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RUSH: I’ve got one other thing in The Stack today that I didn’t get a chance to mention on Friday because I wasn’t here. But there is a woman named — and she’s Russian. She’s a Russian-born academic. Her name is Svetlana Lokhova.

Now, if you watched Tucker Carlson’s show on Thursday night, then the name will ring a bell. He had her on there. She was his guest. What you may not remember is that in the early days — and, by the way, let me stress something here.

Do you realize the international effort that was undertaken to get rid of Donald Trump? As I laid it out in the last half hour, you had the Brits working with John Brennan. They were feeding him info going back to 2015. This is what I believe. None of this has been documented yet, although — well, when I say it hasn’t been documented. I’ve read it. I’ve got it from credible sources.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who believe that this is the route. That the minute Trump became a candidate and started his anti-NATO diatribe, that’s when the Brits panicked. The Brit intelligence, they panicked, can’t get rid of NATO, NATO is everything in the world to them including a whole bunch of money. And they heard Trump talking about it and that and a whole bunch of other reasons, class oriented, Trump’s just too far beneath them, we can’t have some scum like this in our group. Never, never.

But you take a look. We had MI5, we had MI6, we had intelligence people from Cambridge and Oxford which, by the way, a lot of intelligence operatives are plucked from Ivy League universities here and Cambridge and Oxford and Eton and so forth in the UK.

And they mounted an effort consisting of everything they had to dig up dirt on an American presidential candidate for the express purpose of ruining him. Whatever it took to get rid of Donald Trump, to deny him the Republican nomination, then, after that, to deny him the presidency, and then after that to sabotage his presidency.

We elected inadvertently the least internationally corrupt person on the face of the earth! The international intelligence services of America and our allies were digging for dirt, anything to disqualify Donald Trump, and they couldn’t find a morsel! We have inadvertently the least internationally corrupt person on the face of the earth as our president.

There literally is no one else who could have run from either party in 2016 who could have passed this anal exam. There’s not a single one. I guarantee you this. And this is why they’re insane. Had anybody else been the Republican nominee, and including Hillary Clinton, this group of people could have found dirt on any of them to hold over them, to leverage them, or to deny them. Pick any Republican you want. They’ve all been in this group for so long, there has to be some dirt on any of them that either has been collected or could have been collected to use as leverage against them.

Look at the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play. Look at the leverage the international intel community would have had over Hillary. But the point is we got Trump. The only person running for president in 2016 who could have survived an international intelligence agency anal exam, and he has been enduring it for three years.

It was so bad that after using every asset at their disposal, they still had nothing and had to invent the Steele dossier. It’s no wonder they have been driven insane. They’re looking at Mr. Clean! And that’s why they’re trying to portray this guy as the exact opposite of what he is. Whatever he is, he isn’t internationally corrupt.

If there was anything of any corruption of substance, they would have had it, they would have been all over the place with it. There would have been named sources, not unnamed. And they would have been relentless. But all of this reporting has come from unnamed, anonymous sources with no evidence ever because there never has been any evidence.

And I think this is the real key. No wonder they’re insane. These are people who determine who other people in power are gonna be. These are people who determine how people in power behave. These are people that have great sway and great influence over people in power by virtue of the daily intelligence brief. And here’s Trump saying, “I don’t need to talk to the intel people every day. I’ve got a good memory.” And here’s Trump talking to ’em about how NATO may have outlived it’s usefulness, not necessary.

So I think, when you examine the very origins of this and have a full grasp of the efforts that were made to find anything on Trump that would disqualify him in front of the American people, and they couldn’t find jack anything. So they had to make it up. Do you realize how frustrating this has to be and how ongoing the frustration is?

Here they’ve got this guy they think they are 10 levels above, and they’ve got this guy they think is an absolute ogre and a reprobate and an absolute insult to the human existence. He doesn’t qualify for being in their clubs. He doesn’t qualify for even breathing the same air they do. And they can’t find a speck of dirt, in terms of international — Oh, yeah, they had the Access Hollywood video, but even the stuff that did come up, Trump survived.

I can understand why these people have been driven crazy, and I can understand why they continue to be driven crazy. I can understand why they are going insane because he’s the first guy they have not been able to, with just the power of their existence, to get rid of or to dominate or to influence. It really is an amazing and fascinating thing, folks. And we all ended up with this inadvertently.

Now, here we go with Svetlana Lokhova. She comes into play. She’s a Russian historian and she was linked by our old buddy Stefan Halper. Stefan Halper was responsible for flooding the news with a story that she was having an affair with Michael Flynn. And this was in the early stages of getting rid of Flynn.

Michael Flynn, of course, supposedly violating the law by having lunch with the Russian ambassador. And that’s all the Russian ambassador did was have lunch with people. Finally got Flynn on supposedly lying to the FBI when even the agents that interviewed him didn’t think that he had lied to them.

Well, now Svetlana Lokhova is speaking out and claims that she was manipulated into entrapping Flynn. Catherine Herridge had the story and then she was on with Tucker Carlson on Thursday. She’s a Russian born academic, the center of attention in 2017 for her past contact with Michael Flynn, the national security adviser for Trump. And she believes that she was used to smear Flynn.

She said, “I think there’s a high chance that it was coordinated, and I believe it needs to be properly investigated.” Now, she enters this story in early 2017 as “Flynn was forced out of the Trump administration over lying about his contact with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. At the time, Lokhova was contacted by three American media outlets over a four-day period – and was promptly hit with claims in the press and on social media that she was a Russian operative for Moscow.

The allegations involved her contact with Flynn three years prior at a 2014 dinner –” Where? At the University of Cambridge. And Flynn was the Obama director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the time. She says, “I’m not a Russian spy and I have never worked for the Russian government.” She’s 38 years old. She’s an historian and an academic. She says, “I believe that General Flynn was targeted and I was used to do it.”

And to cut to the chase, this dinner that was held at Cambridge in 2014, she was the only woman invited. She was seated across from Flynn. There are photos taken of her and Flynn. And the stories then begot from that instance where Flynn and she were having an affair, and all it took was to plant the stories and they got a little traction in the Drive-By Media, in the undercurrents of the news.

It became whisper stuff. “Have you heard Flynn had an affair with this Russian babe?” Well, you add that now, three years later 2016, 2017, Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador, Trump colluding with Russia, oh, Flynn had an affair with the Russian babe from the Russian government. It was all made up! It was all manufactured. And at the center of it, again, is our old buddy, Stefan Halper of Cambridge, good friends with the former director of MI6, Richard Dearlove.

“Lokhova said the U.K. academic group behind the dinner included American Stefan Halper. The professor, who did not return emails from Fox News seeking comment, is widely reported to be a confidential source in the FBI’s original probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.”

At any rate, let’s go to a couple of audio sound bites of her. This is Thursday night, Tucker Carlson talking to Svetlana Lokhova. He says, “Tell me about the dinner at Cambridge.”

LOKHOVA: General Flynn was the guest of honor. I sat on the opposite side of the table to Flynn.

HERRIDGE: Were you alone with General Flynn, before, during or after the dinner?

LOKHOVA: I have never been alone with General Flynn.

HERRIDGE: Did you ever discuss traveling to Moscow with General Flynn after the dinner?

LOKHOVA: There was absolutely no discussion of going to Moscow with General Flynn.

RUSH: There was never absolutely no discussion of going to Moscow with General Flynn. And then out of the blue two years later she’s invited to dinner with Stefan Halper. “In February of 2016 you were invited to a private dinner with Stefan Halper?”

LOKHOVA: It was very, very unusual to me. I was an obnoxious academic who absolutely hated all Russians.

RUSH: By the way, Halper is claimed to be a very anti-Russian person himself. At any rate, this stuff is — all of it is made up. All of it is manufactured and almost crafted for artful presentation in a willingly compliant American media, all for the purposes of adding layer after layer after layer of believability that there was some contact between people on the Trump campaign with representatives of the Russian government.

And the reason all this is relevant, again, is because Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee, is making it plain as day what we’ve told you: Impeaching Trump and getting rid of him is the only thing this committee is gonna be doing for the next two years.

And now you’ve got Schiff on his committee, and they’re both publicly saying they still have evidence of collusion. There isn’t any. But they’re not going to give this up. And again, people that are not listening here or watching Fox News or any of the so-called alternative media have no idea of any of this. They still believe what they’re hearing. ‘Cause the New York Times and Washington Post are running interference.

These two newspapers are behaving so irresponsibly. They are personally, daily projecting the ongoing idea that this Mueller report does have evidence of collusion and that Barr is covering it up! That Barr is an agent of Trump! That’s what Nadler was saying.

And they are purposely informing the American people that there still is collusion in that report, that Barr is making sure nobody sees it. And that’s why the demands for the full report are ongoing. And they know they’re never gonna get it because of the redactions of grand jury material.

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