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RUSH: In a recent column for the Amazon Prime-Washington Post, Trump-hater Dana Milbank attacked his fellow Democrats for conspiring to reelect President Trump.

First, Milbank blamed Democrat presidential candidates for ignoring what voters care about: the economy, affordable health care and education. Instead, they’re running on fringe things like getting rid of the Electoral College.

Second, Milbank attacked his fellow Drive-By journalists for eagerly covering these off-message Democrats, instead of focusing on the big picture.

Taken together, he says that this two-pronged conspiracy will put Trump back in the Oval Office in 2020.

So what do you make of this? Well, that’s why I’m here, my friends, to tell you.

Yes, Democrats and the Drive-Bys are tone-deaf, but it’s not just about the high cost of health care and education. You see, all of that is their fault. But they have far worse problems.

The Green New Deal is a sophomoric nightmare. Their positions on socialism, open borders, out-of-womb abortions, the $30 trillion Medicare-for-All plan, and 70% taxation, those are huge turnoffs. They can’t talk about that.  They can’t be honest about that. Not to mention their anti-Israel caucus, which is growing by the day.

Dana, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s once again a camouflage of the mask. It’s who the leftists are and making sure nobody really finds out.

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