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RUSH: What they’re doing is trying to take out Joe Biden. This is the third thing in our roster today. All of a sudden, now, how many years has Biden been in Washington? Fifty? Thirty? Thirty-two. There’s a story here in the Washington Post, Colby Itkowitz that was published yesterday in the Sunday paper.

Joe Biden’s Affectionate, Physical Style With Women Comes Under Scrutiny.” His affectionate, physical style. Okay. Affectionate, physical style, they now say, for Joe Biden. You mean like Bill Clinton’s affectionate, physical style with interns or Bill Cosby’s affectionate, physical style with dates or Harvey Weinstein’s affectionate, physical style with actresses or Amy Klobuchar’s affectionate, physical style with her staffers or, even better, Kermit Gosnell’s affectionate, physical style with newborns.

Here comes Joe Biden, who has been nuzzling women’s necks while massaging their shoulders, whispering sweet nothings into their ears for his entire Washington career, and they put up with it because it was just Joe and his affectionate, physical style. Everybody knew it. They put up with it. It was fine and dandy as long as he was a good sycophant for Obama, as long as he kept his place. They’d even let him get away with telling guys in wheelchairs to stand up, until he realized the guy was actually in a wheelchair.

Now, where is this criticism of Biden coming from all of a sudden? There’s this gigantic story out there. Lucy Flores, Nevada state assemblywoman. She has accused Biden of attacking her, of molesting her, of making her feel nervous, of just making her feel generally uncomfortable, he was sleazy, she didn’t ask for it, and she says that because of all this he’s disqualified.

There’s another woman out there with another picture. Her last name is Carter. She’s the wife of Ash Carter, the secretary of defense, one of them in the Obama administration, and Biden’s standing behind her, she’s got this nice smile on her face, tolerant smile, and Biden’s massaging her shoulders and nuzzling her neck, standing behind her, whispering into her ear. She’s out there: This is not a #MeToo moment. Joe Biden, everybody knows he’s harmless, he doesn’t mean anything by it. He just has an affectionate, physical style with women, and everybody knows it and it’s okay. I do not want to be part of this, she said.

So Lucy Flores — but there’s plenty of other women who do. And it is clear, did I not tell you once or twice ago when the polls came out and Biden was leading the pack and he still is, did I not prognosticate that the last thing the Democrats want to nominate is an old, aging white guy?

With all of this diversity, and all of the women who think they’re men and all the men who think they’re women and all of the people of color and different sexual genders and orientations or a mixture of all of that, the Democrat Party is trying to rebrand and identify itself to be demographically in touch with whatever they think the new America is or is going to become. And a dinosaur like Biden, it ain’t gonna happen. And Crazy Bernie had better keep a sharp eye out on what they’re doing to Biden, because he could be next.

But it’s fascinating to me, folks, that all of the allegations coming forth about Biden’s affectionate, physical style are from Democrats. They’re all Democrats. Almost all of them are women Democrats. And look at the evidence they’ve been collecting! Look at the evidence they’ve got! Look at how long they have remained silent about this.

This is Joe Biden. He has been a hero for eight years during Obama because he was loyal and he spoke well of Obama, did great speeches for Obama at Democrat conventions, he was a good stand-in. But they’ve nevertheless been holding all of this stuff and keeping it for targeted release.

Have you seen, there are video montages left and right, both video and still shots of Biden nuzzling the neck, whispering into the ear, smelling the hair, rubbing the shoulders. Do you know how many there are? There are more than you can count! More than you can count. There are montages galore out there. And you know why? ‘Cause it’s been going on his entire career! They’ve got an entire Biden career video library of this affectionate, physical behavior!

And it’s not the first time it’s been pointed out. Over the years Republicans have kind of raised eyebrows about this. The Democrats shrugged it off. Nah, that’s just Joe. When Joe would tell a guy paralyzed from the waist down in a wheelchair to stand up, that’s just Joe. When Joe plagiarized, that’s just Joe. And now it’s Joe’s affectionate, physical style, as they attempt to defend him here in the Washington Post.

Dick Durbin, Dick Turban, the Democrat senator from Illinois. He’s the whip in the Senate. Did you hear what he said about these allegations against Biden? He said, “Certainly one allegation is not disqualifying, but it should be taken seriously.”

Now, does that sound like Durbin may not believe Lucy Flores? I thought the women had to be believed. I thought whenever such an allegation was made, it was slam dunk, you had to believe the woman. And the woman in question is not only a former Democrat officeholder; she’s also a woman of color. Last name is Flores.

It gets worse, folks. Even the grandfather of the Democrat radical socialist, Crazy Bernie, has basically said the same thing. Bernie said — and I quote — “I’m not sure that one incident alone disqualifies anybody.” Meaning from running for president. So I guess if you’re a Democrat, you get a free first grope. But after that… We’re gonna be keeping a sharp eye.


RUSH: I guess you could say that Joe Biden has a hands-on policy when dealing with women in the Democrat Party. There are people out there saying, “Wait. We need to keep this in perspective, it was just Joe being Joe. This is not sexual harassment. Joe Biden was not sexually harassing anybody. He might have been invading her personal space or their personal space like Rick Lazio did by asking Hillary Clinton to sign a piece of paper in a debate,” but it has all the earmarks. But whether it is or isn’t, isn’t the point.

The point is that somebody somewhere in the Democrat Party doesn’t want Joe Biden anywhere near the Democrat nomination. Let’s listen to Lucy Flores. She’s the Nevada elected official who is bringing the details of this debauchery, this vile behavior into the public arena.

She was on with Jake Tapper, State of the Union, CNN, yesterday, Tapper said, “Okay. Let’s go back. Let’s go back to that day, November 2014, the vice president, Joe Biden’s come to Nevada for a campaign event. You are running for lieutenant governor. You’re both backstage waiting to go on stage. What happened next?”

FLORES: Very unexpectedly and out of nowhere, I feel Joe Biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair, and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. To have the Vice President of the United States do that to me so unexpectedly and just kind of out of nowhere, it was just shocking. It was shocking because you don’t expect that kind of intimate behavior, you don’t expect that kind of intimacy from someone so powerful and someone who you just have no relationship whatsoever, to touch you and to feel you, and to be so close you in that way. So, I, frankly, just didn’t even know how to react. I was just shocked. I felt… I felt powerless. I felt like I couldn’t move.

RUSH: Why are you speaking out now and then not then?

FLORES: For me, it’s disqualifying. I think that his response to the way in which he handled the Anita Hill hearing was completely also inappropriate and lacked empathy, and, frankly, lacked accountability.

RUSH: Here it is.

FLORES: You know, saying that he wishes that there was something more he could have done, I think, is just — it’s just, again, just a complete lack of accountability. You were the chair. You were the chair of that hearing, and you could have done anything you wanted. I find a lot of his background problematic.

RUSH: Right. But not until he smelled your hair and kissed the top of your head while nuzzling your neck and massaging your shoulders did you really get all that worked up about it. Ah, folks.


RUSH: One thing is abundantly obvious, and that is for decades Democrat women all over this country happily tolerated Joe Biden’s behavior. They might have whispered about it to each other, there might have been, you know, “This guy’s really weird, be careful of this guy, he can’t keep his hands off you,” but it doesn’t appear that Joe Biden was ever really considered a bona fide threat to these women or this would have surfaced as a serious matter long ago.

It’s now obvious that somebody somewhere is doing one of two things. They’re either trying to get this out now so that Biden can get past it now, knowing that it was lurking and knowing that it was coming, and that would argue for somebody in Biden’s inner circle getting it out there.

Or somebody within the power structure of the Democrat Party has decreed that it ain’t gonna be Joe Biden. He’s too old. He doesn’t have a chance of defeating Trump, don’t care what our polls say now. And they’ve got one objective: Getting rid of Donald Trump. If they get rid of him via impeachment, if they can get rid of him via scandal or at the 2020 election.

So it’s all gonna come down to if they think the candidates for the nomination can ultimately beat Trump. I think somebody’s concluding Biden’s never really won. He’s run for the Democrat nomination a couple of times, and he’s not gotten anywhere with it. In a way he’s like Beto O’Rourke. What positions him this time is coming off of eight years as Obama’s vice president.

But it’s a fascinating case study to look at reaction from others in the Democrat Party because these are the people that go pedal-to-the-metal when there’s even a sniff or a whiff of an allegation about any Republican, he is toast. Or they’re gonna treat him as toast. They’re gonna try to put him in the toaster and make him toast as was the case with Kavanaugh.

Does anybody remember the name Bob Packwood? Remember Two-Step Bob? He was a Republican senator from Oregon. Late-night comedians when they used to do comedy used his name as a punch line for decades. And you could argue that his alleged sexual misconduct wasn’t much different than the serial groping that Biden engages in.

Packwood had much the same kind of reputation and behavior with women, but he was a Republican, and he had to go, and he became a named violator, if you will. His behavior was never indulged as Biden’s was. And a lot of Democrats are not being tolerant. Like John Hickenlooper, Amy Klobuchar said that they believe the accuser. But of course they have an ulterior motive. They seek the same thing Biden seeks, the Democrat presidential nomination.

Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren and Julian Castro are also saying they believe the accuser. They’re not even pretending to be moderates. And a real surprise here is that any Democrats would have doubts about the accusations. I thought they all claimed that every woman accuser has to be believed, that the default position has to be the woman is telling the truth. That has to be the default. It’s sad and it’s unfortunate, they may say, but that is the default position. Here is a montage we Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, Crazy Bernie and John Hickenlooper. Audio sound bite number 15.

KLOBUCHAR: I have no reason not to believe her.

WARREN: I believe Lucy Flores. And Joe Biden needs to give an answer.

SANDERS: Her point is absolutely right. It is not acceptable that when a woman goes to work or is in any kind of environment that she feels anything less than comfortable and safe.

HICKENLOOPER: It’s very disconcerting. Women have to be heard and we should start by believing them.

RUSH: Right. So it’s obvious that somebody somewhere, as I say, it’s one of two things. Either somebody in the Biden camp is getting this out now so he can get past it in plenty of time ’cause they know it’s gonna come out. Or it’s from somewhere else in the Democrat Party that he’s gotta be taken out because he’s leading in the polls. They don’t want him to be nominated.


RUSH: Sioux City, Iowa. This is David. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. First time I’ve ever been able to get through in 25 years of listening to you, and I’m honored to be here.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Glad you made it through.

CALLER: I was wondering, do you think that they’re sacrificing Joe Biden in order to clear the way for Cory Booker or Kamala Harris?

RUSH: I don’t know that — and don’t leave out, look, Mayor Pete. Don’t forget Mayor Pete here. But it’s hard to say that they’ve already picked somebody they want to win the nomination. Now, we know they did that with Hillary in 2016. They rigged the Democrat primary.

Folks, as time goes on, I remain — I’ll admit it — I remain, and I shouldn’t be, but I remain dumbfounded by how many people still in the media, the degree of intelligence and the ability to be informed, I’m literally amazed at the number of people who still have no idea about the central, verified, and incontrovertible facts and details of what all happened in 2016 during the presidential campaign.

For example, the Hillary Clinton camp essentially rigging via the delegate selection process the Democrat primary nomination process. It was rigged for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders knows it. But he decided not to make a big deal about it because he wanted to give it another go.

So he had to stand mute and be quiet about it. If he had accused her of this and accused the party of rigging things against him, that would have been the end. He just had to eat it. He just had to swallow it.

By the same token, the number of people who believed that the Mueller investigation was a legitimate investigation boggles my mind. It shouldn’t because I know the power of the mainstream media. We’ve got some fascinating polling data, by the way, on Mueller and that investigation that I’m gonna lead off the next hour with. It’s bad news for Democrats, but it’s obviously not deterring them in the way they are choosing to go forward with this.

And you’ll hear what I mean when we get into the details. And it’s three different polls. It’s not just one. And they’re all Drive-By Media organized polls. And they’re not good for Democrats. It’s about how independents and Republicans have it right on this and how the Democrats are remaining stubborn about it. And that’s the Democrat base, and that’s who the Democrat Party and the Democrat candidates have to continue to appeal to. It’s a suicide pact.

But I made the point on television last week that the Mueller investigation was never really an investigation. Everybody thinks it was because it was called that, he’s a special counsel, and special counsels are prosecutors, they investigate. It really wasn’t even an investigation. There never was any evidence of collusion.

There are people today still arguing about when the investigation began. And some think it began in the summer of 2016. Some think it began in the fall of 2016. It began in 2015. But it was never an investigation. It was a sabotage attempt that had multiple phases. The first phase was to make sure that Trump did not get the nomination. The next phase was to make sure that Trump did not win the presidency. Then the next phase was to screw up the transition. And the final phase was to get Trump impeached.

There were four phases of this operation. And it actually began before Trump had secured the nomination. When he got the nomination, that’s when they really began to panic. But what was happening all along was the Democrat Party’s collaboration with Russia, Hillary Clinton’s collaboration with Russia on producing and creating that dossier.

And since there was no evidence of any collusion, there was no evidence before Mueller was named. There never has been any evidence. Not only was there no collusion, there wasn’t any evidence of collusion, there was no need for a special counsel to be named. Therefore, what Mueller did wasn’t really an investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. It was entirely something else. It was made to look like an investigation. And it was made to look like it was the result of serious intelligence making it possible, making it look like Trump had colluded.

But there never was any evidence for it! Mueller, if he were filled with integrity, could have shut that thing down the day he accepted it. But he didn’t. And it’s now been publicly acknowledged that he knew for a year and a half that there was no collusion. But it’s even before that.

So it’s an ongoing battle to get the truth of this out to a lot of people. Now what the Democrats are doing on their side of things, I don’t think they’ve got somebody in mind they want to win this thing. They just know who they don’t want to win the nomination.

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