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RUSH: Let me squeeze something in here real quick before I run out of time for it. Yesterday, folks, I made a point. Clinton and Obama got away with being radical leftists because they didn’t have to act it. They didn’t have to admit it. They were allowed to camouflage it. They got to pretend to be moderates and pragmatists. But in truth, they were radical leftists. Their voters knew it, but nobody else did, and they got away with this game of being trianglists and pragmatists and moderates, not the radicals that they are.

Liberals have never been able to get away with being who they really are. But then something changed, and that change is Twitter. The Clintons were said to be moderates, triangulators, pragmatists. Obama, the same thing. That was seen as the best way to advance liberalism: Pretend to not be a liberal. Be a centrist. Don’t be a crazed right-winger. Don’t be anything radical. Be a centrist. Obama played the same game.

He was a radical leftist. He was born of Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright. He was as radical as any of these people running around today. He just didn’t have to act so or say so. But then Twitter happened. Twitter became the home of angry, unstable, irrational, radical leftists who had no interest in pretending to be moderates about anything. They hide behind fake names, but they do not hide their radical liberalism.

So they form mobs that actively work to destroy reputations, policies, business interests of conservatives. They’ve made great use of fake news, and now they are demanding and they’re succeeding. Look at all of these Democrat presidential candidates who are now apologizing for all their moderate pragmatism in the past and they’re apologizing for their white privilege and they’re apologizing for this or that.

They are appealing to the Twitter mob! They are appealing to the radical left wackos who populate Twitter because, as everybody does, they make the mistake of assuming that Twitter is a stand-in for popular opinion. And it isn’t! And everybody makes this mistake. Businesses make marketing mistakes thinking that what happens on Twitter is the same thing as a national public opinion poll on anything.

And Twitter is the playground of radicals, and predominantly left-wing radicals. Now, the reason I’m making a big deal about this is there’s a survey that just came out, and the upshot of it is that moderate Democrats are a much bigger percentage of the Democrat Party than the “progressives,” than the radical leftists. The media falls for this too. The media is so lazy that Twitter has become a stand-in for public opinion.

So the media is not helping. The media is contributing to the Democrat Party belief that their party is a bunmch of radical-left lunatics, that that is the majority of their party — and so that’s who is running for president, and they’re campaigning as legitimate radicals or leftists. When the truth is, the majority of their party is said to be moderate, according to this, in comparison.

So do you find it interesting that just yesterday, the day before, the AP has a story claiming the Democrats all of a sudden realize they need again the votes of white males, white working class males? Because they are starting to realize (but it’s gonna be too late, not enough do yet) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not speak for nor represent the majority of the Democrat Party. Don’t confuse yourself here, don’t be confused.

I’m not saying the party’s a bunch of harmless, middle-road moderates. They’re not. But it is not the lunatic-left majority that the Democrats themselves think it is. They’re on the way to being taken over by this group, is the point. Bottom line: They’re being sucked in to defeating themselves. I actually shouldn’t be talking about this ’cause this may be giving them a heads-up. Yeah. I don’t think I’m gonna say another word about this. I may have said too much already.

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