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Mar 25, 2019


National Review: After Mueller’s Exoneration of Trump, Full Disclosure – Andrew McCarthy
Daily Caller: Justice Department Delivers Mueller Conclusions To Congress – No Collusion
NewsBusters: Nets Gave Whopping 2,284 Minutes to Russia Probe
AP: Trump Declares Victory Now But Legal Perils Far From Over
The Hill: Apologies to President Trump
NBC: Mueller Was Clear in Finding No Collusion, but Punted on the Matter of Obstruction
Mediaite: Top Dem Says AG Barr Must Testify to Congress Because ‘Mueller Did Not Exonerate the President’
Grabien: Rewind: Watch the Media Spend Two Years Hyping a Now-Debunked Story
Bloomberg: Democrats Move On to Plan B With Mueller Finding No Collusion
RealClearPolitics: CNN’s Brian Stelter on Mueller Coverage: “The Press Is Just Following A Trail That Trump Created”
CNBC: Michael Avenatti Arrested for Alleged $20 Million Extortion Attempt Against Nike
The Hill: Apologies to President Trump
New York Post: We Should All Be Celebrating the Collapse of Hillary’s Big Lie
Breitbart: Donald Trump: Time to Investigate the Left for ‘Treasonous Things’
Daily Wire: 5 Big Takeaways From The Mueller Conclusions Exonerating Trump
FOXNews: ‘There Needs to be a Reckoning’ for Those Who Spread Russia Collusion Narrative: Mollie Hemingway
NewsBusters: The Liberal Media’s Most Embarrassing Mueller Failures
National Review: Our Long National Hysteria
CNSNews: Mueller Probe: 22 Months, 19 Lawyers, 40 FBI, 2,800 Subpoenas, 500 Search Warrants, 500 Witnesses
The Hill: Barr and Rosenstein Likely Made Correct Legal Decision on Obstruction
Daily Caller: Carl Bernstein Defends The Press: ‘One Of The Great Reporting Jobs In History’
Federalist: The Media Has Done Irreparable Damage To The Country. Journalists Used Fears Over Russia and Anger Over Trump to Try to Reverse the Results of a Legitimate Election


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