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Apr 29, 2019


Washington Post: What You Missed from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, from Digs at Trump to Ron Chernow’s Quips
Barron’s: Trump Will Win in 2020, Money Managers Say in Exclusive Poll
The Atlantic: The Clintons Are Nervous About 2020
The Nation: The Mueller Report Indicts the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory
Chicago Tribune: Remember the #NeverTrump Movement? It Collapsed
Politico: Dems Sweat Trump’s Economy: ‘We Don’t Really Have a Robust National Message Right Now’
Politico: Trump Warns Sanders He is Being Cheated Again
Quartz: Why do Election 2020’s Male Candidates Get Better Coverage than Women?
UK Guardian: Time to Impeach? Headache for Democrats Over How to Take on Trump
UKDM: Bill Maher Slams Adam Schiff for ‘Stalking’ Trump after Mueller Cleared Him of Collusion and Asks the Democrat: ‘If You Couldn’t Impeach Before, How are You Going to Impeach After?’
PJ Media: Trump Is Winning the 2020 Money Game … For Now
TIME: Americans Are Some of the Most Stressed-Out People in the World, a New Global Survey Says
NBC: Can a Woman Beat Trump? Some Democrats Wonder if it’s Worth the Risk
Daily Wire: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Ignite Internet Over Terrible Lighting In Epic Battle Of Winterfell
The Hill: Dershowitz: Anti-Semitic Cartoons, Anti-Semitic Synagogue Shootings
RedneckUSA: Dr. Neil Frank on Climate and Caring for Creation: A Book of Good Intentions but Poor Science
Daily Caller: Rabbi Of Synagogue Where Shooting Occurred Describes Call With Trump
CNBC: R.I.P. Inflation: The Data Point the Fed Watches for Inflation Just Said There Isn’t Any
FOXNews: New York Times Apologizes Again for ‘Offensive’ Trump, Netanyahu Cartoon that ‘Included Anti-Semitic Tropes’
Breitbart: Democrats React to Poway Synagogue Shooting by Denouncing ‘Gun Violence’
Breitbart: Report: Suspected CA Synagogue Gunman Called Trump ‘Jew-Loving, Anti-White, Traitorous C*cksucker’ in Manifesto
Breitbart: WHCA President Olivier Knox: My Crying Son Asked, Will Trump ‘Put You in Prison?’
CBSNews: “You Gotta Raise the Damn Money”: Democrats Fear Trump’s Fundraising
Newsweek: Donald Trump Campaign Manager Says Nearly 1 Million MAGA Hats Sold, and $45 Million Made
RealClearPolitics: Full Replay: Trump MAGA Rally In Green Bay


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