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RUSH: The presidential campaign of Elizabeth Warren, known here as Fauxcahontas, has been weak, it struggled to get off the ground, and it’s about to get even worse.

Her new strategy is to treat big donors like dirt.

In an email to her few supporters, Senator Fauxcahontas says that she is going to run on the principle of “equal access” for everybody.

People who can write big checks won’t be treated to fancy receptions or special dinners. Big money donors will have to sit in the cheap seats. There will be no VIP seating for them at campaign events. And they’ll get no “one-on-one” time with her.

The commandment is clear from the head Tee-Pee: Big Money is evil. Big money-donors are dirty. High achievers who are able to write big checks to Elizabeth Warren are scorned. Their money gets them nothing. Zip, zero, nada.

I don’t know how many big donors are gonna put their big wampum toward the White House dreams of Fauxcahontas, when she shows absolutely no appreciation for them, or their cash. My guess is not too many. Because nobody has given her money for the usual reasons, it’s only for access, and if she’s gonna deny them that they’re literally gonna have diddly squat, which is what they’ve got going in with her anyway, so big deal.

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