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Mar 27, 2019


FOXNews: How Long Has Mueller Known There Was No Trump-Russia Collusion? – Andrew McCarthy
Breitbart: Adam Schiff Still Believes: ‘Undoubtedly There is Collusion’
Daily Wire: Blistering Montage Reveals Media Pounding Russian Collusion Theory
National Review: The Late, Not-So-Great Mueller Investigation – Victor Davis Hanson
NewsBusters: The Liberal Media’s Most Embarrassing Mueller Failures
Daily Beast: MSNBC’s Trump-Russia Ratings Fizzle: ‘Time to Pivot to 2020’
CNN: Undaunted By the Facts, CNN Continues to Push Collusion Conspiracy
RealClearPolitics: Montage: Mainstream Media Hype About Russia Collusion
New York Post: Jussie Smollett Could Still Face Federal Charges
Daily Wire: Who Is Kim Foxx? Five Things You Should Know About Chicago’s Controversial Prosecutor
AP: Backlash, Questions Follow Dismissal of Jussie Smollett Case
Mediaite: Empire Writers Taunt Smollett Critics, Slam Chicago Journalists: ‘You Reported a Bunch of False Information’
Breitbart: Donald Trump’s New Nickname for Adam Schiff Is ‘Pencil Neck’
New York Post: Trump ‘Ready to Declassify Everything’ from Russia Probe: Graham
Daily Caller: CNN Analyst Ralph Peters: ‘The Steele Dossier Rings True To Me’
National Review: The Southern Poverty Law Center Is in a State of Moral Collapse
HotAir: And Now, For Your Amusement … The Amazing Democratic Kreskins Of 2017-19
Daily Wire: The Michelle Obama Staffer Who Helped Get Jussie Smollett Off The Hook Is Also Investigating Racism, Sexism Within The SPLC
FOXNews: Rep. Eric Swalwell: Trump Was ‘Caught Lying’ About Russia, and Could Still Have Colluded Despite Mueller Findings
HotAir: Giuliani To Chris Cuomo: When Will You Apologize For CNN’s Collusion Hype?
National Review: Crony State: Obamas’ Chicago Fixer, Tina Tchen
Washington Times: James Comey Confused By Mueller’s Obstruction Decision: ‘I Can’t Quite Understand What’s Going On’
FOXNews: Glenn Greenwald Rips MSNBC For ‘Scam’ Russia Probe Coverage, Claims He Was Banned For Not Buying Narrative
PJ Media: 50+ Journalists, Politicians, Celebrities, and Grifters Who Peddled the Russia Collusion Hoax
New York Post: Ocasio-Cortez Flips Out After Congressman Calls Green New Deal ‘Elitist’
New York Post: Senate Rejects Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal in 57-0 Vote Blasted as a ‘Sham’ by Dems
Daily Wire: ‘I’m Not Owned!’: Ocasio-Cortez Gets Mocked After Her Green New Deal Fails In Senate Vote
FOXNews: Maxine Waters Tones Down Trump Impeachment Talk, Says Dems Never Seriously Discussed It
Federalist: 61 Hacks Who Peddled Russian Collusion And Should Never Be Trusted Again


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“Has anybody seen anything about the Obamas since the Mueller report came out? Where are Barack Hussein O and Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton? They’ve gone underground.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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