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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley asked me, psychologically, do the Democrats know that they’ve lost? I don’t believe they — well, psychologically, that’s a tough question. It’s inescapable that they lost, but they’re incapable of acting like it. Look at the behavior we had from them last night and this morning when they found out that Barr was gonna do this press conference without giving them the report first.

Nadler and Schumer lost it. Schumer lost it on Twitter. Nadler was losing it like he loses it every day. They were beside themselves because in their world, nothing happens where they don’t get to set the narrative. Nothing happens where they don’t get to set the premise of everything, and this was gonna happen without them.

And in their minds, they run this town and they run institutions, and anybody who thinks otherwise is going to be taught as many number of lessons as it takes before they realize the Democrats run the show. They were livid. Now, psychologically in their mind, I don’t think they ever lose. Like the Soviet Union never thought they ever lost. There were setbacks. Rather than taking two steps forward, they might have to take a step back, but they never lose.

What do you think these last two years have been? All these women wearing the vagina hats running around like they’re all on PMS for two years straight protesting this or that. These are people who refuse to accept the results of an election, refuse to acknowledge that they lost. So psychologically, no, I don’t think they deal with this as though they’ve lost, and I don’t think the report today exonerating Trump means they’ve lost.

They are still constructing everything in ways that will allow them to believe they can get rid of Trump and that they will via impeachment. That’s what all of this obstruction stuff is going to lead to. And those are the bread crumbs that Mueller left them in this report so that they can not have to give up their objective to get rid of Trump, which, no matter how they do it, that’s the objective.

Russia collusion was stage one. Okay, that bombs out. Now we’ll go with obstruction. If that bombs out we’ll get him on something else, but they’re not gonna stop. If he wins reelection, they’re not gonna stop trying to get rid of him.


RUSH: Here is Steve in Temple, Texas. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Wow. What a privilege it is to talk to you today, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: You know, to borrow from a sports analogy, whenever I’ve ever seen a team build a big old lead, and then they go into a prevent defense, usually it prevents them from winning the game. We used to say as coaches all the time when I was coaching basketball, “Stick with what got you there.” And, you know, initially when President Trump — and during his campaign season, there were times where the media would ask him certain questions, but they already assumed that he would play it safe.

But he would actually answer it, they would ask him again, and then he’d double down. And that’s what really I guess at the beginning attracted a lot of people to him. And I think that in order to steal the agenda back from the media and the Democrats daily and the media cycle, he should… I would love to see him do this, where he could actually address the nation and begin to talk about what really happened. The majority of these people who watch media have no idea that, you know, Hillary Clinton was behind these fake dossier claims.

RUSH: Well, now, wait. Not entirely. I was gonna get into this in the monologue segment of the next hour, some very fascinating polling data out there on all this, but I’ll wait to do that. I want to stick to your premise. You want Trump to go doubling down on offense, right?

CALLER: Absolutely, and the reason why is because when there’s a vacuum of trying to be on the offense, well, then the media and the Democrats are happy to set the tone. But they can’t set the tone if… I mean, like, for instance, when Barr had made mention that the Trump campaign had been spied upon, immediately they went into panic mode, the Democrats that were there present, as well as the media when there was some kind of an allusion made to spying.

RUSH: Right. That’s when we went on offense. For the first time in two years, they were on defense because of Barr saying that.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. So, you know, I’m a sports guy, you know, and I love whether it’s some kind of a —

RUSH: Okay. So you think he has to do an Oval Office address and spell all this out in order to end up back on offense?

CALLER: Detail by detail, because then now they can’t run. It’s out there. Now they have to actually address what’s really going on and not hide behind fallacy.

RUSH: Well, I agree — at least, at one point, I did, before Barr made his comment about, “Oh, yeah, I think the Trump campaign was spied on. Yes, no question about it.” I’ve long thought that when this all reached this point, that Trump should do a national address from the Oval Office. Look, the media is gonna react to it the same way. I think Barr today did. Two times recently, we’ve gone on offense. One, when the report came out and there was no collusion, no obstruction.

Then Barr says, “Yeah, yeah, I think there was spying.” The point of this today was for the media to be able to go back on offense on the subject of getting rid of Trump. How to get it back from them? This is what frustrates me. It ought not even be necessary. I understand you think the majority of Americans don’t have the slightest the idea what happened here, what Hillary Clinton did, Christopher Steele and all these people. So let me share with you some of the polling data we have when we come back right after. I appreciate the call.


RUSH: It is a Politico poll, and it does not look good for the Democrats: 38% of respondents said they think Trump was spied on, 28% said they don’t believe it, and it goes on from there. So sit tight. We’ll take another brief break, obscene profit time-out, and we’ll be right back.


RUSH: So we take that, the polling data story. Despite all of the fact checks and despite all of the propaganda in the media, despite all of the lies, despite all of the leaks and the never-ending stories about the truth of Trump-Russia collusion, a new poll from The Politico and Morning Consult shows that a plurality of people agree with Barr that there was spying on the Trump campaign by the FBI.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents in this Morning Consult/Politico poll said they believed the Trump campaign was spied on. Twenty-eight percent who said they don’t believe the campaign was spied on. Thirty-five percent said they don’t know or have no opinion about it.

Now, the spying allegations were raised last week by Barr during congressional testimony when he said he thought spying did occur on the president’s 2016 campaign. And as you would guess, I mean, the breakdown here is partisan. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans think the Trump campaign was spied on. Twenty-four percent of Democrats believe the Trump campaign was spied on.

Now, there is evidence that there was spying. The first one is the FISA warrant and the three times it was renewed. Law enforcement surveillance can also be described as spying. But when the Department of Justice applies for a FISA warrant, that’s not a law enforcement activity, it’s counterintel, it’s counterespionage, which is a necessary activity, but to conduct it on an American citizen?

They weren’t investigating Russia like they want everybody to believe. They were investigating Trump. They weren’t spying on Russia. They were spying on Trump. Because, folks, there wasn’t any Russian collusion! You cannot talk about this without constantly doubling back to that reality. There was never any evidence of Russian collusion other than the Steele dossier which of course is not evidence. There was never any evidence. You cannot talk about this.

So there was no spying on Russia. And if the FBI really thought the Russians were trying to spy or implant themselves in the Trump campaign, why didn’t they tell them? Well, the answer is because it’s the wrong question. The question is how is it the FBI failed to plant their informants in the Trump campaign? That’s the question. Because they sure as heck tried. How did they fail?

There wasn’t any investigation of Russia! And there wasn’t an investigation of Trump! There was an attempt to corrupt and pervert the Trump campaign by implanting spies or embedding them in it! There was no investigation of anything ever, just a bunch of stuff made to look like one. So this a mildly interesting result. You go back to it. Who says that spying occurred? The Democrats might not be as cut-and-dried.

Democrats say “no” but only 24 to 45%. Republicans say, yeah, 57%. Fifteen percent say no. Now, the reason this is interesting is ’cause it’s not the usual divide you get in a poll involving Trump. In a poll involving Trump you usually get 85% or more “yes” or whatever Republican side and hardly any Democrats.

And yet in that context a significant number of Democrats do think that Trump was spied on. Also, if you break it down further, every age-group tends to lean toward believing that somebody spied on Trump. Generation Z, which is 18 to 21 years old, believe that Trump was spied on, 33-23. Millennials and Gen X, 33 spied on, 27 not. Baby Boomers say 42% spied on, 29% not.

And every education level agrees that spying took place. People having little college or no college, 37% say spied on, 27 no. People with bachelor’s degrees, 40% say spying, 27% say no. And the postgrads, the real elites, the people that hate Trump, 38% say he was spied on. Thirty-two percent say no. And in all instances the people who say, yeah, there was spying, exceeds the number of people who said they don’t know.

Now, why is this important? Well, for a lot of reasons, but the main reason is the media has tried to portray Barr as a kook, as a nut, as a corrupt consigliere type guy for Trump. They have tried to portray William Barr as unfair and biased and not acting in an American way but rather tied to Trump as though Trump is his personal client, and this polling data suggests that people are not seeing Barr that way, by a big stretch.

So there is something comforting to take from this, even though the numbers are not as high as we would like, the numbers are a testament to the fact that the Drive-By Media still has a sizable audience of propagandized, ignorant people consuming their product. But they have failed to portray Barr as some biased Trump advocate who’s covering for Trump. They have bombed out on that effort.

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