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RUSH: Now, the Poway synagogue shooting.  Once again, there has been a shooting by a guy who hates Trump.  The shooter here hates Trump and hates conservatives and calls both of them, us and Trump, vile names.  Yet the Democrats and the media still trying to blame Trump and conservatives for the shooting!  Meanwhile, anti-Semitism has totally taken over the Democrat Party, and do you know how they’re disguising it?  They’re using opposition to Israel as their platform for full-fledged, universal anti-Semitism, including and led by the New York Times.

It’s a strange juxtaposition, because America’s left-wing Jewish population is devoted to the Democrat Party, so much so that we’ve never been able to figure it out. We’ve never been able to figure out why so many Jewish people are liberal Democrats, given what liberal Democrats stand for.  Well, look, I know what the answer is.  I’m not gonna belabor it here.  But what are these people doing now?  The party that they have devoted themselves to has become immersed in anti-Semitism, led by the New York Times.

A couple of days before the shooting, the international edition of the New York Times ran a despicable cartoon.  It featured a blind Donald Trump wearing a yarmulke.  Trump is leading Benjamin Netanyahu on a leash.  Netanyahu is portrayed as a dog.  Trump has him on a leash and he’s wearing a Star of David collar.  Just to make sure the point isn’t too subtle.  Now, the cartoon could have come right out of any of the rabid anti-Semitic publications from the Nazi Germany days.

We have the cartoon; I’m gonna put it up.  For those of you watching on the Dittocam, go ahead and switch it over.  This is the cartoon that ran in the international edition of the New York Times.  There’s Trump dressed up as an orthodox Jew with the dark glasses and a yarmulke, and that is Netanyahu’s face on the dog, a Star of David collar, and it is Netanyahu leading Trump around… Well, actually, Trump has Israel on the leash, is what this is supposed to mean.

This is blatant anti-Semitism, and the New York Times has received voluminous criticism over this. They have done gigantic mea culpas and they’ve apologized, and they don’t know how it happened and all the usual things that happen with false, phony apologies.  “Well, we don’t know how it happened.”  Meanwhile, Professor Dershowitz is livid about this and wants there to be an investigation.  The New York Times should investigate itself, he says, to figure out just how in the world this could happen.

Look at that cartoon.  This is an anti-Semitic cartoon.  That’s the worldview of the New York Times, if you’re still looking at the Dittocam, and there’s no mystery to be solved here.  The lone culprit isn’t buried under layers of editors.  The publishing of this cartoon is symptomatic of a shared prejudice that has infected the left.  Look at their heroes today!  Ilhan Omar, hates Jews.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who loves Ilhan Omar).  Rashida Tlaib. These people are born anti-Semites.

It’s part of their existence, and they are not being condemned for it. They are being excused by people like Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. And remember Barack Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years. Democrats didn’t care about the anti-Semitism that occurred there.

Professor Dershowitz said the New York Times owes its readers more than an apology. We are entitled to an investigation and explanation. How did the anti-Semitic cartoon get published? Who approved it? What steps are being taken to prevent a recurrence?

And then he tweeted that the anti-Semitic cartoon published by the New York Times is a symptom of a deeper problem on the left. “It is acceptable to many on the left to employ anti-Semitic tropes as long as they are directed against Israel.” Bingo. Anti-Zionism is becoming an acceptable cover for anti-Semitism. Meaning, you can be an anti-Semite, you can be totally opposed to Jews and just couch it as being opposed to Israel and it sends the same message.

In other words, it’s cowardice, rather than just admit you’re anti-Semitic, make it clear you’re anti-Israel and you accomplish the same thing. It took the New York Times until Sunday to apologize for that cartoon. They published it all the way back last Thursday in the international edition. Even then they only apologized on Twitter. They didn’t talk about punishing the people who were behind the cartoon.

And truth is that this kind of smear is not unusual for the New York Times. On Friday they had to apologize for publishing a piece back on Good Friday that claimed Jesus was Palestinian. One thing that’s become apparent in reading the New York Times, and it’s it is not just me observing this, and this goes back again to what journalism is, what we think of journalists. We think they’re educated. We think they have historical perspective. We think that they are curious, that they are informed.

The New York Times has people that do not understand the first thing about Christianity. It’s not that they just are biased and are publishing lies. They literally, in this era, in this evolution of the New York Times, they don’t have anybody who actually understands Christianity. Easter worshipers, for example. Easter worshipers.

And the reason is because there is an anti-Christian bias on the left, and once there is an anti-Christian or anti-conservative bias, you don’t have to learn anything about it. It’s just bad. So Fox News is bad, Rush Limbaugh’s bad, talk radio is bad, just because they say it’s bad, just because we’re conservative.

You don’t have to say any more. You don’t have to know any more. You don’t have to explain anything because everybody on your side already agrees, conservatism bad. Christianity bad. Christianity, part of the American founding, the American founding bad. That’s it! That’s the extent of their knowledge. Which, of course, isn’t knowledge.

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