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RUSH: Democrat Congresswomen Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut and Barbara Lee of California are proposing a crappy new entitlement. It’s called the “End Diaper Need Act.” The co-sponsors are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and they’re gonna help push it through, folks.

How, exactly, do these Democrat women propose to end “diaper need”? Easy! Same way they promise to solve everything else: with somebody else’s money. Namely yours.

According to Representative Barbara Lee, childcare centers won’t take new kids without an adequate supply of diapers. That means low-income mothers can’t return to work, supposedly, because they can’t afford to pay for the diapers.

It’s a real struggle, says Representative Rosa DeLauro. Diapers are basic hygiene items, and they’re really expensive, like condoms. She says no family should be forced to choose between diapers and groceries or condoms.

So, Democrats want to start a “demonstration” program. They want you, the taxpayer, to come up with a hundred million dollars, so they can pass it to their blue city pals for diapers, leftover money for condoms.

One hundred million dollars to deal with a massive load of baby poop, which pretty well sums up the Democrat party agenda and icon.

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