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RUSH: In December 2017, the Los Angeles Times identified an alarming new threat to California. Climate scientists’ new computer models predicted that fast-melting Arctic sea ice would reduce California rain by 15 percent.

The Times complained this new research proved how dumb President Trump’s policies are. Trump had pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement brought to us by the enlightened genius, Barack Obama.

To recap: In December 2017, we got a very specific, deadly warning. Global warming will block rainfall. Dangerous, increasing droughts will hit California. Not 50 years out, but in the near future. And Trump is an idiot.

Well, March 14, 2019 qualifies as the near future, right? So get this LA Times headline: “California Is Drought-Free for the First Time in Nearly a Decade.”

An exceptionally wet winter, which was not predicted by the climate doomsday models, filled all the state’s reservoirs. Tons of snow were dumped on the mountains, and now there’s no drought anywhere in California. Trump and the Paris agreement are not mentioned in the story. And neither is the stupidly wrong prediction from the LA Times and its climate scientists from December 2017. I wouldn’t ever listen to them again. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

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