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RUSH: Now, this Biden business is just continuing to mushroom, and we’re seeing the bifurcation of the Democrat Party. You’ve got part of the party that’s, “Hey, this is just Joe, and he’s been nuzzling women his whole life and he’s been groping ’em but it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just Joe. Nobody was bothered by it.”

Then you’ve got the other half who owe their allegiance to the #MeToo movement and they think there’s a lot of hypocrisy going here. Just take a look and compare the way every one of these Democrats practically had a heart attack during the Kavanaugh episode. “The woman must be believed. We must believe the women.”

“I believe you, Blasey Ford,” they all said on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Kavanaugh immediately became a gang rape organizer. He became somebody that drugged and gave women booze in order to facilitate the gang rapes at bars and all of this stuff that was never true that was alleged by people who could not be confirmed as having actually said it. But every Democrat was out there demanding that Kavanaugh not only not get the gig on the Supreme Court. but be kicked off the D.C. appellate court where he was allegedly working because he’s a sexual harasser. He’s a reprobate.

Now here comes Joe Biden, and there is video evidence of what the guy does, and there are even some women who are describing how uncomfortable it made them, and they were afraid to say anything because he was such a powerful guy in the Democrat Party. And now you’ve got over half of the Democrat Party, “It’s just Joe. There’s no reason to get upset here.”

I mean, it’s an example of how hypocrisy never sticks to ’em. They can all unify and zero in on literally destroying the life and the career and the family of someone like Brett Kavanaugh when there is no evidence of any kind that he did anything that was alleged.

And then you’ve got Biden or this lieutenant governor down in Virginia. And, by the way, speaking of that, let me find this. We have a random act of journalism that happened in regard to that. We’re talking here about Justin Fairfax, lieutenant governor, who apparently has a real sexual abuse problem. And the Democrats are trying to cover that up and they’re trying to ignore that, they’re trying to make that go away.

There isn’t any defense of the women. There isn’t anybody demanding the women come forward and testify. The Democrats and the media are doing their best to let the Justin Fairfax story die from inattention.

And the New York Times, of all places, their story, the headline: “‘It Just Went Poof’: The Strange Aftermath of Virginia’s Cascade of Political Scandals — In the space of a week in early February, the public was stunned by revelations about each of the three highest statewide elected officials, all Democrats: the racist photo in the governor’s yearbook; accusations of sexual assault against the lieutenant governor; and the attorney general’s appearance in blackface at a party in college.”

You notice how they leave out the fact that the governor came out in favor of infanticide, making the baby comfortable after it was mistakenly born. Make that little baby comfortable and then we whack it. That doesn’t even get a mention in this story. Just this blackface business.

“Protesters and news crews swarmed the Statehouse. Calls for resignations came from fellow Virginia Democrats, Republicans and even 2020 presidential candidates. And then? ‘It just went poof,’ said Natalie Draper, a librarian sitting in the back of a coffeehouse last week in Richmond. ‘It’s like it never happened.’”

So the New York Times is doing a story on how they and other Drive-By Media outlets helped the story disappear. So what’s going on? Why is the New York Times bringing this back up? Why isn’t the New York Times continuing to ignore the Justin Fairfax story like everybody else in the Democrat Drive-By Media is doing.

It’s got to have something to do with Plugs. It’s got to have something to do with Biden. There’s so many Democrats that don’t want him anywhere near this nomination ’cause they don’t think he can beat Trump. Folks, don’t doubt me on this. There are a lot of Democrats who think that Vice President Biden is not all there mentally because of an aneurysm problem that he had many, many years ago. I’m not gonna name any names, but there are a lot of Democrats who think that Biden is an order of fries short of a Happy Meal there. But for whatever reason they don’t want Biden in there, so they might be reviving the Justin Fairfax in Virginia for that purpose.

Here’s one of the interesting paragraphs in the New York Times story. “For the Democrats, perhaps above all, there are the blunt political realities. Whatever may happen in the 2021 election for governor, every seat in the Republican-controlled Virginia General Assembly will be up this November, and Democrats have a chance to take back power in at least one chamber of the legislature.

“That will be hard enough now, given the bales of fodder Republicans now have for attack ads. But the idea of trying to raise money and hold rallies while spurning the three highest officeholders in the state came to be seen by many Democrats as just a needless handicap.”

So this is asserting it has nothing to do with Plugs; it has to do with Democrats winning the state legislature. For that to happen, Fairfax has to go. But the Drive-By Media has dropped coverage of these scandals. They’re not in the business of making elections hard for Democrats. So the best way to do that is simply to drop the story.

Now, Mike Allen at Axios has a story. “Joe Biden Advisers Smell a Conspiracy.” Given that it’s Biden, what are they smelling? What would they be smelling out there that smells like a conspiracy? And what does a conspiracy smell like? Have you ever smelled one, Mr. Snerdley? When you’re talking about Plugs, you’ve gotta consider a whole other bunch of smells other than what you would normally be thinking of here.

“Joe Biden advisers believe coverage of allegations of inappropriate behavior is being stoked by rival Democrats –” And many in the Biden camp think that Crazy Bernie is behind the odd smells. “Several around Biden think advisers to Bernie Sanders are at least partly behind the anti-Biden campaign. One prominent backer thinks Biden will run, and ‘is ready to kill Bernie.’”

Mike Allen says he got a text last night from a source close to Biden. Quote: “VP directed staff this evening to reach out to supporters and donors with a simple message — full steam ahead.” So apparently Biden’s gotten wind of the fact they’re trying to take him out and it has made him even more determined to not be taken out.

In the meantime, President Trump is having a little fun with Biden. President Trump spoke at a Republican Congressional Campaign Committee dinner last night and we’ve got the sound bite. Trump mocked Biden last night at the RCCC fundraiser. Here’s a little bit of that.

THE PRESIDENT: I said, “General, come here, give me a kiss.” (laughter) I felt like Joe Biden. (laughter/applause) But I meant it. See, I meant it. Big difference. I meant it. Welcome to the world, Joe. (laughter) You having a good time, Joe?

RUSH: What does Trump mean by “Welcome to the world, Joe”? Why do you have your head in your hand? You think Trump shouldn’t be stooping to this level? Okay, good. What do you think Trump means by “Welcome to the world, Joe”? It’s exactly right. Welcome to the world of being called a pervert, Joe. Welcome to the world. How do you like it, Joe? Are you having a good time? This usually doesn’t happen to Democrats other than Bill Clinton and it’s a resume enhancement when it does. But it ain’t enhancing Biden’s resume. By the way, Trumpster also zeroed in on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m only afraid that we’re gonna be too hard on the Green New Deal and they’re not going to do it. I’m actually saying it’s a wonderful thing, the Green New Deal, done by a young bartender, 29 years old.

RUSH: And with that we’ll be right back.

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