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Apr 10, 2019


Reuters: Barr Says He Thinks Spying Occurred on 2016 Trump Campaign
Daily Wire: AG Barr Assembles Team To Investigate FBI’s Probe Into Trump Campaign
National Review: Attorney General Barr: Mueller Report Released in the Next Week – Andrew McCarthy
HAP: Barr Doesn’t Know if Mueller Backs His Summary
NBC: Trump Blasts Mueller Investigation as ‘Attempted Coup’
AFP: ‘King Bibi’: Perennial Survivor Netanyahu Comes Out Ahead
The Week: There Is No Left Left in Israel – Damon Linker
Engadget: Digital Music May Not Have Saved the Environment After All. A Study Suggests Greenhouse Gas Emissions May Have Increased
Daily Caller: Bernie Sanders Explains Why He’s A Millionaire
Politico: Buttigieg Attracting Praise from an Unexpected Audience — Conservatives
The Hill: Trump Wondered Why Washington Didn’t Name Mount Vernon after Himself: Report
Daily Caller: Waters Tries To Pin Student Debt Crisis On Banks — Forgets Student Loans Were Nationalized 10 Years Ago
New York Times: What Is a Black Hole? Here’s Our Guide for Earthlings
RealClearPolitics: Candace Owens to Dem Rep.: “Mr. Lieu Believes That Black People Are Stupid”
The Hill: Candace Owens Clip Becomes Most Watched C-Span Twitter Video from a House Hearing
CNN: Pentagon Awards Nearly $1 Billion to Build Trump’s Border Wall
CNN: Bill Barr says Spying on Trump Campaign ‘Did Occur’
Washington Post: William Barr’s Highly Questionable Use of Trump’s ‘Spying’ Talking Point
The Hill: What America’s Thinking Ahead of Mueller Report Publication
The Hill: Former Michelle Obama Aide Says Trump’s Immigration Policy Could Be Influenced by 2020 Campaign


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