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RUSH: Back to audio sound bites. Here’s Carl Bernstein. This is a montage of Bernstein, the great Watergate reporter — hack, I should say. We have a montage that spans February 2018 to March of 2019. We can focus on any of them, but why not Bernstein? He’s always been a clown. He’s always been a hack. He’s been unloading this BS for two years, and let’s just listen…

BERNSTEIN: (2/27/18) What Mueller is doing, he is going to present a vast narrative — a report — of the Trump family, Donald Trump, President Trump, the Trump organization, Russia and the business dealings of the family, the organization, and the internecine dealings of those people with Russians, ethno-Russians…

BERNSTEIN: (3/15/18) Mueller has been very focused on Trump’s Russian dealings and with ethno-Russians.

BERNSTEIN: (7/29/18) The famous Trump Tower meeting, which indeed was convened for the purpose of collusion.

BERNSTEIN: (1/13/18) …the most serious counterintelligence people we have in the U.S. government saying, “Oh my God, the president’s words and actions lead us to conclude that somehow he has become a witting, unwitting or half-witting pawn to Vladimir Putin.

BERNSTEIN: (4/30/18) …quote, “collusion” or a conspiracy to cooperate with, uhhh, agents of a foreign power.

BERNSTEIN: (5/9/18) Despite what Donald Trump keeps saying about, “No collusion, no collusion, no collusion,” people all around him appear to have been involved in some kind of nefarious relationships with Russians.

BERNSTEIN: (12/9/18) Donald Trump, for the first time in his life, is cornered. He is boxed in by Mueller and it’s on the question of collusion and a massive obstruction of justice. Mueller is now connecting the dots. They know everything about Russia.

BERNSTEIN: (3/24/19) I think we’ve done — the media, the press, has done — one of the great reporting jobs in the history.

RUSH: Gee! (laughing) How do they bring this guy back? How do they put Carl Bernstein back on the air at CNN? How do they put any of ’em back, but after this? Mueller had nothing. There was never anything. What is Bernstein talking about here? Did somebody in the Mueller team feed him false information or is he just making it up? Is he saying what he hopes is going on because he knows it’s going on?

(summarized) “The world is closing in on Donald Trump! For the first time, he’s cornered. He’s boxed in by Mueller and the question of collusion and massive obstruction. Mueller is connecting the dots. They know everything about Russia.” (laughing) They know nothing! “I think we’ve done — the press has done — one of the great reporting jobs in history.” You haven’t reported crap, Mr. Bernstein. That’s the whole point! You haven’t reported anything.

You’ve nothing but a bunch of stenographers repeating what whoever is telling you. You haven’t reported diddly-squat. You haven’t left that studio to find out anything. Because if you had, you would have been able to report that there wasn’t any collusion. Now let’s go to last night. CNN’s special Sunday edition of Anderson Cooper 19. His guest, Carl Bernstein. He says to Bernstein, “I knew you thought there’d be more indictments, Carl.”

BERNSTEIN: I’ve been led to believe that that — that was a legal possibility. I think the first thing is to recognize that the American system of justice has just delivered to the President Trump, uhh, the greatest gift of his presidency. And that has indeed said that he did not conspire with a foreign power. I think we ought to talk a little bit about the elephant in the room, and that is, “What happened? What happened with the Russians?” We now have the ability to get as full as story as we could ever get. So the elephant in the room is this report, because it will tell us what happened.

RUSH: No, Carl, we already know what happened! (laughing) The elephant in the room is you! The elephant in the room is all of you people and why are you in the room? (laughing) Good grief! Oh, I love it. I love it.


RUSH: You know what’s also juicy, folks, is that Bernstein and Brennan both have been saying on CNN for the last two months that they knew Mueller had the goods. They knew it. I mean, they were putting their reputations on the line. Now, somebody told ’em. Somebody had to tell Brennan and Bernstein that Mueller had connected the dots; it was just a matter of time and Trump was going doooown!

Somebody lied to them big time, somebody that Brennan and Bernstein both trust. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Hee-hee-hee-hee. Somebody had to do it. They couldn’t go out on a limb like that without being told. They wouldn’t go out and say, “Trump’s toast. He’s history. Mueller’s connecting the dots: Collusion, obstruction, big time with Putin.” Somebody told ’em. Somebody made fools out of ’em.


RUSH: Let’s go back to the audio sound bites. This is good. This is a flashback montage of Drive-Bys and Democrats and Never Trumpers heaping praise on Robert Mueller. It spans May 2017 all the way up to — ba-da ba-da ba — maybe since that day, May 17, 18. Doesn’t matter. This is it.

PHIL MUDD: If you have a kid and you’ve despaired that there’s not a hero in America, Robert Mueller’s it.

BARNEY FRANK: Bob Mueller was a wonderful appointment.

GLORIA BORGER: Mueller is an impeccable choice.

JEFFREY TOOBIN: There is literally no more respected person in American law enforcement than Bob Mueller.

SCOTT PELLEY: Mueller is a well-respected former FBI director.

DAN ABRAMS: …well respected, well regarded.

BOB BECKEL: The guy’s got an enormous amount of strength among Democrats.

LEONARD LANCE: Mr. Mueller will be thorough in his investigation.

JOHN GARAMENDI: Mueller is highly competent, highly capable.

MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT: Bob Mueller is a man that’s respected by both parties.

MIKE BARNICLE: Bob Mueller is the definition of honesty, integrity, character, discipline.

JASON CHAFFETZ: He has impeccable credentials.

STEPHEN HADLEY: He’s a by the book kind of guy. Very reassuring to the public.

NICOLLE WALLACE: Bob Mueller is a national treasure.

TIM NAFTALI: Mueller understands the law.

MO ELLEITHEE: Mueller is the right choice ‘cause he will take it where it leads him.

PAUL BEGALA: Mr. Mueller is a credible law enforcement official. He [Trump] may be perfectly pristinely innocent, and I will accept that if that’s what we find.

RUSH: That was the forehead there, Paul Begala. That was May 17th and 18th and they’re falling all over themselves ’cause it meant that Mueller was gonna get Trump. And now yesterday afternoon, CNN special coverage of Attorney General William Barr’s memo summarizing the Mueller report. We have the correspondent, Pamela Brown. We have the chief political correspondent, Dana Bash. We have the crime and justice correspondent, Shimon Prokupecz. They’re talking about Attorney General Barr’s memo summarizing the Mueller report.

BROWN: Can we just take…

PROKUPECZ: Yeah, I mean…

BROWN: …a step back (laughter) and focus on the fact that…


BROWN: …this is a nearly two…

PROKUPECZ: That’s right.

BROWN: … year investigation that has swirled around the president since day one of his presidency. And he has just been exonerated.

BASH: The Special Counsel did not find any U.S. person or Trump campaign official or associate conspired or knowingly coordinated. And it is important. And it is, in fairness, what the president has been saying.

PROKUPECZ: This is a win for this President, who for now two years has essentially been screaming, there was no Russia collusion. He is backed up by Mueller.

RUSH: Now, that was the original reaction. Now the bosses at CNN grabbed hold everybody said: No, no, no, no. We’re not gonna play this as an exoneration. You guys, you guys, no, no, no, no, no. We’re changing course here. Obstruction.

And so all of this has vanished from CNN. One more, sound bite 9, George Stephanopoulos and Terry Moran, ABC, stunned.

STEPHANOPOULOS: We heard from the President what, 200 something times over the last 22 months, no collusion, no collusion, no collusion. Robert Mueller is backing the president up on that.

MORAN: And this is therefore a moment in our history. Right? Since the president was elected there has been a shadow over this presidency. Robert Mueller, one of the most respected prosecutors in America, exhaustively investigated with the power of subpoena and access to signals intelligence, human intelligence, all kinds of things. And he did not find evidence that Trump or members of his campaign conspired or coordinated with Russia. That is huge. It is something frankly that Americans should be happy about, that the president was not assisted by Russia. I doubt that’s going to happen.

RUSH: What? You doubt that America’s gonna be happy? You’re not happy. You should have seen their faces. They were stunned.

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