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RUSH: Governor Ralph Northam, Democrat, Virginia, just used his veto pen to abort two Republican immigration bills.

One bill required local law enforcement to notify federal immigration officials whenever illegal immigrants were taken into custody. The other aborted bill prohibited sanctuary city policies in the state.

Ralph Northam said he vetoed both bills for safety reasons. He said all people, including illegal immigrants, must be made to feel comfortable and protected by state agencies.

This is the same Democrat governor who, just a few weeks ago, said that problem babies should be delivered and “kept comfortable” while their fate was being determined. If the mother wanted the baby, it could live. But if not, after being made comfortable, the baby would be made a lot less comfortable by dying, a post-birth abortion.

This is also the same Democrat governor who, as a young man, felt comfortable posing in blackface or a Klan outfit for a school yearbook photo. And who feels comfortable remaining in office despite outrage over his racism and demands for his resignation.

That’s today’s Democrats for you. Comforts and lawlessness, come first.

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