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RUSH: Right now, California produces more energy from fossil fuels than almost any other state. And Californians consume the most energy from these sources.

But environmentalist wackos are putting pressure on Gavin Newsom, the left-wing-extremist governor, to ban all new gas and oil drilling in the state.

Sierra Club director Kathryn Phillips says that people have been very patient with Governor Newsom, who’s been in office for four whole months. She warns that patience could wear thin if he doesn’t act by his six-month mark.

Imagine if Newsom was dumb enough to do what they’re demanding. Aside from suffering massive job losses in the energy industry, the state would have to import all of that oil and gas that consumers use. Prices would skyrocket and the poor and women and illegal immigrants would be the hardest hit.

Despite what these wackos say, “renewable energy” can’t even begin to make up the difference. It’s not even renewable. But this is the kind of idiocy that has become standard operating procedure for left-wing lunatics. If they ever got what they wanted, it would mean instant disaster for them, and for the rest of us and the country too, which is why they have to be stopped.

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