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RUSH: This is Dave in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. If I had to either be with Bill Maher or a farting cow I’d take the farting cow all day long. But, hey —

RUSH: How do you know the difference?

CALLER: Exactly. Location. I have a solution for Senator Sasse’s bill. But first I want to know, what deal did you make with North Korea since Donald Trump doesn’t do anything without your approval first?

RUSH: Oh, you’re asking the advice I gave President Trump on dealing with Kim Jong-un?

CALLER: North Korea. Yes.

RUSH: Yeah, I told him the first thing, kick the translator out of the room so that you can tell us in your own words what happened in there and there won’t be anybody that can counter it. And then to come out, it doesn’t matter what you do, just tell everybody that Kim’s gonna get rid of his nukes at some point, probably in, like, July or August of 2020. You’ve struck that deal and so forth.

And I told him to continue with the idea, tell Kim how much resort property he’s got, how many hotels and casinos he could be building in North Korea, bring his country out of the blight and so forth. We’ll see what happens. But that was the sum total of my advice. I’m only kidding about the translator. Gosh, the way these Drive-Bys are, they’re gonna believe that I actually said that.

CALLER: On Sasse’s bill, one thing you can do that every Democrat will vote for it. Make the baby an illegal alien.

RUSH: Well, can’t do that because every baby born in America’s automatically an American. You want to pass a law saying that babies that survive abortions are automatically illegal?

CALLER: Well, never gonna be — you know, exterminated.

RUSH: That might be interesting as an intellectual exercise to see how they would vote on that. Every baby born in America is automatically a citizen except for those who survive abortions, ’cause they were never intended to survive, and so therefore they are non-status. Now, we’re joking here, of course. I don’t think we need to do any more than has already been done to illustrate who these people are.

Look, as is always the case, folks, the people that read the New York Times and Washington Post and watch CNN, they don’t know any of this. They don’t know about Ben Sasse’s bill. Many of them don’t even know what Ralph Northam really did because they’re trying to say that his big offense was appearing in blackface at a medical school college yearbook. And they don’t know about the New York State Senate standing ovation for killing a child after it’s born. And they don’t know about all these other states. This stuff is just not reported to them.

I mean, a decent percentage of Americans have no idea what we’re talking about. It just doesn’t get reported. And, of course, all these Democrats know this. I mean, they sit down for hour-long interviews with, like, Wolf Blitzer and others on cable news, and they’re not asked a single question about certain things that they are in the news about. They’re totally covered up. They’re covered for. They are protected.

And infanticide, a decent percentage of Americans have no idea about the Sasse bill, and they have no idea how people voted for it, how the Democrats did. And to the extent that Democrats are commenting on it, they’re claiming that it was a trick and that it’s nothing more than typical right-wing hate and it’s misogyny, it’s hatred for women and so forth. And that’s what they’re hearing.

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