the presidential campaign, Trump promised growth of 3.5% a year, and sometimes even 4%… The U.S. hasn’t had sustained real annual growth … of better than 3% since the 1990s.” Trump is “dreaming” if he thinks he can get us up to 3%. This is what I mean about the pessimism, the doom about the future that is a paramount ingredient of Drive-By Media. Just a little reminder here: A 2017 leftist fabrication disguised as an opinion piece.

Michael Hiltzik is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist: Trump will never get to 3% growth. They’re just making this stuff up, and they’re wrong all the time. Our economic growth rate is 3.2%. They said Trump was dreaming; it would never happen. It hasn’t been done since the 1990s and can’t be done again. So Joe Biden’s out lying through his teeth about the American economy today saying that it’s only benefiting the rich. Let me tell you something, Joe. The rich are always doing great.

When the economy is chugging along at 1% growth, the rich are doing great. They’re doing just as great then as they are now. The rich are not enough to sustain economic growth of 3%, old Joe, old buddy, old pal. It takes the vast majority of the American economy doing great, and that’s the people that make the country work! The great unwashed, the great middle class, the people you and the Obama administration abandoned and claimed that the salad days of this country were behind us.

So now they have to lie through their teeth, just like they have to continue lying about Trump at Charlottesville! That is a total lie, what Trump supposedly said there. He never said what they continue to say he said, that there are good people in the neo-Nazi white supremacists. He never said it. He said the exact opposite, and they have no choice but than to continue that lie, because that lie is the foundation of their belief and their attempt to convince everybody else that Trump is a reprobate, that Trump is a white nationalist, white supremacist populist.

Charlottesville is their “evidence,” and they’re making it up. They are continuing to lie about it. Trump never said what they said he said. They’ve taken him out of context, and they continue to do so. So what Joe Biden is doing, Joe Biden is literally running against the United States economy! You can say he’s running against the man most responsible for creating it. And, by the way, don’t tell me it’s anybody else. Trump’s the only guy, apparently, that thought we could come back to 3% growth, because when he announced it, everybody made fun of him!

Everybody lampooned him and laughed at him, said it couldn’t happen; Trump’s dreaming. So apparently Trump’s one of the few who thought it could happen. So in this case, I think it’s appropriate to credit Trump for it. Even though the people that really make it happen are you. I mean, the American economy is nothing but the American people engaging in commerce — and as I say, consumer spending is at an all-time high, nearly a record high. That means people have disposable income. Their savings are increasing too.

Everything that’s happening in the U.S. economy, on balance, is good and has not happened in a long time because the media, the Democrat Party have been telling people for 25 or 30 years — ever since Reagan — that it can’t happen again, that the Reagan years were phony anyway. So Joe Biden is running against a robust economy. He’s running against the man most responsible for it. He’s running against the man who fixed what he and Obama broke. Joe Biden, proud liberal: Thrilled with the Obama economy, deeply troubled with the Trump economy.

(Snort!) That’s his platform? Remember Joe’s recovery summer? (interruption) Oh, you forgot about this? Yeah, the Obama economy was so bad that Obama promised that we were gonna start picking up jobs at 400,000 a month to make up for the jobs lost after the financial crisis, and he put Biden in charge of it. It was called the “recovery summer,” and Joe Biden was gonna go out there and show everybody how this is done, except Joe Biden is clueless.

Joe Biden doesn’t know how the private sector works. He’s a typical Washingtonian who’s never done it but tells everybody else how to do it, and then threatens to punish them if they don’t. The Biden recovery summer never came to pass. Never-ending taxes, never ending-regulations prevented the recovery summer or any other recovery from happening. The problem for old Joe is that the Trump economy does not need a recovery summer. (sigh)


RUSH: Steve in Los Angeles. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing today?

RUSH: Fine and dandy, sir. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Okay. I know you kind of touched on this a little bit in the last hour, but one thing that’s been bugging me for quite a while now is the first big job Obama gave Biden was managing the stimulus package, and someone needs to ask him in detail about how that actually went. And if this guy’s gonna be my president, you know, we should know that he’s on the up and up and someone should check into that, what happened to that money. ‘Cause there were reports even back then that it was going to ZIP codes that —

RUSH: Joe was put in charge of the stimulus because it was a distinctly Washingtonian idea and that’s all Joe knows. I mean, management government expend — really what the stimulus was was a payoff mostly to government and public employee union people. It was a recession. And that stimulus was actually designed to keep them employed so they will continue to pay union dues, which the Democrat Party would see a significant percentage of.

Couldn’t just go to the Treasury and write a check to the Democrat National Committee, Obama couldn’t. Stimulus bill was a circuitous way to get some of that money back to the Democrat Party. And whether it worked or not is irrelevant. They tried, they cared, they attempted to stimulate the economy. We were in a recession, everybody wanted the economy stimulated. There isn’t any hands-on managerial evidence here to link Biden to it one way or the other. It’s such ancient history now that I don’t know what kind of factor it will ever be in a campaign.


RUSH: Here is Michael in Jackson, Michigan. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. This is your old pal Michael, who found out you were Shatner’s favorite guest on Raw Nerve. I wanted to say, I really appreciate you putting all this information together on Biden — and, as importantly, the Biden family. We need to know this stuff. I listen to you every day. I’m a 24/7 member. I recommend that to everybody. Stop watching the Drive-Bys and watch Rush. But I didn’t know half of what you said today (laughing) on the family — on the swamp donkey, Biden. I did not know most of what you said. But you put it together beautifully. I think you were a little worried about going at the family, but people need to know this. They always go after the Trumps with the negativity, and it needs to be said. It really needs to be said.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate your understanding, Michael, the context in which I presented that stuff, ’cause you’re right. I was a little reluctant to do it precisely because it’s not the candidate; it is the family. But the reason I decided to is because we live in two different worlds. We live in the world Republicans inhabit and the one Democrats inhabit, and they are nowhere similar. I did that as an illustration of that point. When Democrats are in office and in power, we are constantly admonished to leave their children alone.

“Do not report on them, do not spy on them, do not follow them, do not track them.” When Republicans are in office, all that gets thrown out, and they are tracked, and they are investigated, and they are reported on for the purpose of having what the kids too redound negative to the Republican candidate or officeholder. It was to illustrate this difference, and there was another reason too. It was to illustrate all of the… You know, it’s not enough to say, “lies,” because lies are so common in politics that to accuse somebody in politics of lying is like accusing them of breathing.

It’s more the purposeful deception and the attempt to hide information from people on certain people while exposing the identical information on others. So it ultimately is a fairness question, and an illustration of the complete unfairness in the way Republicans and Democrats are treated in the media. So if you weren’t listening in the first hour and you didn’t hear what it is that Michael is talking about, I found a bunch of news stories that chronicle (and they reported them one time) very unflattering things about Biden himself and some of his kids.

By the way, these have never been reported in the mainstream media. They’ve been totally ignored. And one of them involving Joe Biden involves that he’s up to his neck in problems in Ukraine. But not a mention of Biden in this Ukrainian business! No, it’s all Manafort, and it’s all Trump, and it’s all Michael Cohen. It’ll be interesting to see if the Crazy Bernies and the Pete Buttigiegs and any of the other Democrat candidates bring this stuff up. I have my doubts about it.

But anyway, we’ve got credit card fraud. We have drug involvement. I mean, it’s not a pretty picture. I made the point of saying everybody’s kids have problems. There’s not a single person on this planet whose kids are not in trouble doing something at one time or another in their lives. It’s not the point. The point of going through it all was to tell you, “Look what you don’t know,” while at the same time they are investigating the Trumps.

Eric Trump was on Fox today saying that they’re now investigating the debit card usage of his half-sister. Where is that sound bite? I put the bottom. Grab sound bite number 32. He was on with Stuart Varney today, and the question: “You’re filing lawsuits against the banks because you don’t want your financial records and your sister’s financial records revealed. Why don’t you want them revealed?” What’s the big deal?

ERIC TRUMP: It’s insane at this point, and all it is is presidential harassment. They know my father is doing an unbelievable job. They have no candidate out there. So let’s subpoena everybody. Let’s ask for Tiffany’s bank account, my half-sister. Let’s ask for Barron’s college fund. Let’s ask for any record of any person ever related to Trump and the Trump Organization. I mean, they’re subpoenaing records going back from when my father was looking at acquiring the Buffalo Bills in 2009 or 2010, and Congress… You know the story. Congress is bound by legislative purpose. In order to issue a subpoena, they have to have legislative purpose. They’re subpoenaing banks we’ve never even done business with.

RUSH: They’re intimating the banks and they’re threatening the banks that if they don’t turn over financial records for the Trump Organization and the Trump family, that the U.S. Congress is gonna be coming after ’em. It’s like when Janet Reno told ’em (paraphrased), “If you don’t make loans to people that can’t pay for ’em, we’re gonna string you up!” And hello, we had the subprime mortgage crisis brought to us by the Democrat Party, who thought it wasn’t fair that people who couldn’t afford a home loan were not given one!

So the banks were forced to lend money to people that couldn’t pay it back, and they didn’t pay it back, and the banks ended up with a bunch of worthless foreclosure paper. They packaged those as something other than what they were, and they kept selling them to unwitting buyers until there weren’t any buyers left, and then we had the crash. The same kind of thuggery is being used against these banks if they don’t turn over Trump financial information. They’re even trying to find the records of anybody who’s ever stayed at the Trump hotel in Washington.

They want to find out if they’ve rented porn. They want to find out what they’re calling in for room service. They want to find out who these people are, whether they’re paying full book rate for their rooms or being given sweetheart deals by the Trumps. I mean, they’re turning the Trump family upside down and inside out for the purposes of destroying them and ruining them! Meanwhile, all this stuff that I reported happening in the Biden family (we could do the same thing in the Obama family), they ignore it. They studiously, purposely ignore it. That was the reason for going through it.

I’m not gonna go through it again. You can see it at RushLimbaugh.com. You can read the transcript. You can listen to the sound bite from this show, the excerpt from it at RushLimbaugh.com or get the app and do it that way. But the purpose of it was to illustrate the unfairness, since that’s such a big deal to Millennials, equality and fairness and all that.

Here’s another. Ana Navarro, CNN commentator, she says, “Joe Biden is normal and that sounds really good to me.” Joe Biden is normal. What this means, he’s one of us. Joe Biden is a Washington, D.C., paragon. Joe Biden is a member of the establishment. He’s one of us. He’s normal.

Okay, well, if you think any woman within your reach, you grab her shoulders, you sniff her hair, you sniff the back of her neck, you put your hand on one of her two butt cheeks, you maybe get that right hand a little far forward near one of the bazooms, if you think that’s normal, then have at it.

If you think a 75 or 76-year-old guy having massive cosmetic work done is normal, then have at it. If you think selling out the country and getting billions of dollars for your son who then divorced his wife and married his brother’s widow, if you think that’s normal, why, have at it.

If you think sitting back and watching Barack Obama depress the United States economy and tell a bunch of people their jobs are never coming back and then telling the rest of us that 1% economic growth is the new normal and we better get used to the decline, if that’s what you consider normal, then have at it. And if you think living and working in Washington for 40 years is normal, then have at it. But this is what they — these are Never Trumper types. This is what they think is normal.

People living and working and succeeding in the private sector. Those are the suspects. And the better they do, unless they donate to Democrats, the bigger suspects they are. But if all you do is run around and pal around, you hire lobbyists and you make sure that money finds its way from you or your associates to the normal people in Washington, well, then you’re golden.

But if you’re independent, if you can make it without them and then after doing that, then you try to encroach on their turf and you try to do what only they say they can do, and then you end up doing it better than any of them ever have, then you become an enemy that has to be destroyed. That’s what’s happening to Donald Trump. Donald Trump doesn’t know his limitations, you see. Donald Trump doesn’t know his place.

His first outrage was succeeding in the private sector. His first outrage was making it big on his own, becoming a big star on television, becoming a big famous American celebrity, then a gigantically successful real estate guy. His sexual appetites are no different than Bill Clinton, no different than JFK, and they were celebrated for those appetites. They were held up as moral models. They were held up as the kind of people we need to admire.

Donald Trump then brought all of that independence and all that independent success, and he crossed the line. He then went to Washington and said, “I can do what you do, too, and I can do it better than you do.” And then he demonstrated it. So, yeah, they gotta get rid of him. This cannot be permitted. A guy who knows nothing about how Washington works coming in, winning and taking over and then outperforming every one of them, that ain’t normal, folks. No way is that normal.

Yeah. A guy like Joe Biden who has never done anything other than be a politician, spend other people’s money while not earning any of his own, that’s normal in Washington. Anything outside of that cannot be allowed to happen inside that town. And we’re watching what happens to you.

If you get too big for your britches and you start thinking you can do better than Chuck You Schumer, you can do better than Jerry Nadler, you can do better than Pencil Neck, you can do better than Obama, you can do better than Clinton, and then you show that you can, they’re gonna wipe you out.

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