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RUSH: I have a couple of immigration stories today.

The first one, on Tuesday the Supreme Court overturned the Ninth Circus Court, siding with President Trump again.

The Supreme Court affirmed the Trump administration’s right to detain immigrants with criminal records, and to hold them as long as they deem necessary before deporting them.

It was a 5-4 vote. This time, the Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the good guys, holding that the Ninth Circus had ignored the plain text of the law. Bottom line: Trump is right about his presidential powers to deal with immigration, and the liberals are wrong again, and they are fanatic again.

The second issue, thieves are stealing and selling the razor wire that was installed on the border wall separating the U.S and Tijuana, Mexico. Twenty people have been arrested so far in Mexico.

The stolen razor wire is being used to shore up defenses at homes in Tijuana because that city is overrun by migrant caravan crime. In fact, a new report names Tijuana as the most violent in the world. Lots of bad hombres there, apparently.

Now, who has warned us about all of this? I did, and Trump. Don’t forget it.

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