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RUSH: I think it’s already falling apart on ’em. I’ll tell you why here in just a second. I don’t think they’re getting out of this what they thought they were gonna get. And one of the reasons for that, I don’t think they thought the Republicans were gonna be this combative.

Let me tell you something, though. Jim Jordan has been extraordinary. Jim Jordan has been over-the-top great today, Republican, Ohio. Mark Meadows, North Carolina, they have been the primary questioners. Whenever it’s a Republican’s turn, they defer. Some other Republicans, not just those two, Mark Green of Tennessee was awesome. A number of them have been great. But Meadows and Jordan are carrying the water, and they’re destroying this guy.

They’ve already forced him to expose one lie that he’s given under testimony. When that happens, I mean, CNN, CNN was forced to report this, and they’re wringing their hands about it because once he lies one time, once he is caught lying one time, everything becomes suspect. They should have known that going in. The guy’s going to jail in two months for lying to Congress. They bring him back ’cause that’s the best they’ve got. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Look at all they’ve got wrapped up in Cohen today. Not Robert Mueller, not McCabe, not Comey. These are not the people brought out to testify what a reprobate Donald Trump is. The creme de la creme of American law enforcement and intelligence? No. They’re nowhere to be found. Many of them have been fired. Many of them have retired. Many have been let go. No McCabe, no Comey, no Rosenstein, no Strzok Smirk, no Page, none of these people, no Bruce Ohr, no James Baker, the legal counsel the FBI, none of these people.

Who do they have? Michael Cohen. An admitted perjurer and liar and going to jail for it is the best they can do. Tom Steyer, who I think has blown a lot of money on the impeachment effort, Tom Steyer’s a big Democrat climate change idiot. He either believes it or he’s part of the hoax, one of the two. He’s already spent many millions of dollars donating to Democrats the past two years getting assurances from them that they would move rapidly to impeach Donald Trump. He is dissatisfied. Tom Steyer is not happy. He thinks he has wasted his money.

I believe Tom Steyer is very much involved in the fact that this hearing is happening at all today. I think that Lanny Davis and Tom Steyer probably got hold of Elijah Cummings and coordinated having these hearings today. These hearings are occurring under the auspices of oversight, but that’s not what this is. There’s no oversight of the executive branch. This is a legitimate congressional role. This is a political trial. This is a show trial. That’s why some people are referring to it as Stalinist. Because a show trial of Donald Trump is what this is, and it’s actually the first real step toward impeachment the Democrats have taken. And Tom Steyer is hip deep in this.

A story today from TheHill.com: “Billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer said in an interview that aired Wednesday … that he doesn’t think there is any doubt that Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress will change the minds of some of the president’s supporters. He said that the real focus of the hearing should be whether there is a ‘smoking gun’ that shows President Trump does not belong in office.”

Not that Donald Trump broke the law. Not that Donald Trump is doing illegal things. That he does not belong in office. That’s been the Democrat assertion since the get-go. Trump is not qualified because he’s an ogre. He’s not qualified because of the color of his hair. He isn’t qualified because of the way he speaks. He isn’t qualified because he’s not sophisticated, he doesn’t have the educational pedigree, all of these things the elites use to exclude people from their membership.

He said, “I don’t think there is any question that it can shift the dynamic. I think the question will be, does it make it clear, which I believe it will, that Mr. Trump has committed crimes while in office.” Have no doubt, Democrat donors are behind this hearing today. Steyer is one of them. And Lanny Davis working with Elijah Cummings to schedule this and then with Pencil Neck Shift tomorrow. This is not oversight, folks. This is politics, pure and simple, which, on one hand, is standard operating procedure.

But under the auspices of oversight — you know, they’ve tried to say these are the equivalent of the Watergate hearings. No, they’re not the equivalent of the Watergate hearings! But since that’s the last time that the Democrats and the media were able to force a Republican president out of office of course it remains the operative objective and the event that all else will be compared to. But this is beginning to fall apart. And not just because Cohen has been caught lying. Again, to repeat. Cohen has been caught lying by Jim Jordan. Grab audio sound bite number 28.

JORDAN: How long did you work in the White House?

COHEN: I never worked in the White House.

JORDAN: That’s the point, isn’t it, Mr. Cohen?

COHEN: No, sir.

JORDAN: Yes, it is.

COHEN: No, it’s not, sir.

JORDAN: You wanted to work in the White House.

COHEN: No, sir.

JORDAN: You didn’t get brought to the dance.

COHEN: Sir —


COHEN: — I was extremely proud to be personal attorney to the president of the United States of America. I did not want to go to the White House. I was offered jobs. I can tell you a story of Mr. Trump reaming out Reince Priebus because I had not taken a job where Mr. Trump wanted me to.

RUSH: That is such a lie, CNN had to begrudgingly acknowledge it. First Eric Trump tweets, “Cohen was lobbying everyone to be chief of staff. It was the biggest joke in the campaign and around the office.” Donald Trump Jr.: “Eric nails it. It really was the biggest joke of the entire transition. The beginning of his bitterness was when he realized that was never going to happen.”

But don’t take those guys’ word for it ’cause you might say the Trumps are biased. Let’s go to the sentencing report. I forgot to send the link up to Koko. I’m sure they found it by now. If not, I’ll send it up. But you can read the sentencing report yourself. But I want to read a couple of excerpts from it. Keep sound bite 28 standing by. I’m gonna go back to it after this.

Southern District of New York, the sentencing report on Cohen. “During and after the campaign Cohen told friends and colleagues, including in seized text messages, that he expected to be given a prominent role and title in the administration.”

Now, you just heard Cohen say that he didn’t want to work in the White House. No, no, no, no, I did not want to work in the White House. I liked being independent. But the sentencing report from the SDNY, page 24: “This was not an act of blind loyalty. Cohen relished the status of ultimate fixer.” The Southern District even says that he lied at his sentencing, blaming his accountant for underreporting income to the IRS when the Southern District says that he did not provide his accountant with the information they needed.

So sentencing report during and after the campaign, Cohen told friends and colleagues that he expected to be given a prominent role and title in the administration. Here’s the sound bite again.

JORDAN: How long did you work in the White House?

COHEN: I never worked in the White House.

JORDAN: That’s the point, isn’t it, Mr. Cohen?

COHEN: No, sir.

JORDAN: Yes, it is.

COHEN: No, it’s not, sir.

JORDAN: You wanted to work in the White House.

COHEN: No, sir.

JORDAN: You didn’t get brought to the dance.

COHEN: Sir —


COHEN: — I was extremely proud to be personal attorney —

RUSH: That’s it. I want to move on to the next sound bite. Fox News just flashed a breaking news alert out there. I’m holding this breaking news alert in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. “Cohen says he has never been to Prague, refuting key Russia collusion claim of Steele dossier. Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, said he has never been to Prague, refuting a key Russia collusion claim of the Steele dossier.”

Now, folks, I guess the Democrats asked him about this, and that, to me, shows they have reached the bottom of the barrel. Because Cohen has a answered this question a thousand times since the Steele dossier was revealed. He has revealed that he never went to Prague. The Steele dossier said he did go to Prague to facilitate a meeting with Russians on behalf of President Trump. He’s never been to Prague. His passport shows he’s never been to Prague. Nothing about his existence says he’s ever been to Prague.

It isn’t breaking news! And it’s not the first time the Steele dossier has been refuted. The Steele dossier is known to be bogus for years now! This is a big bugaboo this continues to be reported as a legitimate document because that’s why we have the Mueller investigation and that’s why we got the FISA warrants to spy so everybody’s trying to stand on the fact that it was legitimate and it was the reason for this investigation. And it’s been bogus from the get-go! It’s Hillary Clinton opposition research. You know all this.

So here today in the hearings, the Democrats ask — or I’m sure the Republicans asked you’ve ever been to Prague, and he says no. But then the Democrats got even more desperate. Here is Representative Jamie Raskin, Democrat, Maryland, asking Cohen about Trump possibly being blackmailed.

RASKIN: Are you aware of anything that the president has done at home or abroad that may have subjected him to, or may subject him to, extortion or blackmail?

COHEN: I am not, no.

RASKIN: Okay. Are you aware of any videotapes that may be the subject of extortion or blackmail?

COHEN: I’ve heard about these tapes for a long time. I’ve had many people contact me over the years. I have no reason to believe that that tape exists.

RUSH: You know what that’s in reference to? What do you think that’s in reference to? That’s the golden showers. This guy, this Democrat, Jamie Raskin, is, without mentioning it, asking Cohen if he’s got evidence that Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel that Obama and Michelle (My Belle) Obama had slept on. That’s what he’s asking. “Well, I’ve heard about those.” He didn’t have the guts to specify what is on these tapes, but that’s what he’s asking about.

If they’re asking about Prague, and the Democrats are asking about the golden showers, that, to me, is bottom of the barrel. There isn’t a shred of evidence for the golden showers story. It’s one of the big jokes, one of the big disqualifiers of the dossier, in fact. But they believe it.

We had a call a couple days ago, this is Wednesday, so Monday we had a caller who told me that he thinks that I’m wrong, that the Democrats don’t really believe this climate change stuff, and they don’t really believe all this other outrageous stuff. They’re just saying they do ’cause they know their base does and they’re fundraising off of it.

They believe it. Folks, these people are so poisoned with animus and hatred, they believe this golden showers stuff. You might say, “No Rush, they don’t. They just hope it’s true.” They believe it. Forty-two percent of the American people think the Russians tampered with votes and affected the outcome of an election after two years of Russian collusion. If average, ordinary Americans think it, what about dumb, deadbeat Democrats? Do not think they don’t believe this stuff.

The fact that they believe all of this crazy BS is what is propelling them trying to find evidence for it! If they didn’t believe it, there would be no quest for the evidence, folks, because that would make fools of them. If they really knew that there was no golden showers that ever happened, if they knew the dossier was fake, they wouldn’t be pursuing it! Now, some of them know, like Mueller and his bunch, they know it’s all bogus. But some of these elected Democrats on committees, I think they’re as brainwashed as their brain-dead voters have been propagandized.


RUSH: I am told, ladies and gentlemen, that Jamie Raskin was not asking about the golden showers tape but instead was asking about whether Cohen knew about the elevator tape, which is the tape where Trump allegedly struck and clobbered his wife, Melania. And Jackie Speier picked up that line of questioning. She’s a Democrat from California asking Cohen about an elevator tape allegedly showing Trump hitting Mrs. Trump.

SPEIER: There’s an elevator tape that went up for auction —


SPEIER: — ostensibly in 2016, is that correct?

COHEN: Yes, I’ve heard about this.

SPEIER: And who was on that tape?

COHEN: It’s Mr. Trump with Melania.

SPEIER: And what happened in that tape?

COHEN: The story goes that he, um, struck Melania while in that elevator because there’s a camera inside, which I’m not so sure — actually, I’m certain it’s not true. I’ve heard about that tape for years. I don’t believe that auction was real, and I don’t believe anybody — I don’t believe Mr. Trump ever struck Mrs. Trump ever. I don’t believe it.

SPEIER: You never saw this tape?

COHEN: No, ma’am. And I know several people who went to go try to purchase it for catch-and-kill purpose. It doesn’t exist.

SPEIER: All right.

COHEN: Mr. Trump would never — in my opinion, it’s — that’s not something —

SPEIER: Good to know. Good to know.

RUSH: “Good to know”? “Good to know”? There is a word for a woman like this. You think they don’t believe this crap, folks? You want to try to tell me again they don’t believe it? This idiot, Jackie Speier, really believes that there is a tape that went up for auction that shows Trump hitting his wife. And she was convinced that this guy would know it, that Cohen would know it.

And he says he doesn’t believe it exists and he doesn’t think the elevator video exists at all and that there was no auction. The whole thing’s a hoax, but of course he’s a liar, so Democrats will say, “What do you expect? He’s already been lying under oath here today. Maybe he’s lying about this.” They believe this stuff. Then she wasn’t through. Jackie Speier wasn’t through. Next she accused Donald Trump of having a love child.

SPEIER: Is there a love child?

COHEN: There is not, to the best of my knowledge.

SPEIER: So you would pay off someone to not report —

COHEN: It wasn’t me, ma’am. It was AMI. It was David Pecker.

SPEIER: So he paid off someone about a love child that doesn’t exist?

COHEN: Correct. It was about $15,000.

RUSH: So somebody alleges that Trump has an illegitimate child and they’re gonna try to kill the story, and pay $15,000 to kill it, and what, that’s a mistake, they should have let the story run, Ms. Speier? What’s the criminality here? Somebody’s out there spreading lies about Trump beating up his wife and having a love child, when in fact how many Democrats do have love children? In fact, how many Democrats want to kill children today? How many Democrats are making the case that abortion after birth is something that women ought to have the right to do? Don’t tell me these people don’t believe this stuff.

But this, to me, is evidence that this hearing has already fallen apart. If they’re having to ask, wouldn’t you agree with this, Mr. Snerdley, if they’re having to ask questions like this, it means they’ve run out of stuff. It’s totally disgraceful, under the guise of oversight? This is the Democrats taking an opportunity to ask questions about every perverted lie they think is real. “Were you ever in Prague? Have you ever seen the golden showers story? What about Trump beating up his wife? Have you ever seen that? Huh? Huh?” Man, oh, man.

I actually wish a whole lot of people could see this. I can’t imagine that the sound bites we’ve just played for you are gonna get much airtime in the Drive-By Media. Although they might. You know what? The people in the media believe this crap, too! They believe Trump would hit his wife. They believe the golden showers. They might actually play this question and not play his answer!

I can see CNN, MSNBC putting together a montage of questions that Cohen was asked to illustrate what a reprobate Trump is and play Jackie Speier asking, “Is there a love child? Have you ever seen the videotape where Trump beat up his wife?” And not play Cohen’s answers and just let the fact that the questions were asked, set the stage for the fact that, yeah, it must have happened because these Democrats are asking Cohen about it. Don’t be surprised if they try that, folks. These are the people that doctor 911 tapes in the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case. Remember, NBC News did that.


RUSH: Okay, folks. I have to correct myself yet again. This happens when I’ve got four or five different people telling me things. It turns out that Jamie Raskin was asking about the golden showers tape. Jackie Speier was asking about the elevator tape where supposedly Trump hit his wife, Melania. But both The Daily Caller and Vanity Fair are confirming that the question Cohen got from Jamie Raskin was about the golden showers tape.

The Daily Caller headline: “Cohen: ‘I Have No Reason to Believe’ Trump Pee Tape Exists,” and the Vanity Fair one: “‘I’ve Had Many People Contact Me Over the Years’: Cohen Addresses the Pee Tape — The president’s former lawyer is finally asked about the salacious Steele Dossier.” When that happens, I’m telling you, they’ve hit the bottom of the barrel — when they start asking about the dossier, which everybody acknowledges is bogus.

Now, not everybody knows it’s bogus. That’s the problem. The Drive-By Media, many of them still maintain that it’s real because it formed the basis of the Mueller special counsel investigation and the FISA warrants. But anybody that has even a smidgen knowledge about this knows full well that the whole thing is Hillary Clinton oppo research, and yet the Democrats asked about it today. They know this is bogus. Maybe… (chuckles)

I don’t know. Some of these people… Folks, we’re dealing with some really dumb, closed-minded people on the Democrat side of things — and not just today, but every day — including in the media. So when they start asking about, “Have you seen that tape where Trump beat up his wife?” “I don’t think that tape exists. We tried to track it down. We couldn’t.” “What about what about the pee tape — you know, from the dossier — where Trump hired prostitutes to pee?” “I have not seen that tape. We don’t we know if it exists.”

The fact that they asked about it? I can’t tell you how bottom of the barrel they have gone now. And they’ve lost… Mr. Snerdley, look at this. They have lost Dianne Feinstein. DiFi tweeted… She’s the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. She was asked if she’s watching the hearings. She said, “It’s on, but I’m doing other things. I think [Cohen] has a credibility problem.” She is one of the most partisan anti-Trump Democrats in that town, and if she is willing to throw Cohen overboard, then Elijah Cummings had better start paying attention.


RUSH: By the way, Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty has tweeted his reaction to the check, a visual aid. Cohen brought a visual aid that was a canceled check that Trump wrote him for $35,000, and Cohen is saying that this check was one of many checks during the year to reimburse him for paying off porn stars and other such things. Lindsey Grahamnesty said, “If you’re trying to hide a crime, you probably wouldn’t write a check,” unless you’re Jussie Smollett, in which case you do write a check to the muggers.

But normally if you’re trying to hide a crime, you don’t write a check.

Makes sense to me.


RUSH: Here’s Greg in Cleveland as we head back to the phones. Thank you for waiting, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. My aunt, my great aunt first introduced me to you many years ago, and I’ve been a dedicated listener ever since. It’s an honor to be a first-time caller today.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yes. What occurred to me this morning when I was listening to the testimony was, after he got into it for, oh, about 20 minutes, it sounded to me like he was testifying on behalf of the Drive-By Media. All the talking points, all… He was just repeating the same narrative that we’ve been hearing for the last 2-1/2 years on a tape loop. “He’s a mean boss. He’s unfair. He cheats on his taxes! He’s a racist. He’s a misogynist. He’s anti-Semitic. He doesn’t pay his workers. He’s a philanderer. He’s cruel to babies.” But nothing on Russian collusion, the main focus of the investigation, nothing.

RUSH: Yep! That is exactly right. And that is actually a very on-point observation. You say that he hit all the talking points of the Drive-By Media, but they are also the talking points of the Democrat Party. The media and Democrat Party are inseparable, particularly in this. And everything Cohen said can be traced back to something the media has been trying to sell for two years and that the Democrats have been trying to sell. The coordination here is unmistakable, from Hillary Clinton to Lanny Davis and then to Elijah Cummings and some of the other Democrats on the committee, and you’re absolutely right:

Nothing about Russia!

Nothing about collusion with Russia!

And Cohen even early on debunked the idea. He made it clear that he didn’t have any knowledge of that and was not gonna be helpful. But, look, I hate being redundant, but I know people are tuning in and out. Again, I think it’s important. Folks, I think the fact that before the lunch break — which just happened, by the way. They’re in a brief recess. The Democrats had nothing left but than to try to ask Cohen about the golden showers pee tape and whether or not Trump had hit his wife.

These are two hoaxes. The golden showers is a hoax in the dossier, and there’s another hoax: A video that doesn’t exist that’s said to be out there on auction where Trump is seen in an elevator slugging his wife. Cohen debunked both. But the Democrats went there already? That means they’ve got nothing. They don’t have anything. Now, they’re gonna get headlines. The media’s gonna help ’em portray this as something that it wasn’t today, but they don’t, in real terms, have anything.

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