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RUSH: F. Chuck Todd. They are getting mad — and so, by the way, is the mayor of Chicago. Rahm Emanuel is livid. He thinks the Democrats are on the way to electing Donald Trump, and he’s got a whole piece in The Atlantic: “How Not to Lose to Donald Trump.” He’s basically telling the Democrats… What is he telling them? To stop being… (interrupting) Yeah, that’s exactly right. Rahm Emanuel is telling Democrats (paraphrased), “Stop being honest about who you are.

“Put the camouflage back on. Put the masks back on. Stop being so damned honest about all of this socialism you believe in! Squelch it!” That’s his point in The Atlantic. “You guys are getting too big for your britches. You guys are getting too confident. The American people don’t want to hear all your socialism stuff, so shelve it.” That’s his idea. That’s his advice. Others are getting concerned Trump’s gonna be reelected. One of them is F. Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. He’s how the he opened the show on Sunday…

TODD: Good Sunday morning. Never mind that President Trump’s campaign chairman is going to prison and that Mr. Trump and Michael Cohen argued this week over which one of them is lying about a possible pardon. Our colleague Dana Milbank at the Washington Post pointed out that with President Trump’s recent struggles on North Korea, on the trade deficit, on the border wall, there’s only one thing that can save him — the Democrats.

RUSH: (Gasp!) Oh, no! There’s panic! They think Trump is imploding and the Democrats are not taking advantage of it. He’s mad at heck at the Democrats. F. Chuck Todd was livid. He continued with this…

TODD: Democrats have spent much of the last month wrestling themselves to the ground. They were embarrassed over the revelation that Virginia governor Ralph Northam had once dressed in blackface; startled by subsequent accusations of sexual assault against Northam’s lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax; and chronically unsure this week over how to handle a comment by freshman Democrat, Ilhan Omar — her second — that many saw as anti-Semitic. An emerging, more progressive cohort of elected Democrats is coming into conflict with an older generation of centrists and traditional liberals. These two Democratic factions are united and divided. They’re united about the urgency of defeating President Trump next year. But at the same time, they are divided, with each seeing the other as the reason Mr. Trump may end up winning after all.

RUSH: Well, what a depressing opening to Meet the Press if you’re a liberal Democrat tuning in to hear, once again, about what a reprobate Donald Trump is. Now you hear that you are responsible for electing him! How can this be? They just won the House, they’re sitting on top of the world, they’re on the verge of impeaching Donald Trump, and then Pelosi pulls that out from under them. And now they’ve got (chuckles) Ilhan Omar… Trump tweeted out that the Democrats hate Jewish people. He’s not far off on this.

You know, Trump sometimes goes to excess to make a point. But, folks, I will guarantee you, there are a number of liberal Jewish Democrats, and they hear Ilhan Omar, and (chuckles) they’re not understanding, and they are not tolerant of it. But they don’t quite know what to do about it. Because many of them don’t like Israel, either, but they don’t like hearing her running around talking with impunity as an anti-Semite and so forth. I think the Democrats, folks, are losing control of who and what they are, and I think they’ve been gobsmacked by it.

I don’t think they saw this coming. I don’t think they saw the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crowd coming, the Ilhan Omar crowd, the Tlaib. They didn’t see it coming, partly because it’s generational. So they’re in a little bit of a quandary. Of course, their media — which is F. Chuck Todd and NBC and Meet the Press… It’s interesting. The media has been leading the Democrat Party all through the Trump administration. Now the Democrat Party is fracturing and falling apart into various segments here, and now the media (chuckling) is washing its hands of having had any role in it.

(interruption) Right. Tlaib. I can’t remember her first name. She’s the one who said, in a rally-type appearance, “We’re gonna impeach the M—–F—er!” She did. Well, I will guarantee you that when she and Cortez and the rest of this crowd hear Pelosi say that impeachment’s off the table, they’re not bound by it. They don’t consider Pelosi their leader. They don’t consider Pelosi the last word in anything in the Democrat Party.

Pelosi is nothing more than an aging gummer grandparent whose days have long since passed and needs to retired to the front porch with the chewing tobacco and the rocking chair. That’s how they see it. So they think they’re gonna do it. They’re gonna do it on their own, however they’re gonna do it, without Pelosi knowing about it. But they’re not obedient. You think this crowd is obedient to Pelosi and Hoyer and the rest? There’s no way!


RUSH: I just have a couple of more thoughts on this Pelosi pulling impeachment off the table and just to wrap this up. Folks, the Drive-By Media is never going to expose the fissures and the problems in the Democrat Party. Oh, yeah, you might have an occasional column by a Dana Milbank or an F. Chuck Todd. But those are warnings for Democrats. They’re not reporting on the actual fissures and friction and problems in the Democrat Party.

They are either giving heads-ups or warnings or advice to the Democrat Party. But they’re never gonna rip the party to shreds like they do the Republicans on a daily basis. And there’s never gonna be the character assassination of Democrats. Even Ilhan Omar, you have obvious anti-Semitism here on the part of the Omar, you have genuine economic stupidity coming from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. You’re not gonna have any kind of honest analysis, appraisal, or caricaturing of the Democrat Party and its condition, the state that it’s in.

As such, I think that the Democrat Party is in much more trouble — and I don’t mean winning and losing elections right now. It’s way too soon to make any predictions about that. But just in terms of being unified, the Drive-By Media is hell-bent on convincing everybody in America that the Democrat Party’s not only unified, but that everybody in it loves everybody else, that the only people they don’t like are Republicans and conservatives. That everybody’s in the same page, everybody has the same values, value system, there isn’t any discord or any of that. And of course this isn’t the case.

So here comes Pelosi publicly claiming she’s not interested in impeaching Trump for all the reasons that she gave. It’s the reasons that she doesn’t give that intrigue me. And like I say, I think they’ve got some polling. Because they don’t do anything in that party without polling, and there has to be some polling that has caused her to at least make the statement. And remember, a statement is not action. She could change her mind tomorrow on impeachment based on any number of things.

But she says things for consumption, and she says things so the media will echo them and amplify them so that they will have an impact on people the way she wants them to be impacted. I think that basically with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar driving the Democrat Party off the cliff — and make no mistake: Cortez and Omar and some of the others have caused, I think, a legitimate panic in the leadership suite.

You disagree with that? I think that there is legitimate panic. I think there’s anger, and I think that they are plotting ways to keep these people in line and punish them. But they’ve gotta be very careful about it because, particularly Cortez, you know, in modern American politics, Twitter is everything. If you’ve got a lot of Twitter followers, it’s considered that you have a lot of influence. So they’ve got to be very careful. But they can’t be happy about this.

I don’t think Pelosi has the time or the energy to manage a war on three fronts. And the three fronts are Trump and Pencil Neck Adam Schiff as a conflicted fishing expedition leader. He’s certainly not sympathetic. Schiff is an irritating just-to-look-at-him kind of guy. And then he starts talking, and there is this arrogant pontification about things. He just rubs people the wrong way. He ought to recuse himself. He’s been bumbling around this for two years, has nothing to show for it and has exposed himself as just a pure, 1,000 percent partisan.

And then she’s got these radical freshmen who are politically and intellectually inexperienced, shall we say, ignorant, shall we say. Even if Nancy Pelosi is a full-fledged, 1,000 percent socialist, you don’t say so. You just don’t advertise it. I call again to your attention a piece by the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, “How not to lose to Donald Trump. A winning 2020 candidate needs three things: authenticity, credibility, and viability.” But that subhead belies what the piece is.

Rahm Emanuel is writing a scathing piece here telling them to put it back in the closet! Put the masks back on, start wearing the camouflage again. Do not be open and honest about what you really believe. That’s a ticket to disaster, is his point. But they can’t control the freshmen ’cause the freshmen are out there beating their chest proudly and saying, “Here’s who we are.”

And I think they’re also confronted by something else that they’ve not had to deal with in a very, very long time. Donald Trump’s approval numbers have not tanked, and yet there’s been a two-year scorched-earth campaign against him. They have launched every weapon they’ve got. They’ve used every weapon in the arsenal over and over and over. Everything they’ve ever used that has successfully destroyed a Republican Party the Republicans has failed, has bounced off Trump.

In the meantime, Trump’s policies are showing extremely positive results in a very important area, and that is the economy. So the primary objective of the past two years has bombed. The primary objective the past two years has been to run this soft, silent coup against Trump and get rid of him one way or the other. And it hasn’t even happened. It hasn’t even come close to happening.

And now you know what the funniest reaction to Pelosi’s pulling the impeachment? Glenn Greenwald, who was the original reporter sympathetic to Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald lives down in Brazil ’cause the leftist media doesn’t like the guy, lives down there on the beach in Rio, I think, has a website called The Intercept. Glenn Greenwald, after Pelosi pulled impeachment, said, “Does Putin have dirt on her?” I mean, this is great. Glenn Greenwald, leftist journalist extraordinaire has accused Pelosi of being Putin’s toady, that Putin told Pelosi not to impeach Trump, because he doesn’t answer.

Then Tom Steyer, this global climate change lunatic, wealthy leftist donor, “Pelosi sounds like she needs the GOP’s permission to impeach.” In the meantime, Ilhan Omar talking about Barack Obama as a pretty face who got away with murder! By the way, she’s right about what she said about Obama. People don’t remember this. We had kill lists. American and foreign targets, so-called terrorists, and Obama demanded to be the one to name the targets who got droned. We were droning these guys. And one of them was an American radical living in Yemen, I believe, Malwaki or al-Waki or Charlie Milwaukee, whatever his name was, and we zipped the guy.

And she’s right, Obama was naming people to be killed via drone, and we were doing it! And she called him out on it. The media didn’t report Obama. They reported Obama wanted to be in charge of the kill list, but they never detailed what that actually meant. Ilhan Omar said that Obama’s hope and change was a mirage. She criticized his border and drone policies. As she saw it, the party ostensibly committed to progressive values had become complicit in perpetuating the status quo. She says the hope and change offered by Obama was a mirage, recalling the caging of kids at the US-Mexico border.

You’re not supposed to talk about Obama, Democrats doing that. That’s exclusive Trump! The droning of countries around the world on Obama’s watch. She argues the Democrat president operated within the same fundamentally broken framework as Trump.

Ilhan Omar said: “We can’t be only upset with Trump. … His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was. And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.” I mean, she just took a dagger to Barack Obama.

Now, they made her walk that back. But the fact that she said it and she said it so blatantly and so clearly, this is the kind of thing that is not tolerated in the Democrat Party, this kind of dissent, particularly against Obama. But more than anything, it tells us who she is.

By the way, did you hear Pelosi’s excuse when Omar came out with her anti-Semitic remarks, and the Democrats went through pretzels trying to come up with a statement of disapproval without mentioning her name. Pelosi said (paraphrasing), “Well, she comes from a different country, and she comes from a different value base, and maybe she doesn’t quite understand the way we use words in America.” I mean, it was one of the flimsiest excuses you could possibly imagine.

With Ilhan Omar talking about people doing things for Benjamins, that indicates a very familiar understanding with not only the American language and American flag. You know what Benjamins means, right, Dawn? Right, it means hundred-dollar bills. I mean, that’s the kind of thing that you hear in rap lyrics in any number of places. So Ilhan Omar is not a stranger to English and she’s not a stranger to American values. She just doesn’t like them.

Like Al From said in 1992, Hispanics were so insignificant in number they didn’t even show up in exit polls, the Democrat base was 90% white, 10% African-American. Today the Democrat base is less and less white and more and more Third World. And some of these Third Worlders are getting elected to Congress as Democrats. And I don’t think Pelosi knows how to do deal with it.

I have another theory, too, and I’ve really struggled to explain this. And some people that I’ve run it by think I’m all wet on it. But I have believed for a long time that professors and teachers have basically been indoctrinating and inculcating, propagandizing students with anti-American belief and rhetoric, and I believe it’s been pretty intense. I believe these professors have really ladled it on.

I think in feminist studies, in economics, all this stuff about white privilege that has sprung up, I think the academic community has been spreading hate for America for a long time. I think the objective of this — and this is where people disagree with me. I think the objective on the part of the academic community has simply been to impugn Republicans and conservatives and create basically a bunch of Democrat voters.

I am not so sure that the academic community intended for so many of these people to actually believe all of this stuff with every fiber of their being. And that’s why I think on the left and in the Democrat Party, they look at some of this as out of control. Because there is a limit in the Democrat Party to anti-American hate speech. They engage in it, they promote it, but there’s a line that you don’t cross because they still have to run for office as Democrats. They still have to give, you know, unserious acknowledgment of American values and so forth, because they’re still trying to get votes from people who are Americans.

So they can’t run around on a “we genuinely, really despise this country. It’s rotgut, it’s meanspirited.” I think that these young charges throughout education, the students, have taken all this way beyond what some of the professors attended. Now, a lot of people disagree with me. They say, “Rush, you ought to know better. The professors have gotten exactly what they wanted. They hate this country as much as the students they’ve created.”

Maybe. Maybe. But I think regardless of whether I’m partially right or even wrong about this, I think in the salons of leadership in the Democrat Party, they look at a lot of these young people being totally out of control.

I don’t think the Democrat Party has yet gotten to the point where they believe they will win the presidency on a “we hate America” platform. I mean, what’s-her-face Cortez is running around saying some of the most outrageous things about America being degenerates and 10% garbage. She’s a classic example of what I’m talking about, somebody who’s really bought all of it hook, line, and sinker.

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