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RUSH: Millennials care more about their date’s politics, than they do about sex, according to a new survey. Well, that got everybody’s attention. You should see how heads perked up on the other side of the glass on that one.

This is from the New York Post. “Nobody’s sleeping with the enemy these days. ‘If I see somebody who’s like, “I’m moderate or conservative,” I keep swiping,’ Bronx resident Nadine Anglesey tells The Post. The 33-year-old art director hasn’t dated a conservative since the 2016 election — even if she’s attracted to him. ‘Yesterday, this one guy [on the dating app Hinge] seemed really great ’til I saw he marked himself as conservative,’ she says. ‘I nipped that in the bud.’

“Anglesey’s not alone: Whether red or blue, most millennials would pick their party over –” You know, folks. This is a major American newspaper here. I just want to read to you what they printed, and I want you to imagine reading this as you were growing up. All right?

“I nipped that in the bud,” said Anglesey. And she’s not alone. “Whether red or blue, most millennials would pick their party over the best lay of their life, according to new research.” Right there it is. This is the New York Post.

“The number of millennial men and women who prioritize political party alliance over good sex has skyrocketed since 2016, according to data from OkCupid. The matchmaking company surveyed more than 8 million users, and found that interest in dating someone with similar political beliefs has gone up 165 percent since 2004, while having good sex has decreased as a priority 30 percent.

“Specifically, between 2016 and 2018, the number of women who consider politics more important than sex shot up from 27 percent to 42 percent, while for men that needle moved from 23 percent to 30 percent.” So what is the link? Well, the New York Post went and talked to a sex therapist in Manhattan to get the answer to this.

Megan Fleming “thinks dating strictly within one’s party is making people comfortable — too comfortable. ‘If you’re only exposing yourself to people who think like you, you’re living in a silo and missing out on opportunities,’ says Fleming. She believes that less intellectual tension could translate to less of a lustful spark in a relationship. She encourages her patients to get out of their comfort zone — in love and in bed.”

So Millennials care more about correct politics than sex. By the way, the story is written by a woman. Just so you know. Friends first, I mean, if a longtime relationship is the goal, but for dating around, hooking up, why not meet new, different people? Well, I’ll tell you, I understand this. If you are terminally thin-skinned and if you are perpetually frightened by anything outside your comfort — I mean frightened, not just disagreement, you’re frightened by it, then you will definitely stay away from anybody who frightens you, and therefore you gotta find people who agree with everything you say, do, or think.

Now, most Millennials who attended college are liberal. Have to assume this. So that makes most Millennials misinformed, and it makes them intolerant. They are the generation of snowflakes. Too many of ’em cannot handle anything that exists outside their bubble. So dating like-minded people makes sense if you’re offended every time you encounter a different point of view.

But as far as enjoying time in a relationship, you might as well do it with somebody who don’t have to walk on eggshells with every waking hour. I mean, I can see that, but the political dividing line — you know, it used to be, look at — you got Carville-Matalin. Who else you have out there? Oh, yeah, Conway and Conway. But Conway and Conway are generally from the same ideological point of view.

But I don’t believe one aspect. I don’t believe these people are having less sex. I just refuse to believe it. They’re giving away how many condoms on college campuses these days? So I don’t know that I fall for the – (interruption) What about diversity? Fine and dandy. But diversity doesn’t mean diversity of thought. You should know this. Diversity is all surface things. Diversity is skin color, sexual orientation, gender, those kinds of things. It’s not actual intellectual things or things rooted in thought. Well, not for this group.

Diversity doesn’t mean anything substantive. That’s the whole problem with it. (interruption) Angry political sex. I’ve been asked, “What happened to angry political sex?” Well, that’s way down in the article. You gotta go way, way, way down in the article to get to angry political sex. And man, it becomes punitive. Well, it could be great makeup sex, but you have to be with somebody of a different point of view for the makeup sex to work! Well, it’s just — this is getting too analytical. That is like analyzing comedy. When you start analyzing comedy, it isn’t funny.

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