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RUSH: Crazy Bernie, it’s amazing to me. It really is. If you listen to the media, if you listen to the Democrats, they’re all just in love with Beto O’Rourke. It’s incredible. The guy has not won an election and factions in the media and the Democrat Party are acting like he is the Second Coming.

And then Mayor Pete has his faction. Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend. And then the girls – sorry, the women. Kamala Harris and Fauxcahontas and Tulsi Gabbard and all these other people, oh, that’s the future, that’s where this race is actually gonna be won. And now they’re out there taking Biden out. They’re doing everything they can to take Biden out.

And the Jurassic Park Democrat women are trying to save Biden, “Hey, he’s just an affectionate guy, you know, Joe comes from a generation where it was very common to nuzzle somebody’s neck and smell their hair and whisper stuff into their ears. It’s totally harmless. Joe has been doing that to us all of his life, all of our lives. We knew it never meant anything. It’s just Joe.”

But those who are not the Jurassic Park Democrats are working as hard as they can to take the guy out. But the guy that is winning in money, the guy that is winning in polling, and the guy that is winning in crowd numbers is Crazy Bernie. And they are totally ignoring Crazy Bernie. It’s as though the fix is in again and that everybody knows that no matter what Bernie does, he ain’t getting the nomination this time, either. This is how they are acting.

The Drive-Bys are ignoring the unquestioned Democrat frontrunner. Crazy Bernie, matter how you measure it, is the Democrat frontrunner. And everybody’s ignoring him. They’re yawning about it. They’re not paying any attention to it at all. It’s almost as though that they know the fix is in again and it isn’t gonna be Crazy Bernie.

Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, cochair of the Bernie campaign, said, “He is bringing the rainbow mosaic of humanity together, all across this country,” and he’s being ignored. Well, they may try to ignore him, but, folks, you can’t ignore that he’s leading them in fundraising. His crowd sizes are the largest and the most enthusiastic. I don’t care what’s happening with Beto O’Rourke.

And Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren can’t compete with anything in any area where Crazy Bernie’s involved. And the closest competitor is Biden, who they’re trying to take out. So we’ll see where it goes. It’s gonna be fascinating to watch.


RUSH: What else? One other thing. Let me go back to the phones. There’s one other personal — oh! Oh. I erred, folks. I said Beto O’Rourke had never won an election. He did. He won an election to the Texas House and then quit after a year to run against Cruz in the Senate. What I meant to say was that Beto O’Rourke’s biggest life achievement is losing to Ted Cruz in the Senate race, not that he’s never won an election. Because he has.

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