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RUSH: No, no. I think it means the Democrats expect Trump to be reelected. And look, after that CPAC speech Saturday, everybody knows he’s gonna be reelected. A couple more of those, and it’s over. But the Democrats are telling us they think that he’s gonna be reelected. That’s what Nadler’s doing. This witch hunt. I’ll explain this to you. Greetings, my friends, and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh here at 800-282-2882. And the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Okay. So we have the news all over the place — and, by the way, there’s news that accompanies this, and that is the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that was published on Monday. It was buried, the news in that poll was buried with the headline: “Trump Faces Headwinds Toward Reelection.” That’s not the story in that poll.

The story in that poll is that Trump’s approval number is 46%, and they’re dying on the left! They’re dying! They have focused everything they’ve got on running Trump’s numbers down, as you’ve now heard me say I don’t know how many millions of times, to the twenties and thirties. That has been the objective all along. That’s been the objective of the Mueller probe; it’s been the objective of all this attention is to separate Trump from his supporters and finally create that wedge. It’s failed.

And now it’s going in the opposite direction. Trump’s approval number, even in these Drive-By Media polls, is up. And they are beside themselves. This is throwing every wrench, every monkey into the wrench, every whatever. It’s got ’em discombobulated out there. In fact, grab audio sound bite number 11. I’m just gonna let you hear some of this stuff from Meet the Press on Sunday. F. Chuck Todd, the host, is talking to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal pollster Bill McInturff. Question: “Does that mean that the Michael Cohen hearing, while a significant one as it was, does it mean, A, that the country has made up their mind, or, B, that the partisans have made up their mind? What does it all mean?”

MCINTURFF: I hate to say this, since you do a weekly show, but one of the main things you learn as a pollster is, please, our country sort of comes to a steady state, and it’s very hard to change. And the longer term trend is, the country sort of said they’ve sort of decided what they think about Russia, and until there’s a heck of a lot more facts, this country is nowhere near where it needs to be to think you could impeach a president.

RUSH: Did you hear that? This country’s nowhere near where it needs to be to impeach a president, and that is because the approval number is at 46%. Did you hear that? These guys, the Never Trumpers out there, the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party, they are wallowing in some of the most noteworthy failure that they can recall.

Folks, they’ve given it everything they’ve got. They have fired every weapon. They’ve used every bit of ammo that they’ve always used. And they’ve done it repeatedly. They have done it multiple times a day, every day, for over two years. And Trump’s numbers are now creeping up in their polls. He’s over 50% in the Rasmussen poll.

So Bill McInturff, “Well, you know, the biggest thing you learn as pollsters is ‘please.’” I don’t know what the hell that means. “Our country sort of comes to a steady state, and it’s very hard to change.” Meaning, you guys, if you haven’t dislodged him by now, you may as well forget it. With all this Russia stuff, you better have more than what you’ve had up ’til now, because the people are saying there’s a heck of a lot more that you need to get. This country’s nowhere near where it needs to be to impeach a president.”

So McInturff continued. Chuck Todd says, “Well, let me put up the generic ballot. It’s just a generic ballot, but generic Democrat 48%, Trump at 41%, the presidential poll. McInturff, is that a yellow, flashing yellow light or a flashing red light for the Trumpster?”

MCINTURFF: Well, it’s a yellow light. You’re behind. But so was Bill Clinton at the same point in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. And with a 46 job approval, the president’s in the ball game.

RUSH: Doesn’t matter. Generic poll, you can’t — these people are grasping at straws! Put a name on that Democrat in that poll and you’re gonna see a much different number. What does it matter, Donald Trump versus generic Democrat, Donald Trump versus — it doesn’t mean diddly-squat. Grasping at straws. Finally, here’s Fred Yang. He’s the other part of the polling team, and he wanted to weigh in here.

YANG: Flashing yellow light, but that also means he has to do everything to win it, and it may not be enough. And one of the hallmarks of the Trump presidency is he really hasn’t expanded his support beyond the base of people who elected him in 2016. And, yes, he did win the Electoral College, but he only got 46% of the popular vote. And in a two-person race, which we still may have, 46% doesn’t probably win you the presidency.

RUSH: Yeah, but it doesn’t matter what the polling shows today. So this is the guy that obviously wrote the headline: Flashing yellow light, that also means he has to do everything to win it. May not be enough. Headwinds.

Let me tell you what’s going on here with the — believe me, these guys, this is gigantic CYA that they’re involved in, because they can’t explain this. Forty-six percent, “Well, that’s not enough to win the presidency.” Yeah, well, you were hoping to have him down to 25 to 28. So measured against expectations, you guys are failing big time. Here’s what’s going on.

We’ve had Nadler and these clowns announce that they’re gonna subpoena 81 members of the administration. Eighty-one people linked to Trump. Nadler said that this document request, it’s a way to begin building the public record. Nadler claims that Trump hasn’t been held accountable for the last three years.

Hasn’t been held accountable? There isn’t a single president in our lifetimes who has been more delegitimized, by virtue of investigation and held accountable than this guy. Hasn’t been held accountable? The guy has been proclaimed dead how many times? They have promised, they have claimed to have the goods that’s gonna force everybody to turn on Donald Trump. They haven’t produced anything.

He’s held accountable by the news media for things he doesn’t even do.

Anyway, near the bottom is this line. “They are also an indication of the Democrats’ current strategy — to flood the administration with oversight requests, keeping Trump and his associates on trial publicly while also playing a long game when it comes to possible impeachment.”

So here’s what I think is actually going on. I think the Democrats, as we sit here today, some of them… Now, obviously the Democrats running for president fully expect to win or they wouldn’t be getting into the race, most of them. But I think a lot of people, if they can come to grips with things, expect Trump to be reelected. After the CPAC speech on Saturday, after these polls that come out and show his approval numbers are ticking up…

The economy is going great guns, manufacturing and homebuilding are reaching new highs — things that were plummeting under Obama — and the Democrats are starting to step in it. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the story is she should be going to jail. That will never happen, but she has been commingling personal funds with campaign funds. Like a million bucks! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mom got tired of the high taxes in New York and fled to Eustis, Florida. You know where Eustis, Florida, is?

It’s right outside Orlando, and the only reason she went… It’s the “deep suburbs,” meaning it’s way, way out there suburbia. The only reason she went there is she had relatives. But, yeah. Her real estate taxes, she said (summarized), “in New York were $10,000 a year! In Florida, they’re only $600! It was a no-brainer!” So her mom is saying, “I demand privacy for my daughter,” while giving the media old pictures of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez growing up.

I even thought of my own mother, who gave the National Enquirer whatever they wanted under the premise that the Limbaughs have nothing to hide. (sigh) Except my mother was not proclaiming, “Privacy! Please give us privacy,” at the same time. But nevertheless, if you look and if you have the ability to look objectively, all signs indicate that Trump is going to be reelected. This business of impeachment that they’re going…? No doubt they are. But not for between now and 2020. This is to prep impeachment for 2021 and beyond.

That’s what they’re doing. That’s why these massive documents requests — and they’re only just now getting started. Eighty-one people submit everything. If you look back at Nixon, which is… In fact, I think I saw on CNN, they’re doing a special called Tricky Dick. Now, why would Nixon be in…? Why would CNN, why would anybody be doing a special on Richard Nixon? Because it is… (interruption) “He was…?” (interruption) Well, no. He was gonna be impeached if he hadn’t resigned.

I mean, if you’re gonna do a story on impeachment, Bill Clinton’s the most recent reminder, but we can’t go there. So now we’re gonna do a feature on CNN, and there’s no doubt that there is total collusion, conspiratorial collusion between CNN and the Democrat Party. So the fact that they’re doing a special on Tricky Dick is to help the Democrats set this table of validity for what they are doing. After all, if the Democrats think that they could beat Trump at the ballot box, why bother doing all of this? No, seriously.

Some of you might think, “Because it’s who they are, Rush. They have to destroy insolent behavior. They have to destroy people that come in and act like they own something that they don’t.” I understand all that, and I will acknowledge that I could be maybe 10% wrong in this prediction. But if the Democrats really thought that they could beat Trump at the ballot box, then they wouldn’t be doing all this. Now, I realize many of you think that this is not correct, that the establishment — the Washington establishment — is still so affronted and offended by Trump that they’re not going to stop trying to get rid of him.

And that remains true. But I think Nadler and all these other efforts here are far beyond that. Because they’re not gonna get this done in the next two years, and they’re not even promising to. If they thought they could beat Trump at the ballot box, I don’t think they would be doing all of this. I think this is yet another way in which this silent coup is kind of like Watergate. ‘Cause, remember, the Democrats knew that Richard Nixon was gonna be reelected — and he was. In a landslide, in an historic landslide.

So the Democrats started Watergate as an insurance plan even before the election. Remember all of this Watergate stuff was discovered before the 1972 election. They knew Nixon was gonna win reelection. The Democrats had McGovern. They didn’t have a prayer. Just like the Democrats now. I mean, did you see that CNN did a focus group on Plugs? They did a town hall meeting or something with Biden, and then they focus grouped it, and they found out that it’s not that he’s too old, it’s not that he has fake hair, it’s not that he’s a plagiarist.

It’s not that he makes jokes about guys in wheelchairs and asks them to stand up. It’s that he’s not radically left enough. The CNN focus group rejected Plugs because he’s not radical left, particularly on climate change. Remember how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that she could totally understand people not wanting to have children now because of climate change? The planet’s not gonna be here in 12 years; so why would you bring a child into this world? There is a program on the BBC hosted by… (sigh) I can’t remember

It’s a typically female British name, like Barnabyette Lovejoy or some such thing. Anyway, two women guests were practically in tears about how they’re going childless. They are on a “child strike” because the planet is being destroyed. Folks, whatever and why ever, we’re driving the left insane with their help. They’re literally going insane. They’re losing all touch, they’re losing all command at being able to connect to reality. They are. It makes ’em dangerous, obviously, but at the same time it presents a tremendous opportunity because nobody wants to be in the same boat with lunatics.

And they’re making… (interruption) What was it? (interruption) That’s right! See? Victoria Derbyshire. Is that not a perfect name for a BBC female media host? Victoria Derbyshire. (interruption) What are you…? (interruption) Well, whether it’s a real name or isn’t, she uses it; so it’s her real name. Victoria Derbyshire on the BBC. So, anyway, Jerrold Nadler has announced he’s gonna drag 81 witnesses before his committee, including Trump’s former aides and business associates and family members, probably anybody who’s ever met Trump. He says he wants to hold Trump accountable because nobody has held him accountable for the last two years, which is hilarious.

I’m telling you, they’re setting up the impeachment of Donald Trump after he wins reelection.

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