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RUSH: Are you ready? We are ready, set, revved, and ready to go. Three hours broadcast excellence straight ahead right here at the EIB Southern Command behind the Golden EIB Microphone, Rush Limbaugh. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. And email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

So Mr. Snerdley and my brother think that I ought to just replay the entire interview from Fox last night, the interview with Martha MacCallum on The Story. It was originally set up as an 8- to 9-minute segment. She said, “Yeah, it’s gonna be our longest segment of the night.”

I said, “Do you realize that I don’t finish clearing my throat in the first five minutes?”

“Okay, well, we’ll stick with eight to nine minutes, see how it goes.” The show starts, “No, we’re gonna do 15.” I said, “Okay.” And it ended up going 20 minutes. So to play the whole thing, I mean, we got plenty of time to do that. There are excerpts from it as well. And we’re gonna get to that, but I first want to start here with the president.

The president and first lady left the White House not long ago walking across the street lawn to the helicopter to catch a ride out to Joint Base Andrews to board Air Force One to fly to Atlanta where there’s some sort of symposium on the opioid crisis. And, as usual, the president stopped to chat with the media. And he was on fire. And the subject that came up has to do with the subpoenas.

Do you remember in the Mueller report it said that White House counsel Don McGahn, who, by the way, spoke to the special counsel for 30 hours — what more can this guy possibly have to say? But he spoke to the special counsel for 30 hours. This is the guy that Trump supposedly — by the way, John Dowd, the lead lawyer for Trump in this whole sordid tale is denying that Trump ever ordered Mueller to be fired by anybody, including McGahn. And we’ve got that coming up.

Anyway, the Democrats want to subpoena McGahn, and the White House is gonna oppose all the subpoenas on the basis of executive privilege and the fact that it’s time for this to end. We’ve had two and a half years of this. We’ve had $35 million dollars spent. There are gazillions of pages. There are hours and hours and hours of interviews. There’s nothing new that could be learned here!

Except the Democrats, you know why they want to talk to McGahn? Why do you think they want to talk to McGahn? Two words is answer. It’s a person. John Dean. They can’t get Watergate out of their heads. The Democrats are not original. Everything in their playbook is a replay of past glory and past glory to them is getting rid of Nixon.

Quick, what was Nixon’s middle name, Mr. Snerdley, just a little — that’s right. Milhous. Good for you. They got rid of Nixon, the media too, they proved they can do it. So they want to prove to themselves they can do it again. Have you noticed all the times that Watergate is used as a point of comparison to this? And of course there isn’t anything similar. Watergate agents from Nixon actually did bug the Democrat National Committee headquarters and left evidence that they had been there. Nixon didn’t know it at the time, but then he found out about it and tried to cover it up, but there’s nothing similar.

There’s nothing similar whatsoever, unless you want to start talking about what Hillary Clinton did and the Democrat National Committee did and the Obama administration did. If you want to compare anything, you compare those people to Nixon and Watergate, but not Trump! Trump didn’t do anything! They’ve looked at Trump with a fine-tooth comb for over three years now. The effort to deny Donald Trump the nomination and the presidency and then to force him out, three phases.

They have looked at everything. They don’t have anything. As I cleverly pointed out in the past, we may have inadvertently elected the most uncorrupt person to be president of the United States who could have been elected in this country if you want to know the truth of it. So, no, they want to talk to McGahn, they’re gonna subpoena McGahn because they think he is John Dean.

John Dean, White House counsel who spilled many of the beans on Nixon during the Watergate hearings. And because they have lost the ability to innovate in the Democrat Party and because there is nothing original anymore, they have no choice but to go back to the playbook and try to replay games that they’ve already won. It would be like the Pittsburgh Steelers thinking the way to win the Super Bowl this year would be to go back and do the exact same thing they did in 1980 or any other previous Super Bowl winning team.

The Democrats are stuck in the past, particularly in ways, means, techniques to get rid of rivals. So Don McGahn, who has nothing in common whatsoever with Dean other than having held the same job, they want to talk to Don McGahn. You know what? All of this is so, so ironic, but I want you to hear the president as he was chatting with the press today.

Let’s see. We’re gonna start audio sound bite number 1. This is on the White House lawn. An unidentified reporter said, “What do you plan to do about the subpoena, Don McGahn, and other subpoenas?”

THE PRESIDENT: The subpoena is ridiculous. I thought after two years we’d be finished with it. No. Now the House goes and starts subpoenaing. They want to know every deal I’ve ever done. Now, Mueller, I assume, for $35 million, checked my taxes, checked my financials, which are great. I read where they interviewed 500 people. I say it’s enough. Get back to infrastructure, get back to cutting taxes, get back to lowering drug prices.

RUSH: In other words, get back to doing the work of the country and for the American people. But that’s not what the Democrats want to do, and there’s a very simple reason. There are two reasons. A, they still can’t get over the fact that this guy beat them. They can’t get over the fact that somebody like this is in the White House. They can’t get over the fact that this guy snookers them at every turn. They can’t get over the fact that as seasoned conspiratorial veterans of the Washington swamp, they can’t outsmart this guy, and so they continue to try to outsmart the guy.

The second reason is they don’t have any winning policies. They’re gonna give away everything. That’s not winning. That’s not policy advantage. We’re gonna give away college tuition. we’re gonna forgive student loans, Medicare for all, we’re gonna give away this. They can’t even begin to get serious at the policy table. And so to avoid having to do that, they focus on all this other stuff. You know, you Democrat voters out there, you’re watching the epitome of selfishness.

These people that you’ve elected to represent you are not doing that, except for those of you that are also consumed with an undefinable hatred. They’re not representing you. They’re not advancing your causes or your ideas. They’re sitting there simply trying to satisfy their own egos by getting rid of somebody they hate and somebody that they’ve convinced you to hate. You talk about a political party letting down its people? The Republicans are one thing, but the Democrats are using every one of you voters.

They’re not doing one thing to advance what you really want, no matter how perverted it is. They are so focused on get rid of Trump just to prove they can do it! So now they want to subpoena all these records because they think somewhere somebody’s missed something. Good grief! Robert Mueller had 15 lawyers on his investigative team who hate Donald Trump! Many of them were donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and to the Hillary Clinton foundation.

Practically all of them were Hillary Clinton voters! You think if there were dirt to be found on Trump, this bunch would have found it? Instead, the lead Hillary lover and Trump hater, Andrew Weissmann, quit the Mueller team 30 days before the report. Does anybody wonder why? Has anybody asked — have you asked yourself (I have) — why did Weissmann quit 30 days before? And if you think it’s because the work was done, I don’t think so. “Oh, yeah, Rush. They had other job opportunities, and they had to get…” No, no, no.

The job opportunities for this sordid mess are gonna be there whenever they want them. That’s already assured. Weissmann didn’t have to quit 30 days before the report was issued in order to get the next job. That’s not why he quit. Why do you think Weissmann quit? Just think about that. Now, I’m not gonna answer it, because as usual when I say something, there’s nothing left to be said, and I don’t want to shortchange any of you who might want to weigh in on this. But the idea… Trump’s point is — the idea — after all of this time and all of this money and all of these witnesses, what do they think there is to find?

Where did this start? This started with Russia collusion. There’s no mention of it. It didn’t happen. The obstruction has obviously kind of gone by the wayside. Yep, it hangs by a thread. Now with Don McGahn, who they’re desperately hoping… We’re down to this? They need to find the John Dean. I wonder. Mr. Snerdley, a quick question. What are the odds, what are the percentages that Nadler and this bunch are simply bluffing with these demands, these subpoenas? (interruption) You don’t think they’re bluffing here? (interruption)

There’s a part of me that wonders, because we’ve gone into the surreal now.

If there was any dirt to be found on Donald Trump, it would have been dredged up. What more can they look into that has not been looked into? For crying out loud, the Mueller investigation was actually an attempt to find a crime! There was no crime specified! The Mueller report and investigation… Well, the investigation was an effort to implant and embed spies in the Trump campaign because there weren’t any. They couldn’t even find a way to make up a crime that they thought would stick, much less find an actual crime or an impeachable offense. Here’s the next bite, Trump talking about the only reason the Democrats are doing this…

THE PRESIDENT: We’re fighting all the subpoenas. Look, these aren’t like impartial people. The Democrats are trying to win 2020. They’re not gonna win with the people that I see, and they’re not gonna win against me. The only way they can maybe luck out — and I don’t think that’s gonna happen. It might make it even the opposite; that’s what a lot of people are saying. The only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense.

RUSH: Well, that’s what they have decided to do. They certainly don’t want to talk about the economy, and you’ll note the Drive-Bys don’t want to talk about the economy. It’s the one topic nobody wants to get close to. The value… You ready for this statistic? The value of all stocks since Trump has been in office, the value of all stocks has gone up $9.4 trillion. And if you say, “Well, that’s stocks, Rush. I don’t have any stocks. That doesn’t affect me.” Well, I beg to disagree.

If you have a 401(k), if you have a pension, if you have any kind of a retirement plan that you’re part of, I will guarantee you that it is invested in stocks, and so that is something that is relevant to many more people than might think so. But that’s an extraordinary accomplishment. All of these economic accomplishments are extraordinary, and that’s exactly why they’re not being mentioned. Now Trump talks about renewing his claim here to drain the swamp.

THE PRESIDENT: If you want to litigate, go after the DNC, Crooked Hillary, the dirty cops, all of these things. That’s what should be litigated, because that was a rigged system, and I’m breaking down… I am breaking down the swamp. If you look at what’s happening, they’re getting caught, they’re getting fired. Who knows what’s gonna happen from now on, but I hope it’s very strong. But if you look at drain the swamp? I am draining the swamp.

RUSH: Well, he’s telegraphing what his desire is, he’s telegraphing what his intention is, and he’s certainly signaling that he thinks he has gotten started. And a lot of the swamp dwellers that were part of the FBI investigating team trying to find a way to make it look like Trump had colluded with Russia have indeed been fired. They have indeed been sent packing. So he is right about that.


RUSH: So now McGahn has gotta become John Dean. So on CNN this afternoon they went and got Richard Ben-Veniste, who was Watergate special prosecutor. It’s actually Ben-Veniste.

Now, this guy, Richard Ben-Veniste, when you think of deep state, when you think of administrative state, when you think of the cabal of people who define the Washington establishment, this guy would be on the board of directors. This guy would be in the upper echelon of the elites of the elite in the Washington establishment and not least because he was the Watergate special prosecutor who is credited with getting rid of Nixon.

But he’s also a great Democrat. He’s a great liberal. And, believe me, he is a quintessential example of the kind of people we’re talking about when we describe these nameless, faceless elites who run that town. So they went out and got him on CNN today, brought him in there to ask him about Don McGahn and John Dean and all that. Brianna Keilar is the CNN host. And she got the question and the ball rolling with this.

KEILAR: Do you think that is akin to John Dean testifying in 1973 over Watergate or having had this report come out, all of these details come out for so long, do you think that there’s really not much McGahn is going to add that will surprise us?

BEN-VENISTE: Well, I don’t know what he can add, but what he said was extraordinarily surprising and disturbing. He said that the president had told him to lie, had told him that he ought to first help get Mr. Mueller fired. And then he told him to lie about that order.

RUSH: Okay. So Ben-Veniste not altogether certain – look, this guy’s smart enough to know, he’s not sitting in a media chair. He knows they can’t relive Watergate here. They can try to make the result happen, force a president out of office, but they can’t relive the steps. McGahn’s not John Dean. But the fact that Nadler and the rest of these Democrats want to turn him into John Dean is what’s telling.

But you hear the way Ben-Veniste speaks. (impression) “Well, I don’t know what he can add, but what he said was extraordinarily surprising and disturbing.” See? “Oh, yeah, very disturbing. It’s disturbing to us who are refined and civilized and sophisticated and only drink the finest Bordeaux and only at the certain times of day with a certain entree. We wouldn’t be caught dead, for example, drinking a burgundy as we consumed our Chilean sea bass at 7:30 p.m. at the club.”

That’s who these people are. So they’re doing their best here to suggest that McGahn holds the key to getting rid of Trump. But Mueller knew this. They had a chance to say that this was obstruction of justice, and nobody did.


RUSH: Now, one more thing about this Watergate analogy. They told us at Watergate that the cover-up was worse than the crime. Correct? The cover-up is worse than the crime. Well, here there is no crime. And there is no cover-up. And yet somehow this is Watergate? This is Watergate? There’s no crime! There’s no cover-up, folks!

It’s like Nixon had no plumbers, they never bugged anything, and he never erased the tapes! There’s no crime! There’s no cover-up! In fact, the cover-up, I still maintain, was everything that happened to distract us from what the Obama people did in creating that dossier and trying to run Trump out of office, including the Mueller investigation. That’s the cover-up.

The cover-up was what all of these people did! A, to exonerate Hillary Clinton, and then B, go get Donald Trump hopefully thrown out of office. But Trump committed no crime. And, therefore, there is no cover-up. And yet they’re still trying to make this out to be Watergate? Delusional.

Here is Bill in Tacoma, Washington. Welcome, sir. Glad you waited. You’re up next. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thank you for taking the call.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: My question is, if the Democrats were spying on Donald Trump before he was nominated, do we know anything about whether they were spying on any other candidates? And if not, why did they zero in on Trump?

RUSH: That’s a good question. I’ve not heard a thing. Now, Fusion GPS, which is the firm that Hillary hired to hire Steele to produce the dossier, Fusion GPS was actually hired by some organization to spy on some Republicans during the primary process. But I don’t exactly who. They gave up. There was nothing to be found of whatever they were looking for. So Fusion GPS became available, i.e., hirable. And Hillary Clinton went to it.

I think the spying on Trump — I really do think — I go back and forth on this. Because these people that we’re talking about are positioning themselves as Puritans in terms of public behavior, public discourse, manners and all this. And we know that they’re not. Yet they say they are just so shaken, they’re so disturbed, they’re so angered and outraged by Trump’s behavior, by his tweets, by his actions, by the way he talks about women, the way he talks about people, the way he talked about the Mexicans, the way he talked about McCain, they’re sitting there shuddering in absolute fear. They can’t believe that there’s somebody that talks like this.

But there must be an element of this that is true, because whatever Trump was doing was scaring the heck out of them. What I think it was was Trump talking about fixing the border and shutting down illegal immigration. You cannot overestimate how much the people that think they run this country want illegal immigration, both parties. Second thing was NATO. Third thing was trade deals.

I think they were shattered and shaken that anybody in this day and age could come along and propose such things. And then when they saw he was getting support from a lot of Republican voters, I think that’s when panic set in. It’s the best I can do. It’s the best I can answer.

CALLER: Okay. Sounds good. Thanks a lot.

RUSH: All right. My pleasure. I’ve gone back and forth over this. When I hear these people, even the Never Trumpers, when I hear them talking about what a reprobate Trump is, or that Trump’s just embarrassing, his mannerisms and his lack of character. Who we talking about? Are you people clean and pure as the wind-driven snow? You people don’t have affairs? You people aren’t muttering cusswords out there when you talk to each other? None of you have hired a prostitute in your lives, even in college on graduation night? What is this?

You people are acting like you have never committed one moral sin and that Donald Trump is a walking violation of your moral code? For crying out loud, the same people had no problem with Bill Clinton, by the way. You know, Snerdley, back during the nineties when Clinton’s in office, it was the Never Trumpers of today who were telling us, “Come on. It’s just sex. Between him and his wife.”

They weren’t worried about it! Now they’re worried about it with Trump? Bunch of phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers. I don’t know. As I listen and I read these people, these Never Trumpers, there’s a certain part, they really are outraged. It’s not just an act. And then at times I think that it all is an act. ‘Cause these people are being purely phony. They themselves are not paragons of virtue. And now demanding it of Trump or acting like it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to America that some schlub like this has gotten elected. Something about it scares the heck out of ’em, and I don’t know that we all actually know the true depth of it.


RUSH: Okay, Rockville, Maryland. Justin, you’re it. You’re the last caller for today. Make it count.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m a longtime listener. I appreciate taking my call. I want to point out to you about, oh, the attacks on AG Barr lately — and, lately, this shameful attack by Mr. Eric Holder, who, if you remember, was held in criminal contempt by the Congress, the only attorney general to ever be held in criminal contempt. And Obama, you know, to talk about all the Trump and McGahn stuff. Obama covered for him by claiming executive privilege, essentially blocking Congress and obstructing them from getting to the bottom of what happened in this Fast and Furious scandal that resulted in the death of a Border Patrol agent.

RUSH: Yep. That’s right. But in that case, the Democrats… Everybody was afraid to take Obama on (or Holder, for that matter), including the Republicans, because of race. Thanks for the call. It’s a good reminder. What’s his name, Holder, was running around saying, “Hey, I’m Obama’s wingman. I’ve got his back.”


RUSH: “FBI Official Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Were Found in the Obama White House.” Bill Priestap is admitting this.

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