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RUSH: Two stories here. First, from New York. Members of the MS-13 gang have a new way to enhance their street cred. They’re targeting New York City Police officers, at their homes.

Cops are taking the threat very seriously. According to intelligence obtained by the department, MS-13 members are running reconnaissance operations to find out where police live, and set up hits.

Second story. Life in El Salvador has become so dangerous for police that many of them are fleeing the country. MS-13 has killed dozens of cops in El Salvador in recent years. Nine officers were killed by the gang in January.

When President Trump warned about this deadly gang, and demanded we do a better job keeping them out at our southern border, what happened? Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party attacked President Trump, and defended MS-13 as the “newcomers” that we had to welcome in.

That’s right, my friends . Democrats defended a gang whose motto is “Mata, Viola, Controla.” “Kill, Rape, Control.” Democrats defended a street gang whose new mission is to kill our police officers in their homes. I guess they must really want their votes.

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