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RUSH: Here is Seth in North Vernon, Indiana. Great to have you, Seth. How are things?

CALLER: It is cold and rainy up here, Mr. Limbaugh. I just wanted to say thank you for being on the radio and for writing all of your books. I’m 23. I just graduated from college. And you’re the reason why I stayed a conservative.

RUSH: Wow. I appreciate your saying that. That’s very kind of you.

CALLER: I have to say I kind of like to melt snowflakes, and a lot of it does come from everything that I’ve heard from you, and I had one professor, actually, sometimes call me Mr. Seth, dash, Limbaugh, dash, Cruz insert other conservative name in there.

RUSH: And that makes you proud?

CALLER: It does. Everybody else is like, “Oh, there he goes again.”

RUSH: Well, how many threats do you encounter, how many people do you end up provoking that want to, say, hit you?

CALLER: There has been quite a few confrontations that I’ve had with people, but I just try to lay it out, just state the facts, and, if they don’t like me, oh, well. I didn’t really need him.

RUSH: Seriously, now. When you get engaged in arguments or discussions with them, you know, I have found using facts does not work because they’re not fact based. They don’t believe what they believe based on facts. They believe what they believe because they believe it, and that’s that, and they don’t want to deal with anybody who offers a conflicting view that would blow up the safety cocoon they live in.

CALLER: That is true, and I will say when Bernie Sanders ran the first time around, I would have conversations with friends who are like, “Hey. We’re gonna have free college!” I just laid it out for ’em. I said, “Okay. Here’s what’s gonna happen. It might look like it’s free. But how are your favorite professors gonna get paid?” And then that’s where they went, “Oh, well, you’re kinda right,” and they started putting two and two together.

RUSH: Are you kidding me that they had not even thought of that, they just thought free college meant that people were gonna work for nothing, that they were gonna get their education for nothing? You know what I would ask ’em? If everybody’s gonna have a guaranteed universal income and a guaranteed job, then why the hell go to college? What is the purpose of going to college if everything in life is gonna be given to you?

The whole point of going to college is to get an education that can be used to further yourself in life, however you define success, a college education is ostensibly designed to help you get there. But if everything’s gonna be provided, why do you even need one? Why does anybody need to go? Why do we even need to have colleges? That’s the kind of stuff I hit them with.

And, you’re right, they haven’t thought about these things because they get — I’ll give you a great example. Thank you very much, Seth, for the call.

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