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RUSH: In the 2016 election, Democrat Party strategy was to bank on a coalition of women and minority voters.

It didn’t work.

On Sunday, the Associated Press pushed out an article claiming that Democrats now know they need white male voters. Donald Trump proved to them, supposedly, that their minority-coalition strategery was wrong, and they’re determined not to make the same mistake again.

The AP article echoes an op-ed last week in the LA Times by Eric Alterman. He said Democrats need a candidate who can speak to “the Bruce Springsteen voter,” the guys who used to work the assembly lines, but now work at Walmart — the working-class families that Hillary Clinton forgot.

But Hillary didn’t “forget” those voters; she called them “deplorables.” And if Democrats suddenly think Trump voters and white males matter, they’ve got a strange way of showing it. They’ve spent every waking moment since Trump was elected attacking him, and blaming white males for supporting him.

Which is why, even with a boatload of candidates, Democrat are still searching in vain for a winner — and if they really want to blame whoever’s responsible for this, it’s Barack Obama who decided in November of 2011 that white males as a voting block were no longer desirable for the Democrats.

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