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RUSH: Five-hundred-thirty-three thousand articles published on Trump-Russia collusion in the Drive-By Media the past two years, 533,000 articles! The networks have devoted 2,284 minutes on the probe, which to me sounds very light, but that is the number calculated by authorities that do this.

Two-thousand-two-hundred and eighty-four minutes, 533,000 articles, all saying the same thing, 92% admitting, alleging, that Russia tampered with the election so that Hillary Clinton would lose and Donald Trump would win. That Donald Trump colluded with the Russians in this effort, 533,000 articles, websites, newspapers, 2,284 — are you sure that’s not hours? Somebody run the numbers for me, 2,284 minutes divided by 60. It seems like we could reach that inside one week, 2,284 minutes divided by 60 minutes. What do we get? Okay, that would be 38 hours. That’s light, I think. We’ve had more than 38 hours in the past two years devoted. Anyway, regardless, it is a tremendous amount of propaganda.


RUSH: Five-hundred-thirty-three thousand stories. The Washington Post, 1,184 stories. The New York Times, 1,156 stories. This is in the last 791 days. So CNN, 1,965 stories. MSNBC, 4,202. I’m sorry, this is just since September. On average, 13 stories per day since September on Trump-Russia collusion.

TV reporters devoted more airtime to the Russia investigation than any Trump policy initiatives. I mean, it isn’t even close. It was 2,284 minutes from January 20th, 2017, through March — okay. So, since Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017 through March 21, 2019. That’s 38 hours. That seems awfully light to me, but we’ll, as I say, go with it.

You think that hasn’t done some damage? You think the damage to the Trump presidency in the past two years, what it has done? If you’re the ChiCom leader in China, if you are Kim Jong-un in North Korea, if you’re one of these European socialists and you’re watching the American media, you think Trump’s gonna be a goner in two years, so why should you bother doing anything substantive with the United States if Donald Trump’s not even gonna be around?

I mean, it’s incalculable the damage that has been done to this country, to the American election system. The damage the media has done to itself is also incalculable, but they are never going to acknowledge it. They’re trying to cover up and, in fact, justify things they have been engaging in for over two and a half years.

I find this so incomprehensible because there never was any collusion. There was no reason to ever start this other than to get Donald Trump out of office. Here’s some things that we don’t know. We don’t know what evidence Comey and the FBI had to open this probe in the summer of 2016. There wasn’t any evidence. Everybody keeps talking about, we don’t know what evidence. There wasn’t any evidence! There never has been any evidence.

I’m sorry for getting worked up, folks, but I’ve been worked up about this ever since it began because I have suspected and known that it was a hoax since it began! As soon as I learned about the dossier, that’s all there ever has been, that’s all they ever had, and it was totally made up! Then I learned that Hillary paid for it, Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, and a Democrat committee law firm’s involved in all this?

I mean, not charging Hillary Clinton for the obvious crimes that she’s committed because they couldn’t find intent, yet this ongoing effort to destroy Trump. There was no evidence that Comey ever had. This is why Comey and his crew need to be held accountable.

“We still don’t know what evidence the disgraced James Comey and his FBI had to open the original probe in the summer of 2016 and whether there was anything other than the dossier.” Yes, we do. There was nothing! And we knew it before the revered Robert J. Mueller III opined on Friday that there wasn’t any collusion.

Here’s another report: “We don’t know any compelling reason why deputy AG Rod Rosenstein later decided a special counsel was necessary to get to the bottom of the swirling accusations of collusion.” Yes, we do know why! This is not hard. Trump fired Comey! Comey was to be the secret agent running the operation for the administrative state. Comey was running the operation to get rid of Trump. Trump fired him. Can’t have that.

When Trump fired Comey, the Democrats began clamoring that this was evidence that Trump had colluded, that Comey was getting close. They demanded a special counsel! And Rod Rosenstein, who is a member in good standing of the Washington administrative state, immediately complied, even though Rosenstein wrote a memo recommending that Comey be fired.

This thing stinks in more ways than you could detect at a pigsty! Comey is fired by Trump after Rosenstein recommends it because of Comey’s behavior on July 5th, the press conference, assuming the role of attorney general when he wasn’t. He was the FBI director.

So when the precious James Comey whom the Democrats only months before despised and hated, when he was fired, they thought that meant they were getting close to the evidence, Comey was getting close, demanded a special counsel, and Rosenstein, “Okay. Okay.”

Trump had the right to fire anybody, and there’s no reason for an investigation when he does. The president can fire whoever he wants any time. The price he pays for it is political, if it’s a mistake. What do you mean, “We still don’t know why Rosenstein decided a special counsel was necessary to get to the bottom –” Yes, we do know why! Because there was a silent coup being run to get rid of Donald Trump, and it is still in operation!

It has not been put to bed. It has not subsided. It has not gone dark. It is still right out in the open. You can see it every day on CNN. You can watch this coup take place every day on MSNBC. You can read about the coup every day in the New York Times and the Washington Post. It is ongoing. It will continue now because Mueller left them an opening that he couldn’t actually exonerate Trump on obstruction.

Americans don’t get exonerated in our legal system. They’re either guilty or not guilty. And if they’re not guilty, there is no “but.” Not in our judicial system. Unless these saboteurs get hold of it and use it for their own political purposes, which is what we’re smack-dab in the middle of.

Another question was asked. Was it the DOJ, the FBI, and Obama, was it an attempt to rig the election in favor of Clinton, and when that failed, to overthrow a duly elected president? Finding out would mean a criminal probe of Comey and Andrew McCabe. It is obvious that this has not been what they have told us it was from the beginning. It has been a hoax from the beginning.

Now, I want to get started on the audio soundbites because there’s a lot of them and I need to get to your phone calls. Now, everybody has been sending me, “Rush, you need to see this montage. This is so great.” We do our own montages! We’re the ones who started this with the gravitas montage. Now, everybody puts these things together and they add music and sound effects to it, but we don’t since this is radio, we don’t want to put distractions in there.

We do our own montages. The first one I have here is three minutes and six seconds. It would take me that long to tell you all the people in this montage. What this montage demonstrates is how the Drive-By Media hyped this. What you’re gonna hear in three minutes, imagine this for what it really was: two-plus years of at least 15 times a day no matter what media, network, channel, or newspaper you turned to.

ROSEMARY CHURCH: (music/sfx) President Trump’s former personal attorney is about to deliver a political bombshell.

ROSANNA SCOTTO: (music) …bombshell allegations…

PHILLIP MENA: …a bombshell!

NANCY CORDES: …drop a bombshell.

DAVE BRIGGS: …bombshell…

JOHN AVLON: … the really bombshell revelation…

YASMIN VOSSOUGHIAN: …bombshell allegations…

AYMAN MOHYELDIN: …bombshell details…

DON LEMON: … what could be the biggest bombshell of them all.

NANCY PELOSI: (whispering) We saw cold, hard evidence of the Trump campaign — indeed, the Trump family — eagerly intending to collude.

DICK BLUMENTHAL: (rotunda noise) …colluding with the leader of a hostile power.

ADAM SCHIFF: (rotunda noise) I could certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion.

ERIC SWALWELL: …collusion…

JERRY NADLER: …collusion…

BETO O’ROURKE: …collusion…

MAXINE WATERS: There was collusion! If they just do their work and do their job they will find out it was collusion.

JIM SCIUTTO: …the golden shower allegation.

ERIN BURNETT: …Moscow prostitutes urinating…

DON LEMON: He brought up what he called, “the golden showers thing.”

CHRIS CILLIZZA: …the golden showers….

CHRISTINE ROMANS: These golden shower allegations…

ALEX MARQUARDT: The golden shower allegation…

JEFFREY TOOBIN: This golden showers claim…

NATASHA BERTRAND: …allegations that he had prostitutes pee on a bed.

RANDI KAYE: …Russians had a so-called “pee tape” of prostitutes, the golden showers thing.

JIM SCIUTTO: (music) Are the walls closing in?

BOB MENENDEZ: (rotunda noise) It seems to me that the walls are closing in on the president.

LAURENCE TRIBE: He feels the walls closing in!

DON LEMON: The walls are closing in.

MATT VISER: The walls sort of closing in.

MARA GAY: The walls are closing in.

NICOLLE WALLACE: It feels like the walls are closing in.

STEVE SCHMIDT: He sees the walls closing in.

DAVID AXELROD: Those walls are closing in on him.

DICK BLUMENTHAL: The walls are closing in on Donald Trump and his inner circle.

NEERA TANDEN: This is a scandal of 15 on a 1-to-10 level.

JOHN DEAN: This is a level that Richard Nixon never went to.

JEFFREY TOOBIN: …worse than what Nixon did during Watergate.

CARL BERNSTEIN: Today, I read the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon, and everybody should go read Article 2 of it and how similar it is to what we’ve seen Trump do here.

DICK BLUMENTHAL: It is a break-the-glass moment.

WOLF BLITZER: …a slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre.

SHEPARD SMITH: …a break-the-glass moment.

CARL BERNSTEIN: …a slow-motion Saturday Night (crosstalk) Massacre.

HEIDI PRZYBYLA: …a break-the-glass option.

JAMES CLAPPER: …slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: A break-glass scenario in case there’s a Nixon-era Saturday Night Massacre.

JAKE TAPPER: We are all going through a slow-motion, multi-monthed Saturday Night Massacre.

RACHEL MADDOW: Protests across the country! More than 900 are planned. Question as to whether or not this was the break-glass moment.

ERIN BURNETT: (sfx) …tonight, the push to impeach.

DAVID CICILLINE: …obstruction of justice.

PAUL BEGALA: Boy, this looks like obstruction.

WOLF BLITZER: …the level of obstruction of justice?

APRIL RYAN: There’s a constitutional crisis.

BROOKE BALDWIN: (background noise) … this could potentially be an impeachable offense.

MARK MAZZETTI: …which could lead to impeachment.

TOM STEYER: The Constitution gives us one solution, which is to impeach.

JACK QUINN: This is an impeachable offense.

ARTHEL NEVILLE: Will Democrats look to impeach the president?

CHUCK TODD: Let’s go to this issue of impeachment.

LARRY O’DONNELL: Donald Trump will be, must be impeached.

CARL BERNSTEIN: They are the kind of offenses, uhhh, that would call for impeachment.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: …may be grounds for impeachment.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: …the prospect of impeachment.

TOM LLAMAS: The drumbeats from Democrats for possible impeachment get louder.

KIMBERLY ATKINS: If House members find impeachable offenses, it is not just the right thing to do. It’s their duty.

JOHN DEAN: The House is going to have little choice other than to start impeachment proceedings.

RUSH: Now, you notice here, folks, what we first pointed out with the gravitas is that they all in the end — at the same time — using the same characterizations. Either “the walls are closing in,” “it is time for impeachment, “slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre,” “the glass is breaking,” “the break-glass moment,” “the Moscow pee tape,” “the golden showers story.” This comes from somewhere. Just as 35 different people call Bush’s choice of Cheney as VP “gravitas,” this comes from someplace.

We think we know. We pointed it out last week, this organization called TDIP, which is a Democrat nonprofit that is used to spread stories in the Drive-By Media. It’s a clearinghouse of sorts where media doesn’t have to ever track down a story. They just go to this place to find out what to think and what to say and how to report it. It’s run by a former staffer for Dianne Feinstein. At any rate, imagine that, because this happened over a two-year period.

And it never ended! From the time you got up until the time you went to bed, if you turned on a news source, this is what you saw. Not a single allegation — and these went beyond allegations. These became items of certainty as they were reported. It was just a matter of time. These people, in a sane world, would be so embarrassed and so shamed.

They think they report the truth. They think they preserve our democracy. They are undermining it! They are undermining one of the important, great distinctions about this country and its freedoms from every other country on earth. And they are undermining it, and they do it without shame. They do it without embarrassment. They do it without being held accountable, other than — we hope — audiences abandoning them in droves.


RUSH: Okay. Now, imagine that you are PMSNBC or CNN, and you’ve had pretty good ratings. You’ve had pretty good ratings… Well, CNN hasn’t. Forget it. CNN’s just junk. But PMSNBC, for a couple hours at night, has had some pretty decent ratings. Why? One reason: The people watching PMSNBC (and CNN at the same time) are tuning in because they need to be fed. Vampires need blood, so they bite your neck. These people need to be fed.

The audiences of these abominations of cable channels need to be fed with reassurance every day that Trump is gonna go down, that it’s gonna be proven by the special counsel that Trump colluded with Putin and stole the election from them by denying Hillary Clinton her presidency. All right. That’s why they tuned in. They needed to be fed. They needed to be assured. They needed to be comforted and told that Trump was gonna be sent packing, that we’re gonna get Trump.

These hosts like Rachel Maddow and these clowns over at CNN, now what are they gonna do? They don’t want to tune in to find out how Mueller blew it. They don’t want to tune in to see video clips of Trump supporters applauding and all. What are these audiences gonna do? That’s why CNN and MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post are all struggling mightily here to keep this alive with this claim that Mueller has alleged that Trump may have obstructed justice.

(paraphrased) “Of course, I can’t prove it. I’m gonna leave it up to the attorney general.” So there’s a lot of ’em that are concerned — and, boy… I watched a little bit of ’em today, and, are they working hard! The arguments that they were having with Sarah Sanders on CNN today trying to prove that Mueller did announce collusion. It was comical to watch.


RUSH: Just one more question here before we get to the phones. If you’ve been reporting for two years that the president may be a traitor, that he might have colluded with the dreaded Russians to steal an election, wouldn’t you kind of be relieved to hear that that didn’t happen? I guess you wouldn’t, because they’re not happy. The media is livid! The media is fit to be tied that Trump isn’t a traitor! They want their president to be a traitor! They want their president to be guilty of stealing an election.

Why? So they can kick his ass out of town to show everybody that they can do just that. Then they’ll get Pence in there and they’ll kick his ass out of town, and they’ll get him for being too religious and too conservative, that nobody elected him. “Who the hell are you, Pence? Go back to Indiana.” They’ll find a way to get Hillary back in the White House somehow with Pelosi naming her speaker and then she resigns or some such thing. I’m just flapping my gums here. But the point is…

You know, I saw Bret Baier last night on Fox News. “This is a great day for America. We have learned that the president isn’t a traitor.” It’s not a great day for half of the country! Half of the country wanted him to be a traitor, just so they could get rid of him! How sick are these people? Okay. Now, I’ve admittedly dominated the program, but I can, because it’s mine.

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