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RUSH: Our little local newspaper here, the Palm Beach Post, is reporting that at least 25 people have been charged in a scheme to fraudulently obtain driver’s licenses. More arrests are coming. Authorities have identified over 60 people who got their licenses through fraud.

Now, the scam was run out of a satellite office for the Palm Beach County Tax Collector. People involved in the fraud didn’t have to bother with driver’s tests or paperwork. They just paid up, and got their license.

Now, brace yourselves. It turns out that many of the fraud participants are in America illegally.

That’s so hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s also hard to believe that with these fraudulent driver’s licenses, illegal immigrants can get other benefits — and maybe even vote!

I mean, I can’t believe this, can you? By the way, the clerk who allegedly issued the fraud licenses died right before he was about to be charged. How did he die? Dunno. Probably death. The Palm Beach Post doesn’t specify.

Anyway, a similar scam went down in February at another tax collector office in Palm Beach County.

But other than that, illegal immigrants getting legal driver’s licenses and benefits? Why, it can’t be a widespread, right? Can it?

Oh, no.

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