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RUSH: Before I get back to the phones, I have one more observation, ladies and gentlemen, having looked at the Mueller report. I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before outside the rubric of the Mueller report. But we’ve discussed here that if we are to believe what we are told, some God-fearing, very patriotic Americans discovered that the Russians might be attempting to interfere in the presidential election by planting operatives in the Trump campaign — and it may be that Trump knew or didn’t know at this point.

Okay. So what do they do at that point? Well, they report to Obama, number one. This is… By the way, I don’t think this actually happened, but this is their story, so I’m gonna follow the logic of their story. So they learn that the Russians might be attempting to collude with the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton. What do they do? Well, they tell Obama that this is going on, but they don’t tell the Trump campaign. In other words, they allow this Russian collusion to go on.

Remember, this is their story. None of this is true, but this is what they have actually committed to paper. So why did they stand aside and not alert the Trump campaign that these devil Russians are trying to corrupt our great country by corrupting our great election? And why did Obama not do anything to stop the Russians when he found out? That’s of more interest to me, given their story. They detected Russian involvement in the Trump campaign, they obviously told Obama, and nobody did anything!

Nobody did anything, to the point that Trump wins the election. Why didn’t Obama do something? Why didn’t Obama stop the Russians? Why didn’t he get on the phone to Putin? Why didn’t they inform Trump? Why did they let this happen? Well, the truth is, it didn’t. But that’s their story, and so the Mueller report is based on their story. The Mueller report is based on their lies. So if you take the Mueller report as written, Obama looks really bad here, folks, because he didn’t do anything to stop these Russians.

He didn’t expel any Russian diplomats until December of 2016, a month after Trump had won the election — and he only did that to give this lie some legs. There was no reason to dispel the Russians. No more than normal. But he did that to make it look like it, to further along this narrative they had developed that the Russians had colluded. But the Mueller report indicates they suspected this back in 2015/2016, and they did nothing about it.

Why? That makes it… A dispassionate reading of this makes Obama look like somebody was really not bothered that the Russians are trying to corrupt the election. Why isn’t somebody asking that question? “President Obama, when you learned the Russians were intending to collude, why didn’t you do anything to stop it?” (impression) “Well, uh, of course we did. We expelled a bunch of ’em.” Well, you didn’t do that until after the election. The bottom line is, it didn’t happen.

See, this is the case. It didn’t happen. There weren’t any Russians. The FBI attempted to implant spies in the Trump campaign to act as Russian agents, but there weren’t any! The reason Obama didn’t warn anybody about the Russians corrupting the election is because, aside from normal, there weren’t any Russians trying to corrupt the election as working with the Trump campaign. None of this is real! And yet it’s ongoing.

Back to the phones we go. This is Frank in Long Valley, New Jersey. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I have an interesting point that I’d like to try to bring out and see what your thoughts are on it. Two things. One, if anyone doesn’t believe that day one Trump didn’t pull Sessions back into the White House and say, “By 8 o’clock tomorrow morning I want every document over FISA warrant on my desk,” they’re a complete fool. He’s already seen it all. He knew it two years ago. But the interesting thing that I want to ask you and then ask your opinion is, in that Barr press conference, there were two people standing behind him: Rosenstein and some guy with a beard. To this day, we don’t know who the guy with the beard is.

RUSH: Yeah, we do.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: His name is known. I’d never heard of him before.

CALLER: Yeah, but he —

RUSH: He’s one of Barr’s —

CALLER: Yeah, but he didn’t acknowledge him in the press conference. But he did go out of his way to thank Rosenstein for staying and helping and doing so many great things with him. And I found it very curious that he would go that far out of his way to thank Rosenstein, a guy that we know said he wanted to wear a wire, who Trump called to the White House and spoke with him and kept him there. I believe Rosenstein is now singing on everybody, and I believe that was a little thing to everybody, Barr just sent it out to everybody, “Hey, you know, Rosenstein’s singing. I want you…”

RUSH: Let me ask you…

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: Let me ask you. Let me interrupt here, using host prerogative. Is this something you think is happening or you hope is happening?

CALLER: Oh no, something I think is happening. I think there’s a number of people that are singing, but I think Rosenstein now has become one of the main people. I believe that it’s collapsing —

RUSH: Okay, what happened? Rosenstein is willing to wear a wire to record Trump acting like a reprobate so that they can get the cabinet to throw him overboard on the basis he’s unfit. How does Rosenstein go from there to an informant for Barr on all these efforts to sabotage the Trump presidency? How does that work?

CALLER: Because they laid in front of him his signature on a fake FISA warrant and they laid the whole thing out of in front of him and said, “You’re going down with everybody else or maybe you can go down a little less with everybody else.” I mean, there’s so much they’ve had against him. They’ve had it for over a year, and Trump is slowly gonna allow it to come out ’cause he’s gonna use it for the 2020 election, which is brilliantly smart politically. He doesn’t need to announce everything now. It’s gonna be leaked out. The day that Senator Grahamnesty came out after playing golf, which you did this week — and, by the way, the picture of you and Trump and — and — and, uh, what’s her name from that was phenomenal.

RUSH: That wasn’t “what’s her name.” That’s Lexi Thompson.

CALLER: I love Lexi. I follow her on Instagram. But the day after he played golf with Trump, the day after he holds a press conference — and I’ve never heard Lindsey Graham that adamant about anything in my life. Because during those 18 holes (which I’m assuming is during your 18 holes), Lindsey Graham was told a lot of things, and laid out. And Trump said, “You start it. You go out there, you start laying the groundwork, and this is how we’re gonna proceed.” Lindsey Graham doesn’t come out and say that on his own. He was given his marching obstructions, and now he knows he has a clear path to what he needs to do. Rosenstein looked like a dear in the headlights, but Barr made it clear to everybody that he was thanking him for (unintelligible).

RUSH: Well, your theory is interesting. I’m not gonna say otherwise. It’s an interesting theory and it will be great if it was true, but I have to say: Everybody standing behind a principal in a press conference like that looks like deer-in-the-headlight eyes. In fact, I think it’s one of the screwiest presentations. I remember after 9/11, Rudy and about 10 people were standing there behind him, including Bernie Kerik, and they’re just standing there.

And Rudy’s doing all the talking and some of them nod now and then, but you’re right, Rosenstein did have a sort of staring off into space. That’s an interesting, interesting theory. He’s set to resign soon and, look, these people are all swamp denizens. And, you know, there’s an alternative theory to this, is that Barr knows that Rosenstein is an active participant or facilitator, let’s put it that way, in this coup. And it just makes more sense to keep him inside the tent doing whatever he’s doing rather than let him go, have him outside the tent, and start peeing inside the thing from the outside. Could well be.

I do know a lot of people are very confident that Barr is serious about getting to the bottom of this. And Trump declassifying all these documents would go a long, long way to answering a lot of salient questions about when this really began and how. We know the “why.” But we’re still not sure even now, folks, we’re not sure when this began.

But I think 2015 is where it began, after Trump announces in June and then he starts surviving all these crazy things he’s saying in their world, like getting rid of NATO, like redoing NAFTA, like talking about how dumb American leadership has been and now he’s gonna fix it. These people in the deep state are taking all this stuff very personally, and particularly the globalists who survive and thrive on organizations like NATO.

Here comes Trump threatening to get rid of it because we’re being used as chumps in it and it’s no longer applicable in this era. NATO’s set up to protect people if the Soviet Union nuked ’em. Well, that’s not so much the big fear today. Militant Islamism is. NATO doesn’t deal with that. So Trump says it’s silly, it’s outmoded, plus a bunch of these European nations aren’t even paying their dues.

Well, deep state starts circling the wagons. That’s a central part, NATO and the world court and the international criminal, all these globalist organizations are fundamental to the existence, the livelihood of all of these administrative state people in the foreign policy apparatus. So I think in 2015 these began to say, “We can’t take a chance.”

They look at Trump’s rallies — you know, people say, “You can’t judge attendance at rallies as any indication of support for a candidate.” I guarantee you they’re looking at Trump’s rallies and they’ve never seen anything like it. There isn’t a presidential candidate in their lifetimes that drew crowds like that. Not even Slick Willie. Nobody. Strzok Smirk and his paramour, Lisa Page, are telling the tale. They’re getting paranoid! They’re getting paranoid! The guy could win!

They’re getting paranoid that he’s got supporters. In their world, they can’t believe it. Strzok Smirk refers to you Trump supporters as smelly Walmart people. They can’t believe it. So I think 2015 is when this begins. That’s what they started laying the plan for making sure Trump does not win the presidency. I don’t think that’s when the dossier came into existence, don’t misunderstand. See, it’s even a misnomer to say, “when did the investigation.” There never was an investigation.

An investigation is when you try to find out something you don’t know. There wasn’t anything going on that they didn’t know. This was not an investigation. This was an effort to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination and then the presidency. And when that failed, it was to get Donald Trump driven from office. But it was never an investigation to find out something they didn’t know. They knew all too well what might happen if they didn’t stop it.

So rather than this being an investigation, this was, from the moment it began, a concerted, coordinated conspiracy to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination and then the presidency. Calling it an investigation allowed them to do this in the open! Plus it corrupted the minds of everyday Americans who were led to believe that something had gone wrong but we didn’t know yet what it was. We had to logically investigate it to find out.

It’s insufficient to call it a hoax. It’s insufficient to call it a scam. It is not insufficient to call it a coup. But it was even more than that.


RUSH: I asked a question earlier in the program. Since the primary substance of all of this is a pack of lies, why didn’t they just lie one more time in the report and say Trump did collude with Russia? I mean, we’ve had two years of the media reporting it every day, four to five times April day. We all lived this.

They made the American people think it was a fait accompli. Trump colluded with Russia. Trump’s a traitor. Trump’s a Russian agent. But even if not that, that Trump had colluded. And here comes this report, 488 pages to say there was not collusion. Why not close the loop?

Why not just say Trump colluded with Russia and jimmy some of the evidence in the report and then throw the onus on Trump, say it didn’t happen. Which is what they’ve done with everything else. “We cannot exonerate the president here on obstruction.” Well, that’s not your job.

Prosecutors do not exonerate! You either charge or you don’t, and if you don’t charge, you shut up. You do not list. But he really came close to doing it, crimes. But they did. But why not just go all the way, wrap this up and complete the coup? Hmm? Well, people want to take a stab at answering this. We go to Arlington, Virginia. Zellie, you want to take a shot at this, go ahead.

CALLER: Good morning, and thank you so much for taking my call. Great honor to be a part of your show. I want to answer the question. From the very start it was a frame-up job. They knew there was no collusion, and your insight is so spot on. This was never an investigation. However, they had to go through the motions because they needed the cover of legitimacy for the American people so they can say, “Oh, look, we made an investigation and even exonerated the president.” Because the whole purpose of the mother cabal is volume 2 of this report. They wanted to interview everybody, double up the opposition research and smear the president to the point where they can tell Congress, “You have to do the impeachment.” That was the whole point of doing it. It was a frameup. They knew it was no collusion because they were the ones who created it. So they knew they were never gonna find the collusion evidence. That was a PR —

RUSH: Bingo.

CALLER: Bingo!

RUSH: There’s the answer. There it is.

CALLER: That’s right!

RUSH: The answer is in section 2. The nonexistent obstruction. Mueller doesn’t want to be the one. Mueller doesn’t want his name on Trump is unfit. He left the trail of bread crumbs for these eager beaver Democrats in the House to finish the job. Finish the job means don’t let’s this die for the next two years.


RUSH: Let’s head back to the phones quickly. Zephyr Hills, Florida. Oh! This is where the water is from. It’s probably just turn on the tap. But, anyway, it’s Maureen, one of my all-time top ten favorite female names. How you doing, Maureen?

CALLER: I’m doing good.

RUSH: Good. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I wanted to tell you that I think that all these people are giving Democrats too much credit for having brains. They don’t have any brains. They do things by rote. They do things over and over and over. They never change. This has been going on since the Democrat Party came into existence in the 1800s.

RUSH: Well, wait? What do you mean by giving them too much credit? Explain, what do you mean?

CALLER: Because everybody is saying that, oh, well, they didn’t do this because they want the Congress to investigate. They didn’t do this because they thought they’d get in trouble. No. They do what they do because they have done it before, and it’s always worked. The only person it has not worked on is Donald Trump.

RUSH: Oh, okay. I get it. I know what Maureen saying. Maureen is saying that the reason Mueller didn’t pull the trigger is that Mueller never thought it would have to get this far.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: They always thought it would make Trump resign, right?

CALLER: Exactly, yes. They thought in the very beginning they would bring about a bunch of women saying that he was a pedophile or a sex abuser, and he would back out. I mean, look at all the people —

RUSH: Maureen, look. With all due respect, I think while there may be some of that, I think that they’re frustrated. They’ve thrown everything at Trump that does usually get rid of Republicans, but it hasn’t got rid of him. It has paralyzed his administration. They’ve done great damage. Maybe they were hoping that he would resign. But this has a strategic purpose. And they are being amplified, aided and abetted by the media.

And the effort to get rid of Trump, and now keep him from winning in 2020, is what this has always been about. And it’s not over. And whether they’re smarter than we think or not as smart as we think, they’re still doing it! And they have to be dealt with!


RUSH: This is Tim in Boca Raton. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: My question is now that the report is out, do you think Jeff Sessions will ever apologize for letting this whole thing get started in the first place?

RUSH: No, I don’t see that.

CALLER: Do you think he feels at all embarrassed or ashamed or anything?

RUSH: I don’t think Mr. Sessions thinks that he did anything wrong in a legal, ethical sense. Politically and strategically, I don’t think he looks at the attorney general job in that regard. It’s one of the problems that Trump had. It’s like in the military. You know, in the military you have warrior generals who are the guys you want on the battlefield beating the enemy, and then you’ve got what we call politically correct generals, political generals who play the game of advancement by playing politics.

And Sessions would not be considered a warrior attorney general. He would be considered a steward of the Department of Justice. He recused himself because, as a member of the Trump campaign, he had had contact with Russians.

But, you see, I get the nature of your question, because since this whole thing was bogus and since there never really was an investigation, he didn’t have to recuse himself because there was nothing other than a coup attempted here. I don’t know if Attorney General Sessions sees it that way. But nevertheless, it never crossed my mind that he would apologize or say anything in the aftermath of this.

Look. I want to get some audio sound bites in on this, folks. I want to start, just to show you here the media, it’s not just Trump. They are turning their ammo on Barr. And they’re beginning to do to Barr what the Clintons did to Ken Starr and what they have been doing to Trump.

They know full well, or they are at least very concerned that Barr is serious and is gonna go after these people, is gonna go after this investigation, that he’s going to make a concerted effort to find out when this happened, where it started, who was behind it, get to the bottom of it. They have got to discredit him. They have got to make sure that whatever he ultimately finds, people don’t believe it or think that it’s nothing more than just dirty, rotten politics.

So the effort to impugn the attorney general is underway. And Mueller too. I don’t know if Mueller knew what he was getting himself into, but the fact that he didn’t come up with any collusion, he’s now useless. He was at one time the repository of all hope. They really believed Trump had colluded, and they really believed Mueller was gonna get to it because they knew that Mueller hired a bunch of Trump haters and Hillary donors.

And so yesterday Mueller and his wife go to Easter Sunday service — I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Yeah, that’s right. Easter worshiping. They went Easter worshiping there. And MSNBC, they sent a reporter that ended up on the NBC news website of one of their correspondents harassing Mueller after Easter services at St. John’s Church in Washington.

MIKE VIQUEIRA: Will you testify before Congress, sir?

MUELLER: No, no comment.

MIKE VIQUEIRA: Are you sure about that, sir?

MUELLER: No comment.

RUSH: Could you play that again? We didn’t get the beginning of that. Obviously a computer glitch, which happens here. It’s just eight seconds. Listen to it very quickly.

MIKE VIQUEIRA: Sir, could I ask you a couple of questions? Will you testify before Congress, sir?

MUELLER: No, no comment.

MIKE VIQUEIRA: Are you sure about that, sir?

MUELLER: No comment.

RUSH: “Are you sure about that?” They are just harassing Mueller now.


RUSH: Okay. Here is Joaquin in Fort Myers. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. First time call, longtime listener. I just want to make a quick comment. They knew about all this when Hillary lost the election, and they said, “We’re all screwed.” This is all nothing. All this noise is to hide what’s eventually coming down. Now, as far as the FISA warrant and the dossier, if it wasn’t an investigation and it was just all used from false evidence to present to a court and this should have never happened, wouldn’t any fruit from that investigation be poisonous, according to “the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”? From my recollection, Ollie North got off because of such a thing, as well as Scooter Libby. So wouldn’t any fruit (crosstalk).

RUSH: That is an excellent point, and it’s a great observation. Everything from this is bogus and BS and poison. I wish I had more time to further this discussion with you. I’m out of time. I thought I had one more minute and I misread the clock.

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