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Mar 20, 2019


USAToday: President Trump Drops Into Ohio Amid Feud Over Iconic GM Plant in Lordstown
FOX Business: Ford Repackages Factory Investment Plan, Will Add 900 Jobs
New York Post: Posh Couple Paid in Facebook Stock to Get Daughter Into UCLA
Washington Times: Trump Says Democrats Only Want to Expand the Supreme Court Because They Can’t Win Elections
National Review: In Defense of the Electoral College
FOXNews: Why Democrats Want to Abolish Electoral College, Pack Supreme Court
Daily Caller: Democrats Campaign To Disenfranchise Everyone Who Doesn’t Vote For Them
CNN: Takeaways from CNN’s 2020 Town Halls at South by Southwest
CNN: Gabbard: I Don’t Believe in Conversion Therapy
AP: Shifting Hopes as Republicans and Democrats Await Mueller
CNN: In court filing, Robert Mueller’s team says it’s very busy this week
AP: Will Mueller’s investigation live up to fans’ expectations?
Washington Post: Mueller Sought Michael Cohen’s Emails Months Before FBI Raid, Warrants Show
Daily Caller: Polar Bears May Have Quadrupled In Number Despite Melting Arctic Ice, Book Says
New York Times: As Costs Skyrocket, More U.S. Cities Stop Recycling
CNSNews: CAIR: Fire Jeanine Pirro for Remarks About Rep. Omar’s Hijab and Shari’a
Daily Wire: Here Are Jeanine Pirro’s Comments About Ilhan Omar That Fox News ‘Strongly’ Condemns
Washington Examiner: Trump Loyalist Rejects CNN Report: Everyone was Told John McCain was ‘Solid’ on Vote Against Obamacare
Washington Post: ‘The McCain Family Deserves Better,’ Republican Senator Says as Trump Continues to Lash Out
The Hill: Anderson Cooper Blasts Trump Over McCain Attacks: ‘He’s Punching a Person Who is Dead’
FOXNews: Romney ‘Can’t Understand’ Why Trump Would Bash McCain
Daily Caller: Top Democratic Lawmaker Compares Trump To Hitler After McCain Dust-Up
The Hill: Poll: Viewers Split on the Politics of ‘Saturday Night Live’
RealClearInvestigations: Trump-Russia 2.0: Dossier-Tied Firm Pitching Journalists Daily on ‘Collusion’ – Paul Sperry
USA Today: Boeing 737 Max 8 Crash: CEO Says Software Update, Pilot Training Revisions are on the Way
Politico: Clyburn: Trump and his family are ‘greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime’
FOXNews: Top Dem’s Trump probe targets miss deadline in sweeping document request
The Hill: Supreme Court Sides with Trump in Immigrant Detention Dispute
LA Times: Concertina Wire Stolen from Border Fence Was Used for Home Security in Tijuana, Authorities say
BizPacReview: Nadler Left to Pound Sand: Targets of Sweeping Probe Miss Deadline to Respond


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