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RUSH: I have a story here, “Sanders Campaign Vows to Offset All Carbon Emissions From Travel.”

Now, I’m gonna violate one of my own rules here. When the subject of climate change comes up, you know that I have often urged the scientists on our side to give it up. You’re not gonna convince these people with science. It’s not science they believe. Some of them think they believe science, but climate change is not because the vast majority of kids or young people or anybody that believes in it understands the science.

All they think is that there’s this thing called CO2 and it’s causing the earth to become a gigantic greenhouse, we’re all gonna die of sweat. And that’s what they think it means. CO2 equals greenhouse, equals really hot, equals everything melting, equals constant thirst, equals we’re gonna die. And that’s the extent of their understanding of the science.

So when idiots come along and say we’re gonna ban airplanes and cow farts and all of this stuff, in 12 years we’re gonna get rid of all these emissions, ah, good, it’s not gonna be so hot. You wouldn’t believe some of the garbage now.

People are going down to Venezuela and saying, “You know what, people are talking about how socialism has destroyed things. It’s a paradise now. You know why? There’s no electricity so you can’t charge your phone so people are actually talking to people. There’s no meat, so people are having to grow their own lentils and black beans, and they have their own gardens and they sit on the porch like they used to in the evening and people will come over and they’re actually having deep personal relationships and interactions. And they’re eating vegetables, what we want everybody to do, and there’s no electricity so people have to find ways to get together at night to have personal relationship. It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened,” is the word coming out of Venezuela.

It’s a variation on Pelosi saying funemployment. You know what? It’s not bad being unemployed because now you can do what you’ve always wanted to do that having a job got in the way of you doing. The point is these people live in abject fantasy worlds. They are not governed by science or anything close to it except they tell themselves they are because that makes them feel superior. That’s why they’ll totally believe a TV actor called Bill Nye The Science Guy ’cause he wears a white jacket, has a weird looking face — has to be a scientist with that face. They believe him over actual real scientists.

Anyway, Bernie Sanders, he vows to offset all carbon emissions from travel. “2020 presidential campaign plans to offset all carbon emissions from travel, it announced Thursday morning.

‘Bernie Sanders is a champion in the fight for climate justice and, like him, we know we need to address our emissions through action, not just rhetoric,’ campaign manager Faiz Shakir said in a statement. ‘We are proud to lead the way in the fight against climate change by acting boldly to move our energy system away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable energy sources.’”

Now, we shouldn’t let them get away with this. We’re not talking about offsets here. We’re not talking about offsetting carbon emissions. We’re talking about getting rid of air travel, Bernie. If you want to show allegiance to the Green New Deal, ground your airplane! This is about the elimination of fossil fuels, not offsetting your use of them.

And Bernie has endorsed the Green New Deal. This vow has nothing to do with a policy he would impose on everybody else. This business of trying to offset — we’re going to make sure that we offset all carbon. No, Bernie. No, Bernie, you ground that airplane. You ground everything that uses fossil fuels, and you get around, if you’re gonna be true to this.

But note they never do. They never actually live the stuff that they would make you and me live. But I’m now gonna violate one of my own rules. ‘Cause I’m gonna get into some science here. I found this at Watts Up With That? It’s a cool little website. It’s a long piece, but I can synthesize this with very little time.

“The effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas becomes ever more marginal with greater concentration. According to well understood physical parameters, the effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas diminishes logarithmically with increasing concentration,” in the atmosphere. Meaning, you reach a point where the more CO2 you put up there, the less impact that it has, or greenhouse effect that it has.

“This inconvenient fact is well understood in the climate science community. It can be accurately modeled using the Modtran program maintained and supported at the University of Chicago.”

It’s like it has been discovered that, you know, when they were tearing up the Amazon rain forest, when they were clear cutting it down there, you know, when Juan Valdez needed more space for a house instead of coffee beans, they found that there was forestation in Europe as the earth itself was compensating!

Not that we had planted any new trees. They just were marveling at how we weren’t actually losing any net vegetation, despite Juan Valdez clear cutting in the Amazon rain forest. The Folger’s coffee guy. Juan Valdez, he was out there macheting. It was a disaster.

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