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RUSH: Digital music. Just the headline alone is what caught me. Ready for this? “Digital Music May Not Have Saved The Environment After All.” Now, again, I ask you, what do you have to believe for a bit of news like this to affect you this way? “Digital Music May Not Have Saved The Environment After All.”

Do you realize people who think streaming music is somehow more friendly to the environment because there aren’t any plastics or other materials, vinyl, plastic, the DVD, the CD, the players.

In one sense, folks, it’s really pathetic what we have done to younger generations in this country, the absolute gunk that we have filled their heads with, just the crap that they have been taught, the fear that it has created. And of course all of this is done to make them Democrat voters. And that’s the entire reason for it. The entire reason for public education is to turn them into Democrat voters.

Now, listen to how this thing begins. “A study suggests greenhouse gas emissions may have increased,” with the switch to digital streaming music. Who cares? What can it possibly matter?

“Logic would suggest that music downloads and streaming are good for the environment. You’re not buying physical copies, right? Not so fast — there’s a chance things could be worse. Researchers have published a study suggesting that greenhouse gas emissions are higher now than they were when physical media was all the rage. While going digital has reduced the amount of plastic, the combination of extra power demands and the sheer popularity of music … may have offset other gains.”

You people are spending too much to stream music, you’re using too much electricity, you’re charging your batteries more than you otherwise would. These are the people driving Teslas around because they think they are saving the environment, not realizing that the batteries in their Teslas are doing more damage in their world to the environment than any iPhone or related device ever could!

But it doesn’t even occur to them, in their world, that Tesla is somehow clean and pure — any electric car. Doesn’t destroy the environment at all. But yet here they’re getting panicked and upset over the amount of electricity used to charge batteries to listen to an increased amount of streamed music.

“The publicly available data leaves some questions. It’s not clear that the findings account for savings from reduced transportation costs.” Meaning, if you can stream it from a server, you don’t have to put it on a truck and drive it to the record store for people to then drive to the record store and buy and then drive home. That’s how ridiculous this is!

And here’s the last paragraph. “As it stands, researchers are not calling for people to go back to spinning records. They want you to think instead about your power use.” They want you to feel guilty as you’re streaming your music because you are helping to destroy the planet.

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