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RUSH: I want to get to a couple of audio sound bites from the president.  He went up to Capitol Hill today and had lunch with Senate Republicans.  Before he went in, he had a little gaggle with the media, and a reporter said, “Do you think the people who launched the investigation into your campaign of treasonous acts…” You’re accusing them of treasonous acts.  “How high up do you think it went?”

THE PRESIDENT:  I think it went very high up.  I think what happened is a disgrace.  I don’t believe our country should allow this ever to happen again.  This will never happen again.  We cannot let it ever happen again.  It went very high up and it started very low but with instructions from the high up.  This should never happen to a president again.  We can’t allow that to take place.

REPORTER: Do you think it reached to the West Wing of the Obama White House?

THE PRESIDENT:  I don’t want to say that, but I think you know the answer.

RUSH:  All right.  So, look, it did, and that’s where I’m gonna go when we finish the next sound bite here.  Next, a reporter said, “The administration’s making it very clear that you think the Affordable Care Act is invalid and should take…” It’s true. The DOJ is in the Fifth Circuit.  They have joined the case trying in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to totally obliterate Obamacare, and the reporter is asking Trump about that, saying, “Your administration is making it very clear you think the Affordable Care Act’s invalid, should be struck down.  What is the message to Americans who may be concerned about what you’re doing?”

THE PRESIDENT:  I’ll tell you exactly what my message is: The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care.  You watch.

RUSH:  Now, why do you think the president made that point? “The Republican party will soon be known as the party of health care.”  I will tell you why, my friends.  It happens to be related to some recent polling data that’s out there that, in its own universe, is kind of interesting.  A Fox News poll.  I’m just gonna give you some of the data here.  “Will the Mueller report…?” This is from March 17th to the 20th.  This is before Mueller issued the report.  “Will the Mueller report outcome change your view of Donald Trump?”

Forty-one percent: “No chance” the Mueller report will change what I think of Donald Trump.  Twenty-nine percent: Only “a small chance.”  Fourteen percent: Yeah, maybe “some chance.” Seven percent, just 7%, said that the Mueller report would be “a significant event” in changing their view of Donald Trump.  Now, stop and think of this for a second.  Two years — and it’s longer than that.  We’ve gotta… We basically have to put the trashing-of-Trump media at 3-1/2 years and counting.

The media has been trashing Trump long before the Mueller investigation began.  The media’s been trashing Trump since June 15th of 2015.  So if you really wanted to trace it back to then, you could.  But if you really want to stick just to the two years of Mueller, look at what we learned yesterday.  All of the hours, all of the minutes, all of the days — 533,000 stories just since last September, and 93% of them critical!  Yet 41% of respondents in the Fox poll said the Mueller report would not change their view of Trump.

I’m gonna tell you, the Democrats look at that and they’re pulling their hair out!  They’ve thrown everything at Trump, and none of it is working like it works on every other Republican they use it against.  Everything they’ve got in their arsenal that destroys Republicans, forces them to resign, takes them out of office. Trump is still standing and prevailing.  Trump is standing now and dominating.  This is… Let’s see.  What is this next?  Same poll.  It’s a Fox News poll.  “Trump Approval Remains Stable.”

Here are the numbers today — and this is the Fox poll.  In Rasmussen, he’s closer to 50, but in the Fox poll, 43% today.  Six months ago, 44%.  One year ago, 43%.  Two years ago, 44%.  This is also amazing, given the 93, 94% bad coverage that Trump has had solidly in the past two years.  And now a CNN poll, and this might explain to you part of what Trump’s answer here was on, “The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care.”

CNN poll: “Most important issue for the 2020 vote,” and it was open-ended meaning… (interruption) What?  I’m not gonna go there.  We’re rolling tape on it.  I’m not gonna let the Chicago thing take my attention off of my front page, if you will.  Eddie Johnson is speaking.  We’ll get to it in due course.  But if this state’s attorney in there is trying to change the media focus away from the Mueller report, that’s not gonna work here.  That’s all I’m telling you.  We’ll find out what the superintendent’s saying in due course, and I think my audience will applaud this move, Mr. Snerdley.

They are waving their hands in there, “Hey, hey, hey! You gotta join the police superin…”  No, I don’t have to join the police superintendent — and there’s Rahm Emanuel now.  We’ll get to all this.  We’re rolling on this. We don’t miss anything on this program.  CNN poll: “Most important issue for the 2020 vote.” It’s open-ended, meaning not multiple choice; you could fill in any answer you wanted.  Twenty percent is the leading number, and it’s immigration.  Most important issue in the 2020 vote: Immigration.  The Trump administration owns that issue.

The Democrats are on the wrong side of it.

Many Republicans and Never Trumpers are on the wrong side of it.

The next is the “economy:” 16%.  “Attributes of the candidates” is next at 11%.  “Health care” is at 8%.  Nowhere in this poll is climate change.  Most important issue for 2020 vote.  Nothing here about racism, nothing here about anti-Semitism, nothing here about bigotry, nothing here about climate change. Nothing — and this is a CNN poll. There’s nothing in this poll that lists any of the issues the Democrats are making hay out of as being listed as most important out of a total of 10 different answers that were given.

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