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Here’s David “Rodham” Gergen on CNN this morning. CNN’s Newsroom, the infobabe Poppy Harlow said to the former Clinton adviser, David Gergen, “Okay, so you got this Fox News poll: 52% of voters said they were extremely interested in the 2020 race. That’s compared to 54% who said the same thing in the closing days of the 2016 election. What do you make of that?”

GERGEN: It’s become particularly important because the younger generation now represented by Millennials and Generation Z, as they’re called, represent, uh, over a third of all voters in 2020. They’re going to be a new, powerful force in American politics. Uh, there’s a poll that’s been done by, uh, the Institute of Politics here at Harvard, and it finds that the, uh, Millennials and Generation Z are expressing a high degree of anxiety, uh, about life and that for the first time, uh, politics seemed to be disturbing their mental health. This whole notion, uhhhh, that politics are beginning to disturb — becoming a problem for the mental health of the young, that’s new.

RUSH: Isn’t that a riot? The repository of mental health problems in the United States right now is in the Drive-By Media. You have literally mentally unstable people disguised as journalists. They’re nothing more than liberal activists, Democrat activists, and they are flabbergasted and ticked off that this whole effort — in which they were complicit! Where are the apologies, for example? Where is the embarrassment? These people had it all wrong for two years.

You try that in a business. You mislead your customers for two years and have it proven that every bit of advice you were given is wrong. Are you gonna apologize trying to save your customers? They don’t give a rat’s rear end! They don’t give a rat’s… They don’t care a whit about whether or not they should. The job is not finished. So if you have a collection of people that are mentally unstable based on irrationality and abnormalcy, do you think they’re gonna create mental instability?

You turn the news off for a week and see if your attitude on the country and your own life doesn’t change for the better. Stop looking at Twitter. I think Twitter is one of the biggest poison streams in the so-called body politic in this country. Here comes Gergen (impression), “Uhh, I’m really worried if, uh, young people out, uhhh, the nation’s youth, uhhh, are having a problem. Uhhhh, the mental health of the young, that’s… that’s… that’s… that’s… Oh, that’s troubling. It’s so new.” What, does it mean you can’t control ’em? “Mental health” means they’re so irrational that your normal appeals don’t work?

No. Realize they are mentally disturbed and unbalanced and irrational because you’ve made them that way. Good grief! You’ve been telling them for 50 years that the planet’s being destroyed because of the cars people drive, you’ve been telling them the planet’s not gonna support human life in 12 years, and they’ve believed you. They believed all of these lies. They’ve believed that Republicans want to poison their water. They believe that the Republicans don’t care.

They believe all this crap that you’ve been teaching ’em for all these years, Mr. Gergen! It’s completely understandable that there are locoweeds out there. Look at what you’ve been telling them! Look at all of the panic, look at all of the crises, look at all of the “Republicans kill! This is gonna kill you, that’s gonna kill you, and this is not gonna save you,” whatever it is. In your effort to gain control over the people of this population, you have turned them into quivering masses of paranoia — and now you’re worried that the mental health of the body politic is somewhat problematic? You made them this way. You obviously know how to appeal to ’em.

My advice?

Don’t change anything.

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