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RUSH: I checked the email during the break, and somebody wants to know, “What is this really going on with Michael Cohen and his testimony behind closed doors today?” Let me synthesize this down to what I think is happening. The root of this is, to me, the Democrats are hapless. Whether they believe that Trump colluded with Russia and that’s why he won the election or not, they are still forced to believe in that narrative and to try to exploit it for their base which does believe it.

The thing I don’t know for certain is how many of these Democrats actually do believe it versus those who are just going through the motions. But it doesn’t really matter for where it’s gonna end up. The Democrats are hell-bent, for whatever reason, to demonstrate that Trump colluded with Russia somehow, somewhere, some way, and that that would explain why Mueller’s investigation was begun and maybe why Trump won the election. So the specifics of Cohen’s testimony today have to do with the Moscow project.

This is not the Trump Tower meeting. That’s a separate entity. What Cohen is testifying to today is whether or not Trump was seeking to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016, and did he carry over the effort in 2017. Now, the fact remains, there isn’t a Trump Tower in Moscow. If there was a plan to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in cooperation with Russian real estate people, tycoons or whatever, it didn’t work because there isn’t one. Now, on March 14th, the Democrats are bringing somebody in to testify about all this by the name of Felix Sater.

Felix Sater is a Russian, and he’s a real estate magnate who has worked with Trump on this project. Cohen is being asked to amend his testimony from previous occasions before congressional committees in order to set up the testimony that they expect to get from Felix Sater. The bottom line is that they’re using Cohen today because Cohen is a total tool now. You understand Cohen has to revise and say whatever they want him to say if he is to have any hope for leniency. Cohen has totally abandoned all identity.

Cohen is now a squish. He’s a pile of mush. He is totally subservient to the anti-Trump forces who are using him. He’s being used to set up testimony on March 14th with this Felix Sater guy who they hope is going to say that yes, Trump was indeed trying to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, and thereby the Democrats then hope to be able to say, “See! See! Trump and Russia! Trump. Trump Tower. Trump and Russia. Felix Sater, Russian connections to Putin! They are desperate to find anything. They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

If there were a Trump Tower in Moscow, it might matter. But even then, nothing would be illegal, and they still can’t prove that any of that had anything to do with Trump winning the presidency! This is why I think they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, but in large part because they have to demonstrate to their base — which is gone. Their bace is literally cockamamie insane, and they themselves probably are too. I mean the elected Democrats. They are (sigh) incalculably insane, driven to this point by their inability to stop Donald Trump, get rid of Donald Trump, defeat Donald Trump.

And at each of these ventures, each of these moments when they think they finally got Trump in the crosshairs, his approval numbers go up, the economy comes up with great numbers, or something else happens to strengthen Trump’s position, and it just keeps backfiring on them. All that does is fuel their resolve to go get even more or to try for even more, which is now why Nadler is demanding 10 years of Trump’s tax returns. Eighty-one people’s documents and so forth and so on are being subpoenaed.

It is “throw everything up against the wall and hope something sticks,” and to create this illusion (with the help of the media) that Trump is so corrupt and so dirty and so polluted that he has no business being president, and that the Democrats are gonna be the ones to reveal and unearth all of this. But they can’t even prove crimes. They can’t prove collusion. They can’t. So all of it is part of the recipe to begin impeachment proceedings. Now, John Brennan, the CIA director for Obama, apparently was on PMSNBC last night. (I don’t need the audio for this.)

He said that he has no inside knowledge, he doesn’t know anything, and he went on to suggest that Mueller will drop his report on Friday, and there will be indictments — and that if there are indictments of Trump family members, that Trump will then fire Mueller on the spot, thereby ending the Mueller investigation. But he doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t have any inside knowledge. But there he is on PMSNBC last night predicting all this. He said, “Well, the reason I think Friday is ’cause that’s when grand juries drop their indictments.

“I don’t think he would wait ’til next Friday because that’s the Ides of March,” and Brennan said, “I don’t even think Mueller would go that far.” (Snort!) What? Mueller would not issue his report on the Ides of March because not even Mueller would go that far? What does that mean? “Well, we’re not gonna, of course, take out Caesar here. We don’t want any comparisons on that or…” (Groan!) These people are just becoming increasingly difficult to logically follow. Now, I’ve heard from more than one source all week that Mueller’s report may drop this week.

I’ve heard that independently of Brennan, and the latest heads-up I got (’cause it matters) is that it could be tomorrow, and that if it’s tomorrow that we’ll get an inkling of it sometime later today. So whatever, it’s imminent. But with Brennan talking about what’s in it? Brennan’s adding to it that it’s gonna be a report and the final indictments and of Trump family members! Well, if — if — there are Trump family — “extended Trumps,” he said. (paraphrased) “If there are extended Trumps indicted, why that would result in Trump will immediately fire Mueller, and that will end the investigation. But that doesn’t mean that Mueller will be defeated.

“It means Mueller will have achieved his objective and will have been fired with great honor and all that.” So as much as I know about the Mueller report, there’s scuttlebutt that people claim to know. We’ve been set up here the last two months, and I’m so suspicious of this. We’ve been set up in the last two months to believe that Mueller has nothing on collusion. When the media gets in unison on something, I come to expect the opposite. I know that they’re acting like they’re gonna be disappointed that there isn’t gonna be anything on collusion, anything on Russia. But that was just a smoke screen in terms of what Mueller’s charge always was.

Because it’s always been a counterintelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation; there wasn’t a crime mentioned or elucidated for Mueller to track down — and collusion by itself isn’t a crime, anyway. So whatever it is, folks, it’s just all part of the recipe for the eventual impeachment of the president. That’s really all you need to know about it. As it drops and we get details — and, by the way, we may not know immediately what’s in it, because it doesn’t have to be made public.

That’s up to the attorney general and, you know, during his confirmation hearings he was asked, (paraphrased exchange in Southern accents), “You gonna make sure that that report, when it drops, that you share it with the American public? You gonna make sure that it goes public?” “Oh, you bet, Senator! You bet we’ll make sure that everybody knows accordin’ to the aspects of the law that I have to follow and all that! You damn right! We’re gonna what everything we can within the bounds of the law,” which meant: “I’ll decide that later. Nothing you can do about it once I’m confirmed.”


RUSH: Here’s Jerry in Syracuse. He’s been waiting awhile. Thank you, Jerry. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. I want to give you a new title. You are and have become the conscience of the country.

RUSH: Well!

CALLER: I want to compliment you on that, sir. You do a great service for all of us. The question I have, is can you shed any light on what has happened to the second part of the Horowitz report that supposedly was supposed to focus on Hillary Clinton?

RUSH: You know, that’s an excellent question. There’s also somebody that Attorney General Sessions appointed to conduct a similar investigation, some attorney from Utah. What was his name? Huber? Haber? He’s out there supposedly investigating things we haven’t heard anything about. You know what? As “the conscience of the country,” I’m gonna have to look into that because there hasn’t been… I know Horowitz is still digging, and there is another report due from him at some point. I don’t know exactly what the release date for it is, but it is imminent. I just don’t know when.

CALLER: I understand. Well, I thank you, sir, and —

RUSH: I realize what you’re getting at here (sigh), and I don’t want to be the guy that pours cold water on things, but I don’t… (sigh) I don’t… How to put this? I don’t want to be pessimistic or negative. It’s not my point. But I don’t think an IG… We’ve already had one IG report on Strzok Smirk and McCabe and these guys. They’re still out profiting. McCabe is still lying through his teeth and writing a book about it now, and he’s still a star on CNN. These people are immune. John Huber is that guy that supposedly is out there digging up things on the Hillary side of this that Sessions appointed.

Whatever is discovered about these people, they remain stars to the American media. They remain very prominent and heroic to their side of the aisle. There’s not any shame that attaches to them, and even if they get fired and lose their jobs, somebody’s paying them to do something like McCabe in writing his book. (sigh) So I wouldn’t put a whole lot of hope or eggs in that basket, because it just doesn’t seem to affect the way Washington ends up working, be it inspector general of any government agency.

Look at what we learned about the IRS, and the people are still there. Lois Lerner would still be there if she wanted to be. Koskinen and these people that were weaponized by Obama? It became widely known what they did, and to half the country (or 30%, whatever it is on the left), they were applauded, and they’re living in relative comfort now with no recriminations whatsoever. It’s part and parcel of the two-tier justice system that has emerged in the federal Department of Justice, where it seems that there’s a completely different type of justice for Democrats as one designated for Republicans.

Let’s see. Let’s see. Oh, one more thing on the Cohen situation. I forgot to make clear what he’s actually doing here in his testimony. ‘Cause when I saw this on CNN, I’m able to watch but not hear what’s being talked about, and I saw that Cohen’s documents that he’s showing here show edits. I said, “What the hell is this?” So what I’ve been able to determine here is that Cohen is claiming in his testimony that his documents show that somebody changed his script for his testimony about the timeline of the negotiations for the Trump Tower Moscow project.

And what he’s doing is implying that Trump changed the dates — the dates in the timeline — so that it would not appear that Trump was actively participating in the Trump Tower Moscow project either as president or as a candidate. Cohen is claiming now that he was, and that Trump edited his documents — his testimony — and forced him to lie. I think that’s what Cohen was doing today, obviously under pressure from his own lawyers and the Democrats to do it. That is to set up what the Democrats think is like an exclamation point testimony to all this from this guy, Felix Sater, that’s coming up on March the 14th.

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