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RUSH: Millions of Americans are still forced to separate their garbage from their “recyclables.” But more and more cities are now sending all the garbage in one big pile to the landfill.

After 50 years of lecturing us and pressuring us and demanding that we recycle everything to save the earth, cities are trashing their recycling programs because they’re too expensive.

One reason is the ChiComs. The ChiComs used to buy our recycled stuff. But they got tired of all the garbage mixed in, so in January 2018 they stopped importing our junk.

Another reason recycling programs are biting the dust: they never made financial sense. Big trash haulers used recycling as a loss leader to snag the accounts they really wanted: carting everyday trash from residences and industries, but now they’re raising prices. It’s like corporations used to pretend they  believed in global warming because they knew their customers did, but they never did.

Now, without China’s money and with haulers charging more, recycling has become a luxury cities cannot pay for.

When cities were pushing recycling as a sure way to save the earth, they said we couldn’t afford not to do it. Now those same people say we can’t afford to do it. So, adios, recycling.

It doesn’t matter because according to AOC, we only have 12 years to live anyway. So trash it all, folks. It’s not gonna matter in 12 years. Live it up!

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