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RUSH: Mitt Romney says he is “sickened by Trump’s behavior during the Russian probe.” I guess it’s clear that Romney is never gonna forgive Trump for not making him his secretary of state. You know, the irony here is Romney claims to be “sickened” by Trump’s dishonesty while he repeats two blatant lies, maybe three. Romney is no conservative while claiming to be “a severe conservative.” See, this is what’s wrong. Romney should be sickened by the Mueller report itself, not what it says.

He should be sickened by what has happened here. Romney and every other Republican should be sickened by what has happened here, not by what the Mueller report says of Trump. This disgusting spectacle to have a special counsel investigation that was pretexted from the work of politically motivated Democrat operatives. The same people who accused Mitt Romney of being a despicable creep. The same people who claimed that he didn’t care when his employees died of cancer because Romney didn’t give ’em health care.

The same people that said Mitt Romney didn’t care about dogs because he put his dog on the roof of the family station wagon on a sedan and it baked up there or broiled. The same people that said that Romney beat up some kid in, what, prep school (while both were wearing bow ties)? The same despicable people that said that Romney didn’t pay his taxes for 10 years. He sides with them in joining chorus that Trump is despicable.

What is sickening is this report!

What is sickening was this whole so-called investigation.

Romney doesn’t even see what went on here because, as a member of the establishment, as a Republican, you’re supposed to take it when they dish this character assassination out at you. Like Romney took it. Romney let them lie about him in all these ways, and he still wants to be on their team, still wants to be on their side. That’s what’s sickening, is that people in the Republican Party like Mitt Romney cannot even see the precariousness with them this nation came to being overturned by a bogus investigation that was actually a coup!

But Romney reads the report as though it’s gospel and is sickened, sickened by the behavior he’s reading about. What about behavior of Hillary Clinton, of Christopher Steele, of Strzok Smirk? Why doesn’t that sicken Romney? Here’s an FBI agent, a lawyer having an affair and they’re texting their hatred for Trump back and forth talking about “insurance policies” to make sure he doesn’t get elected — or, if he does, we’re gonna destroy him. Why doesn’t that sicken Romney? Why hasn’t Romney spoken up about any of this?

Well, we know.

He hates Trump.


RUSH: One of Romney’s lies was when he said he was sickened by Trump to accept illegally gotten dirt on Hillary. You know, this is a telltale thing that shows me this is all coordinated. That the Trump Tower meeting is being cast now as Trump and Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner’s willingness to accept dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Let me tell you something, folks. Accepting dirt on a political opponent is not a crime. In fact, the Hillary Clinton campaign created a bunch of — why is Romney not upset and sickened by what Hillary Clinton did with the dossier? Instead, Romney says he’s sickened by the fact that the Trump team was willing to accept dirt on Hillary. There was nothing illegal about the dirt the Russian lawyer offered but never produced! They didn’t have any dirt. That whole thing was a setup.

Folks, Veselnitskaya, the Russian honeypot, she meets with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS before that meeting, they have the meeting, and then she goes back and reports to Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS afterwards. The whole thing was a setup. They claimed they called the Trump campaign. “We got dirt on Hillary.”

I’m so damn mad I’m having to repeat this over and over again. Somebody like Romney ought to know this! Mitt Romney ought to know what actually happened here, but he’s falling in with this crowd that’s accepting the lie about this. The meeting was a setup to fool people like Romney into believing that Trump was seeking dirt from the Russians on Hillary! And the Trumps were set up on this.

It turns out that there was no dirt. There was simply an attempt to lobby them on some Russian adoption snafu called the Magnitsky Act. But that’s not even what it was about. The whole thing was a setup, and the Trumps saw through it. There wasn’t any dirt. But even if there had been, there’s nothing illegal about it, and it would not have been collusion.

Meanwhile, over here Hillary Clinton is literally paying a guy to collude with Russians to produce a false opposition research dossier. Why doesn’t that sicken Mitt Romney? That’s what’s wrong with all of this. So my question for Mitt Romney, “Sir, are you this obtuse? Do you really, even now, not know what went on here? Do you really still believe that Trump did collude with Russia and wanted to and that they just couldn’t prove it?”

If so, that’s sickening. Because the truth is there for one and all to see. And if you believe that that is collusion, sir, then why didn’t Mueller report it as such? It would have been easy to do. And then you could have gotten rid of this guy like you’ve always wanted to.

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