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RUSH: In 1975, pollsters asked if men were better suited, emotionally, to hold public office. Nearly 50 percent of Americans said yeah, men were better suited.

Pollsters asked the same question this year and only 13 percent of Americans say they believe men are better suited to hold office. So, you could say that 87 percent of Americans think that gender makes no difference, which is the largest percentage ever.

Yet there is grumbling. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce complains that women enter political races 13 points behind men.

They criticize Democrats as a party of white guys. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the front-runners. That’s bad. Just as bad, Beto O’Rourke and Mayor Pete Buttigieg got great coverage when they announced. Better than they deserved. Better than the women who are running.

It’s just not fair. You see, it’s never fair. And it’s never going to be fair. Because boys don’t play fair. They have privilege, because they’re boys. And many of them are white, ew, yuck. Yeah, Hillary won the nomination last time, but that doesn’t count because they owed her.

We may have come a long way, baby. But it’s still not long enough for some women. Dammit.

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