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RUSH: Bangor, Maine. Alan, thank you for waiting, and welcome, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I had to call you as soon as I heard the sound bite. I didn’t hear it directly, but I heard the sound bite from Francis Beto O’Rourke calling out Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him a racist. I mean, this man Francis has accomplished nothing in his life. But yet he could come out on a stump speech as he’s running for the president of the United States of America —

RUSH: What do you mean he’s accomplished nothing in his life? He lost to Ted Cruz! That’s a major achievement. That defeat has launched his presidential campaign. What do you mean never accomplished anything?

CALLER: You know what I mean, Rush. For him to come out and to say that to a man that’s held Israel together like a knot. These last few years not only has it been Obama or Bill Clinton that’s tried to unravel Israel and just hand it over to the Palestinians, this started a long ways back.

But just like Obama not letting Benjamin Netanyahu come in the front door, making him go in the back door, I mean, it really shows who he’s listening to right now. I mean, if it wasn’t for you, Rush, and keeping it going, keeping the conversation going, we wouldn’t have Trump where we have him right now. I mean, look at Iran. Right next door to Israel you have the world’s largest —

RUSH: By the way, speaking of that, the secretary of state today proclaimed that the Iranian National Guard, the troops that basically protect the mullahs and so forth are a terrorist organization. We are ramping up against Iran.

This is a total opposite approach from the Obama administration, which reminds me, Obama himself was back in Berlin making a speech, and in this speech he actually alluded to the fact that maybe some progressives in the United States are being a little bit too rigid! I’ll have details as the program unfolds in the next half hour.

And it is incredible the number of times Obama referred to himself in this speech. You will not believe this. And it ties in here to many Democrats claiming that we need white males if we’re gonna win elections. And they’ve thrown ’em away, Obama did, as a target back in November 2011.

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