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RUSH: Before we get into the substance of the program today, I need to give a little update on the Rush Limbaugh app for your iPhone and your Android device. We pushed out an update to the app about a week ago, maybe 10 days ago. This is an important update, and all of you that have the app, we need you to upgrade to the latest version. I’m gonna tell you why.

We have added push notifications to the app, which means that you’re not even gonna have to go to the app in order to stream the audio or video of the program. You get a push notification, you tap on that, and bammo! You are taken right to the beginning of the program, for example, or we can push out a notification when a transcript of a particular segment is ready, you will get a push notification on that, you tap on that, and bammo! It takes you right to the transcript.

However, our software developers tell us that we need to be at 90 to 95% of all subscribers on the latest version of the app, we need that high of a participation because, as I understand it, those who have not upgraded could potentially see the app crash if they received a push notification on the previous version.

So without getting into the whys and wherefores, you might say, “Well, then why did the developers push out a version that’s gonna crash if people don’t upgrade?” Well, we do it on purpose. We want you to upgrade to the latest version! It has the latest security in it. It has the latest, you know, bug fixes and all that. But it has this new feature that we need to be into the mid- to high nineties of people on the app using the latest version to use the new push feature.

We’ll be able to send out a link to the live show that you’ll have to click on to hear the live program. We do the same thing with transcript links. Just send out a push notification right there. And you don’t even have to go to the app. You don’t even have to remember. You’ll just get a notification on the phone. And, by the way, there’s no money involved here. Nothing involved. Just simply upgrading to the latest version.

And it’s very simple. Just open the App Store app on your phone, your iPad, or your Android device, and it should be there in the new apps to upgrade. And if we can push this along — we’re at 88% right now. Eighty percent of users are on the new, latest version, and we need that number up around 95 and perhaps even a little higher. It’s not guaranteed that if you don’t upgrade that your version will crash when we send out the push notifications. In some of our testing that has happened.

Rather than spend time writing two versions of this feature so that it works on both it’s just simpler to get everybody upgraded on the latest version. You’re not gonna notice any operational differences. It’s just better. Every updated version is better than the version that it replaced, and such is the case here. So as soon as we get notification ourselves that the user subscriber base is up to about 95% or higher on this version, then we’ll be able to initiate the new push feature, which is gonna be really cool.

Whenever a transcript that we want you to see is available, we’ll send a push notification. And you can cancel these if you do not want to be reminded, if you don’t want to be bugged by them. Notifications, some people love ’em. Other people hate them. After a while they get bugged. But our push notifications should always be authorized. You should never turn ours off ’cause we’re not gonna bug you.

We’re not gonna send out push notifications for you to spend money. We’re not gonna send out push notifications trying to separate you from your money. We’re simply gonna send out push notifications, and everything we do in this app is designed to make it easier to use, more convenient to use and to streamline the usage to get you right to where you want to go.

If you want to stream the Dittocam video, if you want to stream the radio audio, bammo! We want to make it as simple as pie for you to do that. So whenever you see an upgrade in the App Store for the RushLimbaugh.com app, upgrade it. Do it.

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