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RUSH: I’ve got a whole Biden Stack I haven’t gotten to today. I’ve decided I’m gonna set that aside. And there’s another story about Biden. And this one is the one that ought to nail him. It’s Biden’s association with all kinds of corruption once again in Ukraine.

The Democrats are up to their ankles — well, necks actually in that, but Biden has potentially big problems over that story, but it’s one of these complicated things that is very hard to unpack, and it’s complex and difficult to make understandable. But, as you know, nobody better than me to try that. But I just haven’t felt the time is right to get into it yet. But it’s being tracked down and followed.

And, in addition to all the crazy sex stuff, the people making excuses for him being affectionate and handsy, hey, it’s from his generation. Hey, it was harmless. Come on, even his wife was doing it. Look at the pictures of his wife doing it. That makes it okay?

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