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RUSH: Politico reports that Democrats are starting to “sweat” the Trump economy, because they don’t have anything to say to it, nothing to answer for it.

Democrat strategist and pollster Celinda Lake says the Democrats are talking about policies that liberals like, like paid leave. But that’s not gonna beat Trump, who’s campaigning on a booming economy.

And Politico is right about the Trump economy. Though the media ignores how strong it is, and who’s responsible for it, people are living it. They’re working in it, and they’re making money from it.

But Politico is wrong about the Democrats not having a national economic message. The Democrats want to spend thirty trillion dollars on single-payer health care. They want free college, forgiveness of student loan debt, and slavery reparations. They want five trillion dollars for something on climate change. They want the Green New Deal, which will take our economy back to the Stone Age.

They want to get rid of Trump and his low-tax, low-regulation policies and bring back the policies of Barack Hussein O, who called his high-unemployment, no-growth economy “the new normal.”

The truth is, Democrats do have a national economic message. It’s called misery. Learn it, love it — well, don’t love it — but live it if you want.

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