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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 1. This is President Trump late Friday afternoon. He tweeted it first, and then he doubled down on the idea, and I just wanted you to hear him say it because we only had the tweet on Friday when I was still doing the program. But I just love this.

THE PRESIDENT: We’ll bring the illegal — really, you call them the illegals. I call them the illegals. They came across the border illegally. We’ll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it, whether it’s a state or whatever it might be. California certainly is always saying, “Oh, we want more people.” And they want more people in their sanctuary cities. Well, we’ll give them more people. We can give them a lot. We can give them an unlimited supply. And let’s see if they’re so happy. They say, “We have open arms.” They’re always saying they have open arms. Let’s see if they have open arms.

RUSH: I cannot tell you how much I love this. And I really hope it happens. I have my doubts, but just the fact the president’s talking about it means that I think Trump — and I really believe this — I think on many things his reason for doing something is a couple of steps ahead.

I’m not talking about strategic brilliance. Don’t misunderstand. This is not idolatry. I’m just telling you, I think it’s the way the man thinks. For example, I think the objective here is not really to put illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. Trump wants to deport them. Trump wants to stop them from coming in.

That’s the bottom line. What he’s doing here is pushing the country to reexamine the subject of illegal immigration and the laws that are surrounding it that are not being enforced! And there’s no better place to start than pointing out the utter lawlessness of sanctuary cities and if he can at the same time demonstrate the hypocrisy of people.

It hit me over the weekend. Sometimes things are so close that you miss them when you’re looking for, oh, ways of persuading people, something so obvious is right in front of you that it seems so simple you start looking for something more complicated and further out.

In the case of illegal immigration — this has probably occurred to a lot of you. But it’s no more complicated than asking just why are so many people — Democrats, leftists — insistent that illegal immigrants be permitted? If you just ask that, then it will help explain what we are up against. It doesn’t make any sense to let illegal — to allow the American law, federal law to be broken and then celebrate it unless other things are true.

Why would people not just ignore the law on illegal immigration, why would they promote it? Why do they advocate it? There cannot be a good reason, if you define good as something being beneficial or pro-American. There simply isn’t. Why have sanctuary cities sprung up? Sanctuary cities have sprung up to encourage even more illegal immigration and then to promise to shield the illegals who want it from being found and deported. Why would anybody do this?

There isn’t one good reason for America or pro-America to do this. And I think this is one of the things that Trump is trying to focus people on here. So he proposes that we send illegal immigrants not back to their home countries but to sanctuary cities, where we would think they would say bring them! “Great idea, Mr. President! We love them. We want them. We think this is good for America.”

But they’re not doing that, are they? The mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, Schiff, whatever, she’s saying (impression), “No way, man. You’re not pulling this. We don’t want these people. We don’t have the resources. You can’t do that.” Wait a minute. That doesn’t compute. You’re a sanctuary city, Oakland. You revere and promote illegal immigration and immigrants and here’s the opportunity to get some for free? Well, not free. That’s the point. Just to get some and you don’t want to play? You don’t want any part of this? How can this be?

And so it’s illustrating a bunch of things. Just the very suggestion, just the very idea of doing this is causing the proponents of this to oppose it. So Trump has discovered, he’s found a way to get people in blue states to oppose something in illegal immigration. That is major!

Because, folks, there is no way that Democrats or anybody on the left will voluntarily entertain immigration reform unless circumstances change. They want the illegal immigrants, and they want the flood, they want invasion because they don’t like America, and they want to restructure America and erase all aspects of the founding. They know how to do it.

They’re never gonna change unless something happens that creates an environment making it impossible to ignore the crisis! The big obstacle to fixing this is in fact the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. The Democrat Party’s the number one obstacle. They want for all the obvious reasons — voters and welfare state increases and dependency. And the Republicans, their donors, want cheap labor, supposedly.

And unless something happens that creates an environment making it impossible to ignore it, nothing is gonna change. To accomplish that, somebody would have to come up with an ingenious plan causing blue state voters to either demand change or to oppose.

And leave it to the Trumpster. He has come up with a plan that forces blue state governors and mayors to instinctively refuse his gift. Here they are. They have sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, they promote illegal immigration. They offer them. They shield them. They give them resources, they educate them, give them health care, protect them, they show them how to get federal money. But the opportunity to get many more they are rejecting?

The very people in favor of illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, are saying “No more” instinctively. When they figured out what was going, on they changed their tune, like the mayor of Oakland. (impression) “I never said that. I never said I didn’t want them. You’re lying. You’re lying. I never said that. I’ll take them.”

If blue state sanctuary city voters demand change, Democrats will respond or sink further into the abyss. We have a problem. Everybody knows it. The trick is to get the other side to demand a solution. So here comes Trump, “Hey, you know what, great idea let’s bring the illegals in and let’s take ’em to these sanctuary cities.” And the people there are saying they don’t want them.

Isn’t that fascinating? Isn’t that interesting? The Art of the Deal, some might say. And if no deal is reached, Trump will look even better going into the 2020 election cycle because he tried to give them what they want. He tried to help them out.

You heard him just say here: We’ll give them more people, they want more people, they want more people, sanctuary cities. We can give ’em a lot. We can give an unlimited supply. And let’s see if they’re happy. They see we have open arms. They’re always saying they have open arms. Let’s see if they have open arms. This all came up on Fox & Friends Weekend where they happen to love my take on all of this from last Friday.

BILA: Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on the hypocrisy of a lot of these leaders in sanctuary cities. Take a listen to what he had to say.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What a great idea! They say they love them, they say they want them, they’ve got their borders open, so send them there. Why, I thought this’d be a win-win. I thought the sanctuary cities would welcome them. Isn’t that the way this is supposed to work? On the one hand, we have people like Pelosi and the liberal Democrats who set up sanctuary cities to shield these people from the evil Republicans and conservatives who want to deport them, right? How can something that they support and want and eagerly ask for be targeting them? Why, it must mean that the sanctuary cities are not really what they tell us that they are, that they don’t really want these people. But we know that’s not true; they do.

HENRY: It’s hard to see who’s more excited, Rush Limbaugh or Pete Hegseth.

HEGSETH: Listen. I don’t just love this policy, I’m in love with it. This is exactly what the left deserves.

RUSH: It most certainly is. But it’s actually so much more than that. And there’s so much news coverage of this. Yahoo News: “Trump Confirms Possible Plan to Send Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities, Contradicting White House Denials.” (laughing) So the White House, “No! No! We’re not gonna do it, we’re just thinking about it.” Trump says, the hell we are. We’re seriously thinking about it.

Now, it’s from Friday, Yahoo News says Trump is boasting about the plan to punish sanctuary cities. This article gives more details about how the plan was raised at the White House in the first place. And, by the way, every article I’ve read about this seems to have the need to explain sanctuary cities. I mean spin. Spin. Sorry. Not explain. Spin what sanctuary cities are. Let me give you an example what they say at Yahoo News what a sanctuary city is. Ready for this?

“The term sanctuary city refers to localities where officials generally do not inform federal immigrant agencies about undocumented immigrants who come to their attention. The intent is humanitarian and also to encourage immigrants to cooperate with police and other government agencies without fear or deportation.” That is nonsense.

They shield ’em. They’re not preparing them for deportation. They’re shielding them. And you see, it’s just humanitarian. The article also claims that the illegals commit fewer crimes than citizens, which is also nonsense. Every single illegal has broken the law by definition! They already lead in the stats of who’s breaking the law just by showing up! They’re ahead one to nothing over citizens! And we citizens very rarely catch up with ’em in the crime contest.


RUSH: Another Trump tweet, by the way (this from couple days ago): “So interesting to see the Mayor of Oakland and other Sanctuary Cities NOT WANT our currently ‘detained immigrants’ after release due to the ridiculous court ordered 20 day rule. If they don’t want to serve our Nation by taking care of them, why should other cities & towns?”

That is a great question! If the sanctuary cities who exist to shield the illegal immigrants don’t want them, why should any other town have to take them or the country at large? A great pregunta — and to the phones we go. South Bend, Indiana, Rhonda, from the home of Mayor Pete. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. This liberal outrage over President Trump’s gracious offer to sort of gift these illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is so instructive. I find that, once again, the liberals are not pro-life. They aren’t pro-freedom and the pursuit of happiness in any area — and I don’t care if it’s immigration, if it’s the radical abortion agenda, or if it’s the socialists ideas in the Green New Deal. Really none of it is new. It’s just an old sort of sinister agenda that’s just being repackaged.

And it always results in one group of people subjugating or controlling another group. For years, Rush, I have listened to you talk about illustrating absurdity by being absurd. And I tell you, many days it is laugh or cry, because I’m so concerned and so upset by what’s happening. So in that light, I would like to invite the speaker and AOC to come to my home in flyover country for a burrito dinner with my husband and my four boys, and let’s talk about which farts are dangerous.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Let’s talk! I would feed them, Rush.

RUSH: I think… I love your characterization of Trump’s offer as gracious.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: A gracious offer from the president to mayors of illegal immigrant sanctuary cities to take even more, a gracious offer that they reject. But, you know, this is the whole point. You’re exactly right. They live and exist on the basis that they own matters of the heart, that they own passion. They look out for the downtrodden, the homeless, the hungry, the thirsty, the bereaved — and here a chance to add to the great gifts of love that they are already housing? What do they do? “(Raspberry) you, Trump! (Raspberry) you! (Raspberry) you, Trump!” They don’t want ’em.

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