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RUSH: Here’s Roger in Astoria, Queens. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s my honor.

RUSH: Well, it’s great to have you here, Rog. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: A couple of quick comments and I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. But one is, I like Barr. I think he’s gonna do a good job. But if I was Barr, when he got the report from “Muler,” M-u-l-e with an r, because he’s a mule for the Democrats —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — I’d love for him to have kicked it back and said, “This is your investigation. This is your report. I want a determination on obstruction — and if the glove doesn’t fit, you have to acquit.” See, what Mueller did is, craftily, he made it so that it’s Barr that has to make the determination with Rosen (sic) and that gives the Democrats fuel for, you know, for controversy. The other thing is, I’d love to see President Trump sign an executive order to have DNA tests mandatory for groups that come in that say that they’re a family because a lot of them, you know, the male is not part of the family.

They’re just using the family to get in. And with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, when somebody asks her a question and they say that they have a source, it’d be great to have her say, “If you don’t have two sources, we don’t comment on rumors.” The last thing is — and the reason I really called is that it kind of surprises me that Trump… I love the guy, but that Trump, being a billionaire, having, you know, built so many properties and marketed them, he really doesn’t do, in my opinion, a good job at marketing his stances.

It’s always like a drive-by type of comment as he’s going to a helicopter or he’s signing something. I’d love for him to do a candid, like, 10/15-minute talk to THE America people. Speak to the Americans not using, you know, big terms that you need a paragraph to define, but just as if he was talking to a son or daughter that was around 20 years old and just lay it out logically, bury them with logic, practical versus impractical, idealistic versus —

RUSH: Okay. Got it. I understand. Trump needs a vice president of worldwide marketing. All these little press gaggles before getting on the helicopter ain’t getting it done, right? He needs to call a whole bunch of national speeches in the Oval Office and talk to 20-year-olds. Got it!


RUSH: Now, in all seriousness, our last caller from Astoria, and he thinks that Trump is making a mistake or at least blowing an opportunity, calls it marketing, all of these press gaggles on the way to the helicopter, out in the White House lawn or whatever where the president says a lot, but his point is that they don’t get seen by a lot of people.

The president ought to be taking steps to make sure that these comments he makes are seen by a much broader spectrum of the audience. That’s what he meant by presidential marketing. The thing is the president can’t give addresses from the Oval Office very often. The networks don’t have to cover those. He does not automatically get the airtime when he asks for it. It has to be a special occasion.

And if he began to use those in ways the Drive-Bys opposed, which is pretty much however he would do so, they’d simply stop. I’m sure he looks at his primary marketing as Twitter. That’s where he responds to the stuff that’s in the media, and he’s got a lot of followers, he’s got lot of retreats and so forth, the press gaggles. I think he’s doing as well as he can. I mean, obviously there’s all kinds of ways to improve, you know, do things better, but he’s got a system down pat.

We all think that if we did it we could do it better. No matter who’s doing what, we all think we could do it better, we all think we have a better idea and so forth until we try it. And for everybody who thinks they could do it better than Donald Trump, let’s first talk about getting elected, and then you tell me if you can do it better.

Let me just share with you some of the things that Trump is up against here. Let me just read you these headlines. They’re Drive-By sources, two of them are The Hill and one is I think Politico. Ready?

GOP Grows Tired of Being Blind-Sided by Trump – Senate Republicans are getting tired of being caught off-guard by President Trump on key issues like health care and controversial nominees like Herman Cain, and say there needs to be more consultation from the White House.”

Trump wanted Herman Cain to be somewhere in the Fed board, Federal Reserve Board, is that right? And apparently there’s a bunch of Republicans in the Senate that don’t think Herman Cain’s anywhere near qualified, so they put the kibosh on it. “Trump’s allies say they often find out about the president’s plans on Twitter or through media reports, making it almost impossible to offer the White House any advice before major decisions are announced.”

Next headline: “Mitch McConnell Tells 2020 Republicans to Run ‘Independent’ of Trump.” This might actually be the New York Times or Washington Post. “Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republican senators running for re-election next year should not couple their messaging to President Trump but rather run ‘independent’ campaigns built around how they’ve helped their states.

Mitch McConnell, “who is himself up for reelection, said senators’ races are big enough that they can escape the gravity of the presidential race and establish themselves on their own.” Can I tell you the truth about The Turtle? The Turtle is devoted to Trump on one thing and that’s getting his judges confirmed. And everything else The Turtle is ambivalent.

So all of you who think Trump needs to improve his marketing, you have to understand, he still has members of his own party — maybe I won’t go so far as to say working against him, but they’re not helping.

So now here’s McConnell telling senators, forget Trump’s campaign. Run on your own. Why? What in the world is wrong with being associated with Trump, especially if Trump wins reelection? What is wrong? “We don’t want to be tied to Trump.”

“GOP Grows Tired of Being Blind-Sided.” Now, look, if this is a real story — and again, it’s Drive-By. Could be totally made up. It could be one malcontent Republican staffer that’s the source for this. “GOP Grows Tired of Being Blind-Sided by Trump.” I’ll guarantee you they’re probably fit to be tied over Trump’s idea to put a bunch of illegals in sanctuary cities.

But then: “Republicans Writing Off Hard-Line DHS Candidate.” Trump is thinking about putting Kris Kobach, the former AG from Kansas at the Department of Homeland Security, and he would be very good. He’s a hardliner. You know what that means? It means he wants to obey the law. A hardliner is somebody who wants to obey the law. We can’t have that, not when it comes to illegal immigration.

“Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of Senate leadership on the Judiciary Committee, warned Wednesday that he could not stand behind Kobach if the former Kansas secretary of state is nominated to replace Kirstjen Nielsen as DHS chief.”

Cornyn said, “I wouldn’t be able to support him. I think his rhetoric on immigration is very damaging to Republicans and would not help us solve what is a very complex problem, which is going to require some negotiation and compromise.”

Compromise with who? Just where do we overlap things in common with the Democrats today?

“A Senate Republican aide predicted that Kobach would be stuck in the role of acting Homeland Security secretary, as he would be unable to win a simple majority for Senate confirmation.

“Asked about the prospect of the White House nominating Kobach, the source said, ‘It depends if they want to have another acting secretary, because there’s no way Kris Kobach will be confirmed.’ Trump said Wednesday that he hasn’t given much thought to nominating Kobach. ‘I have respect for him, but I haven’t really thought about that,’ the president told reporters in Texas.”

So Republicans writing off hard-line DHS candidate. All he is is a law-abiding guy. “GOP Grows Tired of Being Blind-Sided by Trump.” “Mitch McConnell Tells 2020 Republicans to Run ‘Independent’ of Trump.” And it just goes on and on and on.

How about this? Unrelated. Two more. “House Dems Introduce Bill To Force Schools To Allow Transgender Male Athletes To Compete As Females.

Now, this is a perfect example of a point that I’ve been making the past two days, how the Democrats are terrified of their Twitter base. By any normal way of thinking, this is nuts. Federal government forcing schools to allow transgender male athletes to compete as female. That is not normal by any stretch! But the Democrat Twitter base is demanding it.

This whole thing is being pushed by people who have some problems. And yet that’s all ignored by practically every single Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives because they are terrified they’re gonna get harassed in the halls and on Twitter if they don’t follow through on this radical kind of thinking.

Here’s a quote. “Activists who support ‘transgender rights’ in sports contend that there are no innate physical differences between women and men.” That’s just nuts. It’s literally nuts. But these are activists, and they support transgender rights. “No innate physical differences between women and men, and that men who identify as female are ‘authentically women,’ and should be allowed to compete,” as women.

Are you kidding? Men who identify as female are authentically women? You know what Trump ought to do? He ought to announce, get up one day, say he identifies as a woman today, start doing all kinds of stuff based on that. This is not normal. Abnormality is becoming the norm in the Democrat Party, and really it’s been a push for the last 35 or more years, and this is how the Democrat Party is being tugged and yanked and pulled all the way to the radical left by Twitter, and they make the mistake of thinking that whatever their base is on Twitter is a representation of middle class mainstream America.

One more, folks. New York assembly Democrats voted 15 to 11 to block a bill that proposed expanding college tuition and aid for children of deceased and disabled military veterans in the wake of approving a state budget that set aside $27 million in college tuition aid for undocumented immigrants.

In other words, New York state Democrats voted to disallow college tuition aid to children of military people killed in action while voting $27 million in college tuition aid for undocumented immigrants.

So they vote to allow the killing of babies that survive abortions, they got a standing ovation, and the Empire State Building was turned pink. And now they vote to give money for college tuition to the children of illegals and deny money to the children of military people killed in action in New York state.

And they say Trump has a marketing problem.

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