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RUSH: A middle-school teacher in Atlanta is out of a job because what happened in the classroom, didn’t stay in the classroom. There was cell phone video and it was obtained by local TV.

On video, Spanish teacher Berkerley Davenport described a guy’s first kiss: “When you’re in love the first time, that first kiss is — oh, there’s nothing like it. You touch her hair and the back of her neck, and you pull her close, and then you start to go for the other parts.”

When school officials saw the “first kiss” lesson on Action Eyeball News, they took action. We don’t know what triggered them most. Was it the “going for the other parts”? That the kiss was heterosexual? That the Spanish class was in English? All of the above? In any event, Dr. Davenport was out.

Totally appropriate, but still, I have a question. Haven’t these same school officials forced sex education on these kids since kindergarten? But hearing about a first kiss was too much? Really? After how to deploy a condom on cucumbers as part of the curriculum?

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