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RUSH: So, Raymond Siller used to be one of the writers for The Tonight Show back when Johnny Carson was the — well, Johnny is The Tonight Show, and he was one of the writers back then. And he sent me a note over the weekend on his ideas on how to deal with the sanctuary city proposal that President Trump has made.

President Trump has offered to send illegal immigrants who are currently being detained by the 20-day rule. These are people that have sought asylum. They may have been separated from la famillia, and Trump has offered to send them to sanctuary cities because that’s what sanctuary cities do.

They shield and protect and provide for and house and otherwise protect illegal immigrants from federal immigration law enforcement. And they do so with pride, and they do so with eagerness. And it’s a strange thing, but they have rejected the president on this, which is a brilliant presidential move.

But Ray’s note to me says: “Hey, Rush, how about encouraging supporters of sanctuary cities the opportunity to sponsor with a donation his or her own personal illegal immigrant’s transportation to a sanctuary city? Helping to defray the cost from either the federal government or from the designated sanctuary city.

“There would be levels of donor support. The Democrats are famous for doing things like this. You could sponsor standard transportation like sending ’em on a Greyhound bus. You could then have the silver donation level, which would be airfare with seating in the main cabin. You could have a gold donor level, which would be airfare, seating in the main cabin with extra leg room. You could have the platinum level where donors could donate first class airfare to the illegal immigrants, to the sanctuary city of choice.

“The donor would, as a bonus, receive a personal photo of his own illegal immigrant. Every illegal immigrant that the donor sponsors by paying for the transportation to the sanctuary city, they would get their own personal autographed photo of the illegal immigrant to keep forever. And of course the more illegal immigrants the left sponsors and donates, the more autographed photos of illegal immigrants the donor would receive.

“In turn, the illegal immigrant would also receive a personal photo of his sponsor complete with their name and address. If the illegal immigrant becomes unhappy with the sanctuary city to which he was shipped, he would also receive and have the home address of his sponsor so as to be able to go there, since it would be assumed that the sponsor or the donor is supportive of the concept.

“And if the illegal immigrant he has sponsored is unhappy — say he gets shipped to Oakland and for some strange reason doesn’t like it there — then the illegal immigrant would know where his sponsor lives and would then be able to go there. In this way each donor could become a sanctuary donor, not just a city or a state, but a sanctuary donor who could then house the illegal immigrant in his own home or guesthouse or above the garage. And in this way the donors could be involved and show with their pocketbooks their commitment to the cause of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.”

I think it’s a brilliant idea. Think of the money the Democrats could raise doing this. This is an idea that ought to be pitched right now to Crazy Bernie, it ought to be pitched to Kamala Harris and maybe even Mayor Pete. Can you see the commercial? Sally Struthers standing there, she’s eating a baloney sandwich talking about all the kids standing behind her starving.

You remember those commercials? Sally Struthers, “Don’t you care? Don’t you care?” Meanwhile, Sally Struthers is not looking like she missed a meal. Sam Kinison said, “Give ’em your sandwich, for crying out loud. Don’t ask me! Give them your picnic basket.” Well, the same thing here. Well, you can’t do Cher because Cher has come out — wait ’til you hear this — I can’t tell you by the number of people who have sent me tweets or copies of the tweets Cher said. It kind of ticks me off in a way. It does. I’ll explain it in a minute.

But get your favorite liberal spokesbabe, spokesdude, whatever, and have them do a commercial. “You, too, can save the life of an illegal immigrant who faces daily humiliation and threat of deportation by our evil president. For a small first class airfare ticket or coach fare, you can send an illegal immigrant of your choice to his choice of sanctuary city.

“Once there, the illegal immigrant will pose for a photo and send that photo back to you autographed. The illegal immigrant will then be able to know who you are. The illegal immigrant will forever spend the rest of his or her life in gratitude to you and will know where you live. Should the worst thing happen and the illegal immigrant does not like the services provided in the sanctuary city, he can always come to your home. Don’t you care? Won’t you help? Just pennies a day — (laughing) The airfare may be $300 and we promise not to put ’em on a Boeing 737 Max 8. Just pennies a day.”


RUSH: Anyway, I think it’s a great idea from Raymond Siller, have actual leftists become personally involved in this sanctuary city project by donating the transportation costs one by one, one at a time. Think of the bragging rights. Think how you could tell your other leftists how much you care, show them the autographed photo of the illegal immigrant you sent to Oakland. (laughing)

And they just hate this. When you call these people out on their ideas, call them out, when you expose their hypocrisy and their fraud, they just hate you. Let’s see, what else? Oh, the Cher tweet. I must have had, I can’t count ’em, I can’t count number of people that sent me this. “Rush, Rush, look at this!” So here’s the tweet from Cher, who has the IQ of a pencil eraser on a good day.

“I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants, but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+??Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS. PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE & HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own (Many Are VETS) How Can it Take Care Of More.”

So people, “Rush, you gotta see this.” Why? Because it’s Cher? You mean because a left has seen – okay, look, I can understand, a flaming Trump hating leftist. I understand that. And sometimes I know it’s confusing and disconcerting when a leftist says something that makes sense. And I think that’s really what it is. Any leftist.

Any famous leftist, whenever they say something that makes sense, it is stop the presses time. It’s like at an old folks’ home when everybody smiles all at once, they immediately stop everything and declare it Halloween.


RUSH: This is John in Odessa, Texas. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Listen, I was going down the road now that the liberals came out en masse against immigrants, they came out anti-immigrant, well, where are these 13, 14 million — somebody wants ’em, right? I mean, if Alyssa Milano doesn’t want any in her new remodeled home, I got to thinking the only people that want them are the American companies trying to increase their profit margin.

RUSH: Well, it’s interesting, if I get your drift, what John here is saying is you’ve got all these famous leftists out there stomping their feet demanding that we let illegal immigrants in and that we make them citizens and that we treat them with the respect that they are deserved and owed, and then when the chance comes to actually get some, no way! This is a Trump trick! And we’re not gonna get fooled by it.

What trick? You are simply being provided what you advocate for and support. “Border Patrol Union President Says It’s ‘Absolutely Legal’ To Drop Illegals in Sanctuary Cities — National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd claimed on Sunday it’s absolutely legal for the federal government to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Democrat Senator Ben Cardin in Maryland accused Trump of using immigrants as pawns in his political game.

Isn’t that rich? The very people and the very party who use not only illegal immigrants but the poor and the deranged and the thirsty and the delusional as pawns now dare to call out Trump for actually helping them advance a policy they support? You start talking about making sanctuary cities illegal — which they already are, by the way — you start taking action to close them down, these leftists, “You can’t do that!”

So Trump comes along, says, “Okay. Okay. How about this? How about we send you the ones we’re detaining?” “You can’t do that. You’re using them as pawns. You can’t do that.” This is why the Trump proposal is really very clever, folks, because it is creating, whether these people know it or not, all of these people that are constantly supportive of illegal immigration are now opposing it in their own neighborhoods or states or cities.

For them to be consistent they would have to thank the president, they would ask, “How can we help? You want to send some more here, how can we make it happen?” But instead, “No way, we don’t have the resources. You can’t fool us. This is a trick. You can’t use these people as pawns.”

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